Salaries For Transportation Manager

Transport managers are responsible for leading, organizing, planning, and managing transportation-related activities and processes within a company. They must ensure that all statutory highway transportation requirements are followed. Transportation managers oversee all elements of a company’s transportation, from delivering and collecting goods to sending workers to conferences to predicting transportation costs per kilometer. Organizations rely on transportation managers to keep costs under control and transportation-related issues under control. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Transportation Manager’.

Salaries For Transportation Manager

Salaries For Transportation Manager

In the United States, the average Transportation Manager salary is $94,790. The median annual salary for a Transportation Manager is $10,291 (or 11% of their annual salary), and 100% of employees report receiving a reward per year. Transportation Managers earn the most in the Bay Area, with total pay that is 34% higher than the national average. The average Transportation Manager’s salary in the United States was $98,502 as of August 26, 2022, with a typical range of $87,762 to $115,986. Salary estimates can vary greatly depending on several factors, including education, certifications, supplementary skills, and years of experience. has the most online, real-time salary data of any website, allowing users to zero in on their exact wages.

Transportation Manager’s Role and Responsibilities

Some of the duties of a transportation manager are as follows:

  • ensuring that vehicles were properly maintained.
  • Vehicle inspection.
  • Repair and maintenance planning.
  • Confirm that the majority of drivers and operators have current credentials.
  • lowering the likelihood of automobile overcrowding.
  • Keeping and completing accurate documentation.
  • Keeping the schedule while managing group participants.

Transportation Manager Salary in the United States

The salary of a Transportation Manager ranges from $55,970 to $165,140, depending on qualifications and experience or expertise. An annual salary of $145,000-155,000 is possible. The country’s median Transportation Manager salary is $93,790. The median pay for a Transportation Manager is $9,291 or 10% of total pay, with 100% of such employees confirming receiving a pay raise every year. Transportation Managers earn the most in New Francisco, at $125,988, with pay that is 36% higher than the national average. A transportation manager’s average starting salary is $45,705.

Transportation managers typically earn between:

Transportation Manager salaries in the United States range from $15,504 to $407,224, with an average salary of $82,122. Overall, 57% of Transportation Managers make between $82,122 and $190,086, with the richest 86% earning $407,224.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

The annualized salary for their transportation manager is:

Across the United States, the average annual salary for a Transportation Manager is approximately $75,073. The figures represent the overall median, which is the middle of various salary variations calculated by the patented Overall Payment Estimation methodology based on wages submitted by registered users. This additional salary is expected to be $23,298 per year. A monetary incentive, a commission, gratuities, and revenue sharing are all examples of extra compensation.

Transportation Manager Salaries at the Entry and Experience Levels

According to 79 salaries, an entry-level Transportation Manager with less than one year of experience can expect to earn a total remuneration (tips, bonus, and additional pay) of $29,186. According to 1,542 salaries, the median annual salary for an entry-level Transportation Manager with 1-4 years of experience is $35,893. The median overall income for a mid-career Transportation Manager with 5-9 years of experience is $46,850, according to 1,090 salaries. An accomplished Transportation Manager with 10-19 decades of experience earns a median total salary of $80,521, according to 1,166 salaries. Professionals in their later careers (20 decades and up) earn a total annual salary of $92,358.

Transportation Manager Salary is determined by qualification level

In addition to work experience, knowledge and education have a significant impact on whether or not a child will make it. Many higher-paying jobs require a higher level of education, but how much can a doctorate raise their salary? Upper Secondary School A Transporter Manager without a secondary university diploma can earn up to $61,410 per year in the United States. Certificate or diploma A Transportation Management with a degree or certification can earn a median salary of $75,340 in the United States. Bachelor of Science degree. A Transportation Manager with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn $100,620 on average in the United States. A Master of Fine Arts A Transportation Administrator with a master’s degree can expect to earn around $133,650 in the United States.

Transportation managers will receive additional benefits

A Transportation Manager is typically a high-bonus position, with 85% of professionals reporting receiving at least one incentive during the previous year. 15% of employees said they had received no incentives in the previous year. The overall estimated incentives among individuals who received an incentive in the previous 12 months ranged from 6% to 11%.

Transportation Manager Salary Factors

The pay could have a variety of consequences. The following are some of the most common talents and their effects on income.

  • Negotiation 20%
  • Analysis of logistical support 15%               
  • Project management 15%
  • Compliance with regulations 9%
  • Contract Dispute Resolution 13%
  • Strategic thinking 7%
  • Budget Evaluation 6%
  • Data Analysis 5%
  • The Supply Chain 5%
  • Hiring 5%

The Conclusion 

The following conclusions have been drawn from the above contents regarding transportation manager salaries: that a transportation manager’s compensation is determined by professional education, specifically how much she was educated and how much knowledge he has about the organization’s logistic upkeep. The transportation manager’s salary rises in lockstep with their level of experience. His pay increases year after year as he gains more experience with the company. The salary of a logistics director is partly determined by his or her expertise. A competent transportation manager must become well-informed about the demands of the position, as well as well-versed in their responsibilities.

  • Who makes the most money in the transportation industry?

The annual salary for a Transportation Manager is $76k.

  • Are transportation managers the lowest paid?

The starting salary for a Transportation Manager is $35k per year.

  • Increase the pay of transportation managers?

As Transportation Managers, there are several ways to increase their pay. Transfer from a job: Consider making another professional shift to a different company that has prepared to compensate you more for your abilities. Education: Earning additional degrees may enable this job to earn more money and qualify for promotions. Management Experience: If you become a Transportation Manager who supervises less experienced Transportation Managers, you may be able to earn more money.

Salaries For Transportation Manager

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