Salary For Vice President

The Vice President plays a vital role in managing the country and its policy. In the USA, the vice president is Kamala D. Harris who was elected vice president after a lifetime of public service, having been elected District attorney of San Francisco, California Attorney general and US senator. Vice Presidents can work in many different industries and companies. Their role is not limited to a country. Every industry and company hire a vice president for smooth working and better functioning. Let us know What are the ‘Salary For Vice President’.

Salary For Vice President

Salary For Vice President

The average salary of a vice president in the USA is about $149,362 per year. Although they earn so many other benefits too from the government and the country. They earn $20,000 per year as an additional profit. Vice presidents make the most in regions like Dan Francisco, CA in the USA. The Vice President not only works for the country but also there are so many vice presidents who work in different types in different companies. However, their salary also depends on various factors like years of experience, skills, education, workplace or region and so on. 

Salary by Region

Different cities and areas of the USA offer different salaries to the vice president. A region with a high budget and scope pays its vice president a higher salary as compared to an area with a low budget and scope. Many big regions of the USA offer the vice president a good salary and benefits. Regions like Minnesota, South Dakota, Virginia, Texas, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Connecticut, Maryland, Georgia and New York offer an average salary of $185,850, $182,500, $172,500, $170,009, $168,500, $165,000, $162,000, $160,000, $160,000, $160,000 and $160,000 per year to the vice president. The lowest-paying areas of the USA are South Carolina, Oklahoma and New Mexico with an average salary of $125,000, $105,351 and $125,000 per year. 

Salary by type and kind

As a fact, it’s not always compulsory that a vice president can be only for a country. Simply as a country’s vice president, there are various other kinds of presidents too. The job title of the vice president can be seen in many types and in any firm. Vice President & general manager, Human resources of it, Vice President of programming, Administration vice president, Development Vice President and Vice President & Manager can earn an average salary of $172,487, $169,647, $142,967, $132,284, $156,085 and $142,496 per year. Every type has its type of work which a person needs to do and can earn as much as he wants. Every kind is different from the others and offers different salaries and benefits. 

Salary by Company 

Companies with a big budget and a large area of operation offer them a good salary as compared to other ones with a lower budget and area of operation. Brookfield properties and Howard Hughes are the highest-paying companies which pay an average of about $264,787 and $242,916 per year to the vice president. Apart from these, companies like Baltimore City Community College, Conrad N. Foundation, Apple, PVH, Paypal, The Rockefeller Foundation, Genentech and Amgen offer an average salary of $241,936, $234,855, $234,792, $229,738, $229,232, $222,796, $219,102 and $217,257 per year to them. They offer wider opportunities and open many gates of hope and a bright future. 

Salary by Industry

Not only do different companies, skills, kinds of vice presidents and areas of work affect the salary, But the kind of industry where a vice president works also affects the overall salary. Every kind has different work and salary from each other. The highest-paying industry that pays them a good salary is the manufacturing industry with an offering of about $159,773 per year. Other industries like Health care, Finance and Media offer an average salary of $156,074, $152,177 and $129,514 per year to the vice president. Thus, the salary of a vice president highly depends on the industry type. 


The salary of a vice president can vary depending on the various factors which are mentioned above. A person can earn as much as he wants by knowing and analysing every factor. Each factor affects the salary of a vice president and a person can estimate his salary by reading such factors through this article. Salary can vary by state, Industry, Company, experience, education and so on. A vice president can earn a good salary even at his entry-level as a fresher. The career path is great with many scopes and opportunities.

Salary For Vice President

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