Stryker Salary- And Stryker Job Opportunities

Stryker Salary

Do you want to start a career in sales? Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a multinational medical technologies corporation like Stryker? If yes, then this article is for you. Getting a job in a company like Stryker is highly competitive but having information about the job requirements, salary, application process, etc. can be very helpful. 

Is Sales The Right Career for You?

Before taking certain steps in life, it is best to always ask ourselves some honest questions. Applying for a job or starting a career is one of those steps. In this case, the question to ask is; is the sales rep job right for me? The sales rep job is like every other job, it requires certain skills. The sales rep job can be either stressful or not depending on how skillful the sales rep is at identifying the right audience for the product, how skillful they are in recognizing the present need of the target audience, and how to pitch the company’s product in a way that the audience will decide the product will solve their problem. You need to ask yourself if a sales job is right for you. If you think you can do this, read on.

About Stryker

With products sold in over 100 countries around the world, Stryker Corporation is a Multinational company in America. Stryker is a medical technologies company and the products are implants used in major surgeries and emergency medical situations. Founded in 1941 by Dr. Homer Stryker, an Orthopedist who developed medical products like the turning frame, cast cutter, and walking heel. The company was formerly known as the Orthopedic Frame Company but in 1964 it was officially renamed Stryker Corporation.

Stryker Job Opportunities

Stryker offers numerous job opportunities from corporate to engineering to the medical field. Since the company’s product is sold through many owned sales subsidiary companies and branches in over 100 countries, the job opportunity is not limited to America alone, but many other countries.

Apart from the Sales job, Stryker also offers job opportunities in the following;

1. Customer Service and Field Service

2. Engineering Jobs

3. Finance Jobs

4. Supply Chain Jobs

5. Clinical Affairs Job

6. Human Resources Jobs

7. Legal Jobs

8. Manufacturing Jobs

9. Marketing Jobs

10. IT Jobs

11. Regulatory Affairs Jobs and Quality Assurance Jobs

Stryker Sales Representative Job Opportunities

Stryker Sales representative job is divided into two;

1. Sales Representative

2. Associate Sales Representative

1. Sales representatives

The Stryker Sales Rep is the point of contact between Stryker and its customers. They are the face of the company and sell the company’s product. The Sales Rep, in general, is responsible for pitching the company’s product to the right audience. The salesperson is required to know the target market or customers, and in this case for Stryker salesperson, the target market is mostly the hospital, clinics and the customers are mostly nurses, surgeons, clinicians, etc. The company’s product can be sold to people not in this category depending on the product. If you have flair for selling medical products or health in general, then this job is for you. The job can be remote or onsite

2Associate Sales Representatives

The Associate Sales job can either be remote or on-site as the case may be, the job role is further divided into specific roles, which are; foot and ankle sales associate, medical sales associate, upper extremities sales associate, inventory and sales support handler (driver), associate sales rep, sales operations analysts, associate Mako product specialist, trauma sales associate, service associate solutions, spine sales associate.

Sales Associates at Stryker, interacts more with clinicians, surgeons, doctors, as the company’s product is mainly medical equipment used by these set of people.

Stryker Sales Representative Job Requirement

  • To work in Stryker an applicant must be 18 years and above
  • Be eligible to work in the country of residence
  • Fluent in the official language and a local language of the country he or she is applying from
  • A good MS office skill
  • Fluent in the English Language
  • Good communication skills

Stryker Sales Representative Job Application Process

Application for the Sales Rep job role at Stryker is mainly online via the company job portal I will be explaining the application process step by step.


The first step is to go online and search for the company job site, click on the site and the home page will be displayed. There are two routes to apply for a job on the Stryker job site, 

The first route is this: On the header, you will see an option that reads “careers at Stryker” it is a drop-down menu, hover your mouse pointer to see the career options and click on “Sales career” 

The second route: Go to the right-hand side of the header you will see an option which is “apply now”. The “apply now” option will take you to the page to search for applying for the job role of choice.

Step 2: 

If you chose the first route, after clicking on “Sales Jobs” you will be directed to a page where all the different Sales Job categories are listed and you will see the Sales Representative or Associate Sales Representative option there. Click on either of the two and you will be directed to another page where all the available Sales Rep jobs with the categories and locations are listed, you have the option to see more job listings by clicking on the 1,2,3, etc. option to take you to see more job listings.

If you chose the second route, after clicking on the “apply now” you will be directed to a page where you will have the choice to choose the job category, region, state/province, and city. After this, click on the “filter” option to see the available jobs.


Whatever route you choose in step 2, you will end up with an option to apply for the specific job you want and you do this by clicking on the job role, you will be directed to a page where you will see the job details, role and requirement, if you think you meet the requirement, scroll down the page to click on the “apply now” button. You will be directed to the page to apply, but before application, you will be required to join the “Stryker Talent Network” this is to enhance applicants to connect and stay in touch with job openings in the company in the future. After joining the talent network, you will be able to apply for the job; you will be required to fill in your details, cv, and email address. Fill in your details and wait to be contacted for the interview.

Stryker Sales Interview Process

The Stryker interview process lasts for about 3 months, and applicants are contacted for an interview via their email. The company will contact applicants whose qualification matches the job role and this is after the recruiter has checked each applicant profile. The time between the application period and the interview is usually a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks. 

Stryker Stages of Interview

  • Recruiter Phone Interview

The first stage of the interview is the Recruiter Phone Interview. Applicants are contacted via email to inform them about the time and date of the phone interview. The phone interview is a means for the recruiter to learn more about the applicants and for the applicants to learn more about the job role and to decide whether he or she fits the job. The interview lasts for about a minimum of 30 minutes to 60 minutes max.

  • Hiring Manager Interview

The second stage is the Hiring Manager Interview. This is usually about 1 to 2 weeks after the recruiter phone interview. The date and time for this interview are usually scheduled during the interview with the recruiter. The purpose of this interview is for the hiring manager to know more about the technical skills, to understand how the applicant works and the kind of environment they like to work in, and to know if they will thrive in the job role. The interview will also last for a minimum of 30 min to a maximum of 60 minutes and it can either be a phone call or video call. 

  • Gallup Interview

The third stage is the Gallup Interview. It lasts for about 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. This interview is also a phone call interview but this time applicant will be interviewed by the “Gall up” team. This interview aims to know the strength of the applicant.

  • Physical Interview

The fourth is the physical interview. Unlike the other ones, this is a physical interview and may also be a video interview because of Covid-19. This requires going to the company’s nearest office. 

After the interview process, the applicants will be contacted within 2 to 4 weeks after the physical interview if they meet the requirement.

Stryker Sales Representative Salary

According to, Stryker Sales Reps earn an average of $170,000 annually; these include $112,500 as Salary and a $57,500 bonus. However, this information is for the Stryker Sales Reps working in the United States. Other countries may vary.

Stryker Sales Rep Job FAQs

Below are few frequently asked questions about Stryker Sales Rep Job?

Question: Do I have to go to a medical College first to get a job as a Sales Rep at Stryker?

Answer: No, you do not need to go to a medical college; the Stryker Sales Rep job does not require formal education.

Question: Does Stryker run a drug test before employment?

Answer: Yes they do.

Question: Can I submit my application via email?

Answer: No, Stryker only accepts applications from their career site.

Question: Is it hard to get a job at Stryker?

Answer: No, getting a Job at Stryker is not hard 

Question: Do I have to be recommended by a staff of Stryker before I am employed?

Answer: No you don’t have to.

Contrary to popular beliefs, getting a job at Stryker is not hard, as long as you have what they are looking for in every applicant. Stryker looks out for applicants who are result-oriented, who can work both alone and with a team, passionate about medical products, teachable, and willing to learn. With the above information, I hope I have been able to provide you the necessary Stryker Sales Job information. Thank you for reading. Good luck.

Stryker Salary- And Stryker Job Opportunities

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