Salaries For Transportation Security Officers

Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) work for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an organisation that falls under the Department of Homeland Security and is in charge of maintaining the security and safety of the country’s transportation infrastructure. In airports, seaports, and other transportation hubs, TSOs are largely in charge of inspecting travellers’ belongings, luggage, and freight in order to stave off terrorist attacks and other security concerns. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For Transportation Security Officers’.

Salaries For Transportation Security Officers

Salaries For Transportation Security Officers

The nation’s transportation sector depends heavily on TSOs to preserve its security. To find forbidden objects, such guns and explosives, in luggage and on passengers, they employ a variety of techniques and technology, including X-ray machines, metal detectors, and body scanners. In addition, they do pat-down checks and other processes to make sure no passengers are in possession of anything illegal. 

TSO wages are constantly in demand in today’s economy. With more airports and airlines recruiting TSOs, there appear to be more chances for individuals wishing to come into the profession. But, not all TSOs have the same compensation expectations, so it’s critical to do your research before applying for a position.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the median annual income for transportation security personnel in May 2017 was $37,880. However, given the great demand for TSOs and the competitive nature of the sector, compensation can vary substantially based on experience and region.

For example, the BLS stated that transportation security officers with at least five years of experience earned $47,590 per year. Transportation security officers with no experience, on the other hand, made a median annual pay of $27,590. 

TSO Salary on Average

As of May 2020, the median annual pay for Transportation Security Officers was $44,380, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). The lowest 10% made less than $29,660, while the wealthiest 10% earned more than $64,760. A TSO’s remuneration is competitive with other careers that require comparable credentials and duties.

Salaries by city and state

Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) are in high demand, and for good reason. These professions are frequently risky and unexpected. A TSO’s median yearly pay in February 2015 was $51,330. This figure varies substantially based on the city and state where you work.

While looking for a new career, networking is crucial. TSOs, both new and old, may be found on social media and in professional groups. While networking, make it a point to say that you’re seeking a position as a TSO. You might be surprised by the amount of folks seeking a new or better job as a TSO. 

TSA Organization Salary

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a United States federal law enforcement organisation that was established on April 10, 2002, to protect the nation’s transportation infrastructure against terrorist threats. The TSA had an annual budget of $11.8 billion as of fiscal year 2019. The TSA employs over 30,000 people.

Transportation security personnel are paid differently by the TSA depending on their experience and credentials. A new transportation security officer’s beginning pay is $31,000, with an annual compensation of $51,000. The highest paid transportation security officer earns $107,000 as a senior executive transportation security officer. 

Transportation security officers’ salaries might vary based on the company for which they work. Transportation security personnel are paid differently by the TSA depending on their experience and credentials. A new transportation security officer’s beginning pay is $31,000, with an annual compensation of $51,000. The highest paid transportation security officer earns $107,000 as a senior executive transportation security officer. 

Suggestions for negotiating a pay rise

The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) is in desperate need of additional employees. According to the National Treasury Workers Union, the TSA will require an extra 55,000 people by 2021. 

Factors that Affect Salaries

A TSO’s pay may differ depending on a number of variables. Experience, geography, and work duties are the main determinants of pay.

  • Experience: A TSO’s remuneration is frequently depending on their amount of experience. TSOs with fewer experience tend to make less money than those with more years of expertise. TSOs may qualify for promotions as they accumulate experience, which might result in increased pay.  
  • Location: A TSO’s location may have an effect on their pay. Larger cities and big transportation hubs may pay TSOs more than smaller cities and less busy airports. Also, TSOs who work in regions with high cost of living may make more money than TSOs who work in regions with low cost of living.
  • Work Responsibilities: A TSO’s income may also be impacted by their job obligations. TSOs with more complex work requirements, such as managerial jobs or specialised training, could make more money than those with more straightforward responsibilities.

Raise in Salaries for Transportation Security Officers: 

Recognize your worth

In every negotiation, knowing your worth is the first step. This entails understanding your skill set and the products that other TSOs create. Also, you want to investigate what are expected practices in your field. You may establish a starting point for your pay talks by doing your study.

Be ready to present a counterproposal

A TSO frequently doesn’t genuinely anticipate obtaining the increase they’re asking for when they submit a request. In fact, a TSO will frequently provide a counteroffer to see where the discussion leads. This is your chance to express your opinions to the individual and try to reach a compromise that both of you can support.

Engage in courteous bargaining

It’s crucial to remember that you two are professionals while bargaining. This prohibits using profanity, yelling, or making threats. Do not forget that you are speaking to a person and not a computer’

Have the option to leave

Being ready to leave the bargaining table is crucial if you’re not satisfied with the outcome. This merely indicates that you’re willing to part ways, not that you have to be impolite or unprofessional about it.

Give the contract a thorough reading

Make careful to thoroughly study any contract before you sign it. This also covers the little print. TSOs frequently enter into agreements without being aware of certain stipulations. 

You may safeguard yourself from any unforeseen circumstances by reading the contract.

Do not be scared to request a pay rise

Do not be hesitant to request a raise if you feel you merit one and are working well. Being forthright and demanding what you are worth may need some haggling.


The security and safety of the nation’s transportation infrastructure is maintained in large part by Transportation Security Officers (TSOs). Based on experience, geography, and job duties, TSO salaries vary; as of May 2020, the typical annual salary for TSOs was $44,380. Understanding your value, offering a counterproposal, and maintaining polite contact with your employer are all things that can affect how successful your salary increase negotiation is as a TSO. While looking for employment prospects as a TSO, it is essential to do research and network because there is a great demand for these roles and because compensation might differ based on the location and organisation.

Salaries For Transportation Security Officers

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