Salaries For Zamboni Drivers


If one is a fan of ice skating and ice hockey, one will surely appreciate a smooth sheet while freshly cruising around the rink at the local ice arenaThe Zamboni machine works to clear the edges, rough patches, and melted ice in arenas for games like ice hockey and figure skating. Frank Zamboni invented the Zamboni machine. The Zamboni model E21, the very first piece of equipment to be used by an NHL team, was a game changer for its time. The innovative Zamboni machine changed winter sports by clearing the ice and chopped-up surfaces and by giving them a smooth and edged-free surface within a matter of minutes, as it takes 10 to 12 minutes to clear the surface of an arena. They invented the Zamboni machine in Southern California. With the need to quickly clean the ice, Frank started improvising with pieces of equipment. Let us know ‘Salaries For Zamboni Drivers’.

Salaries For Zamboni Drivers

Salaries for Zamboni drivers

The job of a Zamboni driver could be part-time, full-time, or even on a contract basis. For the most part, the salary of a Zamboni driver is $31,000 per annum. It could vary from location to location and arena to arena. The range of pay varies between $20,675 and $45,448 for different regions and reasons. For an individual tax filler, you have an estimated average federal tax in 2018 of 12%. After they have taken taxes out, Zamboni drivers could expect to have a take-home pay of $26,303 per year, with each pay equating to approximately $1,096. Compared to every site and getting the average of averages, $30,211 is the result of the annual earnings of a Zamboni driver. The average pay range differs with each city and arena one works at.

What is a Zamboni?

One may not know about a machine that is used for ice resurfacing, and it is not new. Zamboni is a machine that is a name brand that is very famous in the field of ice resurfacing. The Zamboni machine looks like a mini truck and is handled by a driver. The electric Zamboni is also available in today’s time because the arena is a closed space and it doesn’t produce a cloud of smoke like the fuel machines. To drive a Zamboni, one doesn’t need a special license. The Zamboni is the most recognizable piece of equipment that an ice maker uses. We see it after hockey games, after figure skating, and after public skating. Whatever it might be, they go on there and the Zamboni does the brunt of the job of the ice cleaning, but there’s the other tool in their toolbox.

Factors affecting the salary amount

  1. Salaries are as per different regions and states.

As ice skating arenas are not present everywhere, the region also plays a huge part in determining the salary amount presented to one.

  • In Massachusetts, they present one with an annual salary amount of $34,125 for the job, while in Minnesota, they present one with an average annual salary amount of $31,200 for the job of a Zamboni driver.
  • Maryland offers an annual salary amount of around $29,250 for the job, whereas, in Nebraska, they present one with an annual salary amount of $29,250 for being a Zamboni driver.
  • Illinois suggests an annual amount of $29,250 per annum, whereas Colorado presents an annual salary amount of $27,027 for a Zamboni driver.
  • In Michigan, they present one with an annual salary amount of $23,634 for the job, while in Texas, they present one with an average annual salary amount of $23,400 for the job of a Zamboni driver in the United States.
  1.  Salaries in different cities

On average, Zamboni drivers often make $13 per hour and $31,000 per annum. By breaking the pay range into per hour and per day, it goes like this. Per hour, one is paid $14.77, and the salary range goes from the lowest of $11.17 to the highest of $19.53. As per day, the average salary is $153, and it goes from the lowest of $116 to the highest of $202. The average pay scale per month is $2,346 and from the lowest, it goes from $1,842 to the highest at $3,221. The average per year is $34,403 and the lowest it goes is 26,019 to the highest, at $45,448. In Canada, the national average salaries for a Zamboni drivers is $47,564, and the hourly pay is $19.72.

  1.  Employer 

The salary amount differs according to a different employer.

  • The YMCA of Northern Colorado presents an hourly wage of $15–$16.50 for the job of a Zamboni operator, whereas Greenwich, Connecticut, suggests a per-hour wage of $22.75–$23.69 for a Zamboni supervisor.
  • Winter Garden Ice Arena in Connecticut presents a $15 per hour wage for a Zamboni driver, while in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it’s an hourly wage starting at $18.22 for the job.
  • In Oak Lawn, Illinois, they present one with an hourly wage of $14, whereas, in Littleton, Colorado, they present one with $15.50 as an hourly wage for the job of a Zamboni driver in the United States.


A Zamboni driver is supposed to do the work of clearing the ice before the game, whether it is ice hockey, figure skating, or even public skating. A Zamboni is a machine that is operated by a driver who circles the ground and clears the collected rough patches of ice that have come off during the game or before it. A Zamboni driver clears the edges and creates a new layer of clear, smooth ice on the ground with the help of the Zamboni, a machine that creates ice with the help of its water-filled tanker. With a game like hockey, which often turns out to be rought has 3 periods in between the game.


The average Zamboni driver makes $13 per hour or about $31,000 per annum. They need no specific educational background or skills for the job; one must know machines and ice. Many things affect the salaries of a Zamboni drivers. The major factors could be the employer, the location, the arena they are working at, the experience they have, or the type of job they have, whether it is part-time, full-time, or based on a contract.

Salaries For Zamboni Drivers

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