Salaries For Wildlife Veterinarians 

Different job professionals get different salaries based on their work and experience. In terms of salary, you can not compare one profession to another as the pay scale for both professions are different. Veterinarians or animal doctors also get varied salaries depending on their skills and experience. Veterinarians, maybe wildlife or pet veterinarian have different salaries. However, both work is similar; to curing animals, but pet veterinarians will have to work for small pets. On the other hand, as the name says, wildlife veterinarian has to deal with wild animals. They do treat every wild animal whether it may be small as a bird to be big as an elephant. In this article, we will know the salary of a wildlife veterinarian along with how one can be a proper medical practitioner. let us know about that the Salaries For Wildlife Veterinarians.

Salaries For Wildlife Veterinarians

Wildlife veterinarian Salaries

Talking about the salaries of wildlife vets, the average salary of a wildlife vet is $98,829 per annum. This salary varies from city to city and the work culture of the vet. The salaries vary from $19,037 to as high as $501,661. This handsome salary involves the tough work of the vets. The salary gets an increase in every sector along with the increase in the employee’s experience level. The above-written data was calculated by doing the average salaries of the vets living in different cities in the US. The salary may increase for a government employee as a veterinarian. Just like every profession this too have the same rule of having a high salary by working more and more.

Wildlife Veterinarian Duties

Wildlife vets have duties either in offices or on the field.  In offices, they do provide prescriptions for wildlife animals. While in the field they perform various duties to cure the lives of wild animals. The responsibilities of a wildlife vet include medication prescription, vaccination, performing surgeries if needed, taking blood samples and testing them, and so on. Some vets have such a busy schedule that they can not take holidays even on weekends. Based on the health of wildlife creatures they plan their work. In emergencies, they need to reach the location just after the call. Some other work they do as a wildlife veterinarian is to teach or guide juniors about their learnings.

Do wildlife veterinarians have good salaries?

Look, there is not any exact answer to this question for any profession. The satisfaction from the salary of any working professional depends from person to person. But it can be concluded by seeing the average salary of wildlife vets, that they have a good salary.  Compared to other professions wildlife vets get more salary.  In individual terms, it will not be okay to say that the salary of wildlife vets is good. There need to be some terms upon which one can say that a specific profession offers a good salary. 

Do they need to pay taxes for their income?

Of course, wildlife veterinarian needs to pay taxes on their income. The salary of a vet is high and it needs an income tax on their income to pay on time. Every person with an income above a fixed amount of money must pay income tax. Talking about the income tax of wildlife vets, they need to pay a tax of 24% of their income. This tax of 24% of the annual income of a wildlife vet is according to a federal tax of 2018. It may vary from the current scenario. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Factors affecting the salaries of a wildlife veterinarian

  1. Working Hours – The salary of any individual depends on the hours he/she works. One will get paid for what hours he/she works. Two wildlife veterinarians will get paid differently if they have different working hours. 
  2. Type of duty – Wildlife veterinarians can work in the field and can provide prescriptions by sitting in a single place. So on that basis, they will have different salaries.
  3. Based on locality – The salary may also vary on the work location of veterinarians. The government of the localities may change the salaries of vets accordingly.

How one can become a wildlife veterinarian?

Wildlife veterinarians have an adventurous duty and a busy schedule. It can be a great career opportunity for those who are willing to become veterinarians. If you truly love to help animals, this career opportunity will surely attract you. For becoming a wildlife veterinarian one needs to earn graduation in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. This graduation course can be completed at various known institutes like Tufts University and The University of California. This demanding course includes the study of small and big animals. It can be an exciting journey to learn how to save the lives of the innocent living.  At last to practice professionally, one needs to have a license from a veterinary program. After having a valid license one can start their journey as a wildlife veterinarian.


Wildlife vets may have a high-paying salary but they do the tough task to save the life of wildlife. Sometimes they have to work 24 hours a day. Not only this work implies to every work and profession out there. One can not say of a particular profession that has a high salary. Behind a high salary, the amount is hard work that must be completed on time. One should not go for a high-paying profession just to get a fat amount of money, but one should always go for a profession that excites the person to do the needed task. 

  1. Is wildlife veterinarian a good career opportunity?

Yes, it can be a good career opportunity for those who are fascinated by helping and curing wild animals. It includes curing small birds to huge animals like an elephant. To become a veterinarian one needs to graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a license for starting practice as a veterinarian.

  1. What is the average salary of a wildlife vet?

A professional veterinarian in the US has an average salary between $19,037 and $501,661. This may vary from city to city as the different state pays different professionals. An average man has an income of $98,829 per annum as a professional veterinarian in the US.

  1. What are the responsibilities of a wildlife vet?

The duties and responsibilities of a wildlife vet include surgery, taking blood samples, vaccination, and many such works. Sometimes they need to work 24 hours a day in case of any severe case of any wild animal. They also have to work and act instantly when in an emergency. They have their duties either in the office or in the field.

Salaries For Wildlife Veterinarians 

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