Salaries For Translator -Know More About It

If we go a decade back, no one would have thought translators would become such an essential part of our daily lives, because it was too expensive. But as the internet and e-commerce expanded, globalization occurred which made different countries interact with each other, and that’s where translators became an integral part of the process. Employment is growing in the field of interpreters and translators by almost 24%, making them more demanded in the US. Around 10,400 jobs are projected every year on average, throughout the decade. Let us know about “Salaries For Translator”

Salaries For Translator

• What’s A Translator’s Job?

A translator helps to transfer speech and ideas from one language to another, making communication easy and understandable. It can be written or vocal. They have to keep the meaning alive while translating into the second language, to make it as appealing as it is in the first language. Sometimes it gets quite tricky because of the cultural differences, so they need to add a separate note with the translation to make the audience understand the context well.

• Average Salary Of A Translator

According to the latest 2022 updates, on average a translator is paid $26.10 per hour. If we talk about the annual salary, the starting range is $34,245 for the entry levels, and as you get to experience the amount increases as high as $171,404 or more. Currently, the average annual salary for a translator is $55,760 in the US. But again, the amount depends on the education, certifications, skills, experience, and work field. 

>Freelance Translator

A freelancer’s income depends on the experience and number of clients it deals with. They can be part-time or full-time workers. Their main goal is to meet the deadline on time. A freelance translator earns $44,190 on an average level, which can get as low as $23,160 to as high as $78,520. The top 80% of freelance translators make $78,520, while the middle 60% make $44,190.

> International Translator

International translators can be foreigners and freelancers working for the US through the medium of the internet in the comfort of their homes. The recent updates have shown that international translators earn $61, 604 per year in the US on average, which makes it equal to $29.62 per hour, or $5,134 per month.

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• Languages In Demand

The top most demanding languages for translation jobs are Spanish, Mandarin, and German. They are highly paid languages that get the most attention in the US. There are lots of immigrants from Latin America who need translations for the documents by Spanish experts, for better communication. German is mostly used for business purposes throughout Europe which can range in a variety of things like documentation, contracts, advertisements, etc. As China is growing at a fast pace economically, Mandarin is also getting demanded in the translation process in the business world. 

• Different Kinds Of Jobs Available

There are many sectors where translators are needed the most and usually, it’s related to business. To sell your product abroad you may sometimes need to advertise in that particular country’s native language to promote your product, and that’s where you will need a translator. Nowadays social media and websites are a great way to advertise your business, and keeping the content in various languages will expand your reach to the customers.

Here are the top sectors which need translators most.

1. Legal Service Providers

English is still a second language for many and isn’t fluent enough to complete the paperwork. So, the law firms need translators to translate the important documents into the local language of immigrants. These documents mostly include birth certificates, visas, etc. which require an expert who is familiar with local culture and law. Salaries for legal translators range from $26,229 to $60,000 in the US.

2. Medical And Healthcare Industry

While dealing on an international level, many documents need to be translated precisely like medical reports, patient records, information on medicines like dosage, side effects, and so on. With 5-10 years of experience, a medical interpreter earns $43,000 on average, increasing with experience.  

3. Entertainment And Gaming Industry

Translators have a huge part in the entertainment industry which keeps the movies universally understandable. Nowadays, OTT platforms have taken a grasp in the entertainment industry and Netflix is one of them. Have you ever wondered what might be the income for Netflix translators? It usually goes around $39 per hour for them. Talking about the gaming industry, salaries for game translators range from $16,500 to $148,500 in the US, with $72,500 as an average income.

4. Financial Services

With the increase of globalization, world trade is expanding day by day, and the most essential part of dealing is financial transactions between countries. A Financial Translator’s job is to make the money flow smooth by translating various documents like adherence to local and international regulations and laws, reports, contracts, etc. Their main qualification is knowledge of finance, law, and more, to give accurate business license translation. Their annual income is usually $68,809 per year in the US.

• Conclusion

A translator’s job is pretty amazing but gets quite challenging too sometimes because this is very precarious work as one single mistake can change the whole meaning of the context which can cause heavy loss. In terms of salary, it depends on which field you want to go to.


1. What does a translator do?

They help in bringing the world together and resolving the cultural and language barriers in between. They are the biggest reason behind globalization, making connections, and spreading knowledge across the world.

2. What’s tricky about being a translator?

They have to translate in such a manner that follows the linguistic rules, grammar, and sentence structure, keeping the magic alive.   

3. Can a translator make six digit income?

Your salary depends on the education you have. Translator as a career can get you a six-digit number income as your experience increases year by year

Salaries For Translator -Know More About It

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