Salaries For Tier 2 Service Desk Technician

A Tier 2 Service Desk Technician is a technical support specialist who offers end-users, clients, and other organization stakeholders technical help and assistance. They are in charge of resolving complicated technical problems that Tier 1 assistance is unable to solve and often operate in an IT department or service desk. In general, you need both IT-related education and work experience to acquire a Service Desk Technician Tier 2 position. The majority of companies want at least an associate’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a closely related discipline, along with several years of experience working in a technical support capacity. Let us know about the Salaries For Tier 2 Service Desk Technician.

Salaries For Tier 2 Service Desk Technician

The region, industry, and amount of expertise are just a few of the variables that might affect the pay for Service Desk Technician Tier 2 positions. The typical annual wage for a Service Desk Technician Tier 2 in the United States is between $43,000 and $64,000, according to data on salaries from a number of sources. Location-wise, Service Desk Technician Tier 2s in urban regions on average makes more money than those in rural areas. In a similar vein, employees in the finance or technology sectors typically earn more than those in other sectors.

Factors affecting the salaries of Service Desk Technicians Tier 2

Service Desk Technician Tier 2 compensation can vary depending on a number of variables, such as:

  1. Experience: One of the most important aspects that might impact pay is the level of experience. Technicians with more years of experience typically make more money than those who are just starting out.
  2. Education and certifications: Increased levels of schooling and pertinent certifications, like CompTIA A+, Network+, or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), can make a Service Desk Technician Tier 2 more valuable to companies and earn them better compensation.
  3. Location and industry: The employer’s industry and location might have an impact on compensation. For instance, Service Desk Technician Tier 2 salaries in the financial or technological sectors are typically greater than those in other sectors.
  4. Business size: The size of the business may have an effect on wages. Big corporations may offer greater pay than smaller ones because they often have more complicated IT systems and more personnel to support.
  5. Performance: Technicians may be eligible for performance-based bonuses or pay rises if they consistently achieve or surpass their performance criteria, such as response times or customer satisfaction scores.
  6. Service Desk Technician Tier 2 may be eligible for shift differentials if they work evening or overnight shifts, which might raise their overall salary.

Salaries for different types of service technicians tier 2

Depending on the precise duties and requirements of the job, Service Desk Technician Tier 2 salaries can vary. These are a few samples of various Service Desk Technician Tier 2 positions and their associated salaries:

Technical support specialist: A technical support specialist is in charge of offering end users, clients, and other stakeholders’ technical help and assistance. Technical Support Specialists make an annual salary of about $50,000 on average.

Network support technician: A network support technician is in charge of resolving connectivity problems on the network, managing network hardware, and assuring the network’s general stability and security. An annual compensation of about $60,000 is typical for network support technicians.

Desktop Support Technician: Providing end users with technical support and assistance for hardware, software, and peripherals is the responsibility of a desktop support technician. Desktop Support Technicians get an annual compensation of about $50,000 on average.

Application Support Technician: An application support technician is tasked with identifying and addressing problems with software applications. An application support technician typically makes $55,000 a year in compensation.

System Administrator: Servers, operating systems, and databases all fall under the purview of the system administrator, who is in charge of administering and maintaining the entire IT infrastructure. About $70,000 is the annual average compensation for a system administrator.

You should be aware that these compensation ranges can change depending on your region, industry, amount of experience, and other things. In addition, changes in the labour market and business developments might affect pay over time. Before pursuing a career in this profession, it is usually a good idea to examine the relevant employment market and industry trends.

Variation in salaries in the USA as per states

There is variation in salaries for Service Desk Technician Tier 2 based on the location or state within the United States. Here are some examples of the average salaries for Service Desk Technician Tier 2 in different states:

California: $62,000 per year

New York: $59,000 per year

Massachusetts: $56,000 per year

Texas: $52,000 per year

Florida: $47,000 per year

Georgia: $46,000 per year

Ohio: $44,000 per year

North Carolina: $43,000 per year

Indiana: $42,000 per year

Alabama: $41,000 per year

It’s important to note that these salary ranges are based on averages and can vary based on the industry, experience level, company size, and other factors. Additionally, cost of living can also impact salaries, so a higher salary in one state may not necessarily be equivalent to a higher standard of living. It’s always a good idea to research the specific job market and industry trends in your area before pursuing a career in this field.

Several roles of service desk technician tier 2

A Service Desk Technician Tier 2’s typical responsibilities include the following:

  • Offering end-users with technical help over the phone, email, or in person
  • Identifying and fixing software, hardware, network connectivity, and application-related technical problems
  • escalating problems as necessary to Tier 3 support or other pertinent teams
  • Developing and maintaining standard operating procedures, knowledge base articles, and technical documentation (SOPs)
  • Educating and advising Tier 1 support personnel and end users


In conclusion, a number of variables, such as the degree of experience, education, and certifications, the industry and location, the size of the organisation, performance, and shift differentials, can affect the pay for Service Desk Technician Tier 2. Depending on the area or state within the nation, the typical annual compensation for a Service Desk Technician Tier 2 in the US varies from $43,000 to $64,000. When assessing potential compensation, it’s crucial to conduct market research on the local labour market and business trends as well as to take the cost of living into account.


What is the career path for a Service Desk Technician Tier 2?

Service Desk Technicians Tier 2 can progress in their careers by gaining experience, certifications, and skills, and by taking on additional responsibilities. Possible career paths include moving up to a Tier 3 or 4 technical support position, transitioning to a network or system administrator role, or moving into IT management.

What is the job outlook for Service Desk Technician Tier 2?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for computer support specialists (including Service Desk Technicians) is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is due to increasing demand for technical support services in various industries.

Salaries For Tier 2 Service Desk Technician

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