Salary For Social Media Manager


The use of social media platforms is increasing day by day. Thus it is necessary and common for every business to run their activity and business on various social media platforms too. To handle such accounts and platforms there is a need for a social media manager. The social media manager is responsible for making strategies to increase engagement and followers, running or creating ads, overseeing social campaigns, producing quality content and infographics for social media, analysing business reports or analytics and communicating with the stakeholder and owner of the business. Let us know ‘Salary For Social Media Manager’.

Salary For Social Media Manager

To improve your business’s network and to have more customers, a business needs to have a good social media manager for handling its social media platforms. 

Salary For Social Media Manager

An average salary of a social media manager in the USA is $56,861 per year. However, their salary can vary depending on various factors like years of experience, skills, education and work location. They also have some other benefits too as per their performance. Social media managers earn incentives too. A person should know about every platform in detail to get paid highly. There are many top companies and states which are paying great to social media managers in the USA. 

Salary by Region

Many developed cities and areas pay different salaries to social media managers. The salary of any professional highly depends on the location of work. The different locations offer different salaries. This factor has a great implication for affecting the salary of a social media manager. Regions like New York, Boston, Providence, Portland, Savannah, Washington, Miami, Richmond, Phoenix, Austin, Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boise, Chicago, Wichita, Omaha and Minneapolis offer an average salary of $61,788, $56,780, $51,057, $50,000, $55,960, $69,167, $53,591, $51,669, $55,460, $57,162, $57,000, $61,273, $66,384, $54,698, $57,127, $55,516, $58,395 and $58,007 per year to a social media manager. Many more regions and states of the USA offer great salaries and incentives. 

Salary by Industry

The work of social media managers is all over the world in every type of industry. Every company and business has their goal and wants to have more customers. Thus, social media managers can work in any kind of industry. The different industries offer different salaries to them. The salary of them isn’t just based on geographic location, but also on specific industries. Every industry has its own budget and according to that, they hire and pay a social media manager. Most common industries like Technology, Finance, Professional, Internet and Media offer an average salary of $82,546, $74,173, $71,455, $71,000 and $70,960 per year to a social media manager.

Industries like Retail and Hospitality offer an average salary of $70,013 and $67,443 per year. Apart from these, there are various social media managers who work as a freelancer. Many industries and companies sometimes hire a freelancer for their work. The salary of a freelancer is different which is based on their experience, work portfolio and skills. 

Salary by experience 

The salary of a fresher and the salary of an experienced social media manager will always be different. Social media managers’ salary is highly dependent on their experiences in the relevant field. A person should know everything in detail about how experience can change his salary.  A fresher or a social media manager with an experience of less than 1 year can earn an average salary of $52,257 per year. A mid-level social media manager in the USA can make an average salary of $55,700 per year whereas a more experienced person can earn an average salary of $120,000 per year. With every additional year of experience, the chances of earning more income become higher and the company pays them a good salary. 

Salary by companies in the USA

Many top companies in the USA pay a social media manager a good salary. Microsoft and McKinsey & Company Inc are the highest-paying companies for social media managers with an average salary of $131,788 and $126,331 per year. If a person knows about the offerings of every company, then he can choose accordingly. Many more big companies in the USA like Chegg, Thrive Global, ServiceNow, Adobe, Cisco, StubHub, Waymo and Gap Inc. offer an average salary of $122,236, $122,148, $119,501, $118,674, $118,481, $117,052, $114,972 and $114,466 per year with many other benefits or incentives too. However, other factors also affect the salary. 


The demand for Social media managers is now increasing day by day due to increasing technology and competition. The salary can vary depending on the various factors which are described above. A person should know about every factor which can help him to be on the right path where he can earn more income according to his experience, skills, work location and so on. Social media management is a great career path in the USA with a great salary and benefits. The article will help you to know about factors and how these affect the salary. 

Salary For Social Media Manager

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