Salary For Sales Manager

Selling is an important tool for any business and firm. Every business and company establishes a goal and to achieve its target, They need to sell its services and goods. A sales manager helps a company to achieve their selling target. They focused on sales techniques to increase the sales of a product and service. The role of a sales manager is important in any kind of business. Any lack and mistake by the sales manager can cost a company too much. Thus it is necessary to have the best sales manager. Let us know about the Salary For Sales Manager.

Salary For Sales Manager

Salary For Sales Manager

The average salary of a sales manager in the USA is $75,509 per year which can vary depending on various factors like education, skills, experience, work location and so on. Many times They also earn bonuses and incentives on every sale. Thus a job if a sales manager is a great career to choose where a person can earn a good amount. 

Salary by experience 

Years of experience play a vital role in deciding the salary of a sales manager. Different companies and states hire sales managers according to their experience in the selling field. The more experience a person has, the more salary he will earn. Experience makes a sales manager more worthy and confident. In the USA a sales manager with an experience of less than one year or a fresher can earn an average salary of $96,950 per year. A person with an experience of 1 to 3 years or 3 to 5 years can make an average salary of $98,000 or $99,950 per year. A sales manager with an experience of 5 to 7 years can earn an average salary of $1,04,507 per year. Apart from salary, sales managers get so many benefits too from the company. A person holding experience of more than 7 years can earn an average salary of $111,895 per year. 

Salary by skills

Many times it is seen that every additional skill helps in earning more salary. A sales manager with more skills has a chance to earn more. Major skills are common which a person should have. Apart from these, skills like account development, account management, sales management, cold calling, sales strategy and customer relationship management offer a greater chance of earning a good salary. A person with such skills can make an average salary of $100,000 per year. However, they don’t need to have such skills but it helps them in many ways in their profession. 

Salary by gender

In the field of selling, sales managers’ salary also depends on gender. Many companies prefer to hire male candidates rather than females. However, it is not compulsory and in the USA, companies prefer to hire both candidates. An average salary of a male candidate is $109,419 per year whereas an average salary of a female candidate is $94,791 per year. Thus, gender factors play a vital role in deciding the salary of a sales manager. The profession is for both and offers them great salaries but sometimes gender affects their salary. 

Salary by Region

Area of work has a great impact on deciding the salary of a sales manager. Apart from experience, skills and gender factors. Location of work also plays a major role in affecting the overall salary. Different locations have different salaries. A candidate must know everything concerning this factor so that he can earn more as per the location he chooses. Regions like Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, California, Connecticut and Illinois offer an average salary of $92,590, $90,090, $87,521, $85,145, $85,000 and $85,000 per year. Other than these, many states and areas in the USA have great salaries and benefits like Georgia, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and many more. 

Salary by sector

Different sectors offer different salaries. You can get paid off differently depending on the sector where you work. Public sector employees in the USA earn more than Private sector employees. An average salary of a sales manager in the Public sector is $97,100 per year whereas, in the private sector, a sales manager earns an average salary of $92,400 per year. However, Other factors also have a great impact and help in deciding the professional salary. A person can join wherever he wants. Whether it’s the public sector or the private sector. Both sectors have different benefits. 


The salary of a sales manager can vary depending on the factors like education, experience, sector, skills and so on. A person can compare and read each of the factors described above to choose the right path where he can be satisfied with his salary. However, in every job, these factors play a vital role in deciding the salary. So in a sales manager job, the process and factors are the same.

Salary For Sales Manager

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