Salary For Pipeline Welder


Pipeline welders are also known as pipeliners. They play an important role in the structure and construction of the building, vessels and standalone pipeline. Their role includes repairing and modifying tubular products which are used in making any construction. They repair and join metallic components with full efficiency and perfectness so that it works best in future. They work in both commercial and residential areas and use various types of equipment and welding processes. Let us see about the salary for Pipeline Welder.

Salary For Pipeline Welder

Salary For Pipeline Welder

An average salary of a pipeline welder is $49,843 per year which varies depending on various factors like education, years of experience, skills and many more. They also make an average bonus of $1,313 per year. In the USA, Highest paying area for the pipeline welder is San Francisco which offers an average salary of $60,183 per year. 

Salary in different Industries 

There are many top industries available in the USA that are offering the highest salary and benefits. the name and area of the industries play a major role in deciding the salary of a pipeline welder. various industries are offering different salaries. In Technology, a pipeline welder makes the highest salary as compared to the construction and extraction industries. Pipelines who work in computers have a good salary with an average of $49,490 per year whereas pipeliners working in construction sites and industries make an average salary of $43,040 per year. Some pipeliners work in oil and gas industries or companies too where they repair pipes of oil and gas. there they make different salaries as compared to others which are an average of $55,000 per year. Apart from these, pipeliners also have a huge role in manufacturing industries and pipeliners who work in such industries make an average salary of $36,500 per year. However, the salary depends on the size of the company. The larger the company, the larger the salary would be. It also varies depending on the experience of pipeliners in manufacturing industries. Freshers can make approx $19,000 per year whereas the most experienced one can make an average of $99,000 per year. 

Salary by additional skills 

a pipeliner must know about the salary of every state and region so that they can choose their work location accordingly. The USA has a great scope in every field with unlimited opportunities and scope. With more and more skills, a pipeline welder can make more and more money. Every additional skill gives additional benefits. In the field of pipeline welding, various skills like repairing, Installing, maintaining and welding improves and enhances the chances of higher salary. A skillful and talented pipeline welder can earn an average salary of $50,000 and more in the USA. Apart from the USA,  there are more countries too where a pipeliner can make so much money. a pipeliner in Canada can make an average salary of 53,200 Canadian dollars per year. pipeline welders in Australia can earn an average of 72,091 Australian dollars per year with other benefits too. In the United Kingdom and Germany, a pipeline welder can earn an average salary of 32,277 and €37,250 per year. pipeline welders in France can easily make an average salary of €43,380 per year. 

Salary by states

Different states of the USA offer different salaries and benefits where a pipeliner can start his business too. There are many developed states and cities in the USA where a pipeliner starts his career and can make a good salary. The choice of career is good and with many opportunities, the USA has various scopes and well salaries. areas in the USA like New Hampshire, Connecticut, California, Indiana, Minnesota and Delaware offer an average salary of $68,250, $67,600, $63,375, $62,400, $62,147 and $61,425 per year to a pipeline welder. These are some of the good and well-developed areas offering a wider range of opportunities for a pipeliner and a good salary. 

There are many other regions too where a pipeliner can make as much as he wants. Therefore, a pipeline welder should have a keen knowledge of the area of opportunities and salary of every state and region. The lowest paying states in the USA for a pipeline welder are Tennessee, Vermont, Nebraska, Arkansas, Lowa and South Dakota. 

Salary by experience 

The salary of a pipeline welder is also decided by the years of experience he has. The higher the experience, the Higher the salary would be. a person with low experience or a fresher will have a lower salary as compared to a person with higher experience. A fresher of pipeliner with an experience of fewer than 3 years can earn an average salary of $18.10 per hour. A mid-level pipeline welder with an experience between 4 to 9 years can make an average salary of $21.40 per hour. A pipeline welder with an experience from 10 to 20 years and above 20 years can make an average salary of $27.40 and 29.30 per hour. different levels of experience and years of experience offer different ranges of salaries. 


Pipeliners are in high demand in the USA due to the increasing popularity of metal fabrication and the construction of buildings. pipeline welders may be employed in a type of industries like manufacturing, construction, oil and gas and so on but the salary of them varies depending on various factors which decide the overall salary. They sometimes work part-time or are self-employed. However, it is clear that in the USA, the average salary a pipeliner can make is $49,843 with bonuses and other benefits. 

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Salary For Pipeline Welder

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