Amazon Inclement Weather Policy | What Insights Do They Have?

How much have you heard about Inclement Weather Policy? What exactly does the topic entail? This article will talk about one policy of this multi-million company, namely Amazon’s Inclement Weather Policy. This article will be answering some vital questions like that of- What is the Amazon Inclement Weather Policy? What does it imply? How does it affect its employees? How does it benefit the company? Etc.

Amazon Inclement Weather Policy

Amazon Inclement Weather Policy

The above-mentioned topic that is the Amazon Inclement Weather Policy is a policy about the weather conditions. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a policy regarding the weather conditions that exist in the region where the offices of the said company is located. Hence, it talks about the working conditions and the working conditions of the employees on that particular under those particular weather conditions prevailing in the region.

  • Inclement weather is a situation where in the weather conditions are not just bad but are dangerous and can be fatal to the employees who go to the office during those days or hours
  • The Amazon Inclement Weather Policy is a policy that states that all the Amazon employees and offices need to check and make sure that the weather conditions are suitable for work.
  • In case the weather conditions are not safe for the employees and the staff to work, then Amazon will have to immediately close their offices and workplaces. 
  • Also, the policy states that if a few employees cannot come to work due to adverse weather conditions they should be given a leave.
  • To be precise, the employees should notify the HR consultant in prior, preferably a day prior. 
  • They can claim an unpaid leave for 8 hours during this time. These claims will later get revived and added. 
  • Amazon Weather Inclement Policy will allow you to call your offices and claim that you don’t feel safe coming to work in those weather conditions.
  • The one thing to understand is that you get to choose if you want to take off during bad weather or not.
  • You will be reimbursed only if the company feels that your claim is valid and accurate.
  • In the United States of America, usually during heavy snowfall and snowstorms, employees decide to take advantage of this policy.

Amazon Inclement Weather Policy For Employees-

  • Also, whether or not you will be fired or your leave will be granted on not highly depends on the state that you are working in.
  • According to the state and the supervisor that you are working under, your leave will be assessed. Hence you need to keep it in mind that the policy differs from state to state as you move in USA.
  • States like Illinois, Arkansas and New York can choose to act according to their own will and choose not to shut down their fullfillment centres
  • Similarly, these states can also fire you if you fail to show up at work during such conditoions.
  • Whereas states like that of California and texas keep it in mind to minimise the damage that can endanger their employees and will mostly give you a leave and reimburse you for the same.
  • The states that usually lie near the east coast, that is near the port regions, are susceptible to more storms and yet these are the states that do not provide a coherent guarantee, on whether or not their job will be safe or whether they will be terminated for the failure of showing up. 
  • According to the 2023 update, Amazon Employees in all the states of America need to inform the HR consultant in their facilities centre 20 hours prior to applying for a leave.


The said policy is humane in theory but in practice America hasn’t been able to show that humanity to its workers and employees. Amazon workers in the United States of America have to show up for work or are expected to deliver the packages even if there is a catastrophe as serious as of the Hurricane Ida. Most of the states in the USA do not follow the increment policy as laid down in theory. They twist and turn the policy according to their convenience to value their profits more than their employees. 

Frequently asked questions-
  1. Can I get fired for applying for the increment weather leave?

Answer- You might, also your rapport with the supervisor could get affected. This also depends on the state that you are working in.

  1. When was the policy implemented?

Answer- The policy was adopted after the Hurricane Ida destroyed major areas in the US including new york and the employees were still expected to show up. Hence, after that incident in November on 16th, 2021 the policy was appointed

  1. Is this amazon policy applicable worldwide or just to the United States of America?

Answer- On paper, the policy was supposed to be implemented all over the globe, in all Amazon offices, but the same has not been able to happen. In fact, inside the USA itself the policy is still not adopted by all the states. 

Amazon Inclement Weather Policy | What Insights Do They Have?

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