Salaries For UPS Driver United Parcel Service Driver

A well-known logistics and package delivery business in the US is called The United Parcel Service (UPS). The company’s drivers, who are essential to its operations, are in charge of delivering items to a variety of places around the nation, including residences and companies. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For UPS Driver United Parcel Service Driver’.

Salaries For UPS Driver United Parcel Service Driver

Salaries For UPS Driver United Parcel Service Driver

The compensation for a full-time driver depends on several factors, including experience, location, and job title. An annual salary of $86,000 is typical for full-time drivers, and this amount includes several perks including healthcare coverage, retirement funds, and overtime payoff.

The UPS drivers follow predetermined routes and scan shipments with handheld equipment. They must also communicate with the UPS dispatch office to coordinate deliveries and pickups. Moreover, UPS drivers may collect money from consumers, provide service quality, and resolve delivery issues. A driver who delivers packages and parcels to customers plays a crucial role in the delivery and logistics industry. This job position is highly sought after in the United States, where several companies operate in this sector.

Drivers are typically paid on an hourly basis, and the amount they receive varies based on their job classification. For example, drivers who handle package deliveries may receive a different hourly wage than those who operate a tractor-trailer. Drivers who put in more than 40 hours a week are also eligible for overtime pay.

How much does a UPS driver make in the USA?

The Pay scale of a UPS driver known as a package delivery driver can vary in the United States depending on several factors, including their level of experience, the type of automobiles they use, and their location of employment. According to job listing companies’ data, a US UPS driver’s annual income is $55,000. Yet, this can range from $31,000 to $98,000 each year, depending on the driver’s experience level and other factors. In most cases, UPS drivers receive $25 for an hour. 

Salary for United parcel service drivers based on Experience

Depending on the degree & experience, UPS drivers’ pay in the United States differs. As of October 2021, the pay scale reports that, depending on years of experience, a UPS driver makes an average pay of:

• $20.50 per hour for entry-level positions with under a year of experience.

• Early career (between one and four years of experience): $24.57 per hour.

• Mid-career (between five and nine years of experience): $30.28 an hour

• 10 to 19 years of experience: $36.46 an hour

• Late-career (20 years or more of experience): $38.19 per hour

Factors that affect the salary for United parcel service drivers in the USA

Like any other job, a UPS driver’s salary can be affected by various factors. Here are some of the most common factors that can impact the salary of a UPS driver in the United States:

• Experience: In general, experienced UPS drivers make more money than newly hired ones.

• Work location: The compensation of a UPS driver may be impacted by the cost of living in various states and areas. Generally, UPS drivers in cities or states with higher living costs may earn higher salaries than those in areas with lower living costs.

• Vehicle type: The type of vehicle a UPS driver operates can also affect their salary. For example, a driver who drives a larger delivery truck may earn a higher salary than a driver who uses a smaller van.

• Union affiliation: UPS drivers are typically members of a union, and the specific union they belong to can impact their salary and benefits package.

• Performance and tenure: UPS drivers who have worked for the company for a longer period and those who perform well may be eligible for bonuses, promotions, and salary increases.

• Education and certifications: Additional education or certifications in areas such as logistics or supply chain management may help a UPS driver qualify for higher-paying positions within the company.

State-wise salary for United parcel service driver

The annual salary for delivery drivers, including UPS drivers, was $36,870 in May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Nevertheless, the precise pay for UPS drivers might vary depending on many variables, including their experience, place of employment, and the kind of truck they drive.

Using BLS data from May 2020, the following table shows the average pay for delivery drivers—including UPS drivers—in several of the most populous states in the country:

• California: $41,350

• Texas: $36,450

• Florida: $33,850

• New York: $40,280

• Pennsylvania: $39,560

• Illinois: $38,750

• Ohio: $36,890

• Georgia: $34,120

• North Carolina: $33,300

• Michigan: $39,320


In conclusion, UPS drivers are responsible for delivering packages and goods to customers across the US. The pay scale for UPS drivers might vary based on factors like performance, education, union membership, geography, experience, and mode of transportation. A typical UPS driver in the US may expect to make roughly $54,000 annually. However, the specific pay range for UPS drivers in different states may vary depending on local factors including cost of living, demand for drivers, and other regional concerns. Generally speaking, working as a UPS driver might be rewarding, with chances for growth and high income.

  • What more benefits are provided to UPS drivers besides their pay?

Ans. Depending on their union affiliation and employment status, UPS drivers may get benefits including healthcare, retirement programs, and paid time. Additionally, UPS drivers collect incentives, depending on their performance and other criteria like overtime money for working more than 40 hours each week.

Salaries For UPS Driver United Parcel Service Driver

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