What is Grubhub Contribution Pay?

 Grubhub is known to be the one-stop destination for all food lovers. For all the food lovers who want to just sit in the comfort of their house and want to enjoy their favorite food, GrubHub is for them. It truly takes care of the customer’s comfort and satisfaction. Not only do they think hard about their customers, but they also tend to benefit the package deliverers along with them. One of the steps in easing the life of the drivers is the introduction of the Grubhub contribution pay. So, drivers buckle up your seat belts I am going to tell you all about what Grubhub contribution pay is.

Grubhub contribution pay is a policy made by the Grubhub company to ease the life of drivers. It provides extra points to the drivers for delivering the orders in places where the hourly rate is low. In this, the company adds the amounts to the total earnings of the day of the driver in cases where the location is having low hourly rates. It helps to achieve the hourly rates of the driver of that day.

What is Grubhub Contribution Pay?

GrubHub contribution pay:

It is a simple concept that is introduced by the Grubhub company for its diligent drivers. Grubhub contribution pay is a system that benefits the driver and acts like giving a bonus to the drivers. It benefits the drivers in two different ways. Or you can say that it gives a bonus to the driver if these two conditions arise in front of him:

  1. Low hourly rate: If the hourly rate of going to any location for delivering the food is very low, then the Grubhub company will adjust the amount accordingly. For instance, for any delivery location, the hourly rate is $12 but if the driver is getting only $10 for that delivery, then the company will adjust the extra 2 dollars to the account of the driver after checking different facets. It may include the waiting time, the mileage of the vehicle, the traffic and rush, etc.
  2. High acceptance rate: If the driver accepts more than 75% of their order, he will earn extra credits in his earnings. There are situations when the driver may not feel to accept the order, in this case, this bonus will help him. This scheme introduces a bonus for the drivers who accept the most orders. It has different parameters:
  • For the acceptance rate of 95% and more the driver will get a bonus credit of $4 on every completed delivery.
  • For the acceptance rate of 85% and more the driver will get a bonus credit of $3 on every completed delivery.
  • For the acceptance rate of 75% and more the driver will get a bonus credit of $2 on every completed delivery.

Places Where  the Grubhub contribution not work:

It is not a contribution scheme, not a charity that will work in all cases. The company makes sure that there can be instances when the driver is unable to get the benefits of the policy. The driver should also bear in mind that in these cases you’ll not get any contribution Pay help. let’s dwell on the instances:

  • Market restrictions: The Grubhub contribution pay works only in certain predetermined areas that are being marked by the company priorly. It is not so that it will work all over the states.
  • Fix hours: This Grubhub contribution pay will not work for the time of 11.01 pm to 4.59 pm period.
  • A bar of acceptance rate: There is a limit set for the drivers to accept the orders. When the driver will exceed that acceptance rate then only, he will get the extra credits. This Grubhub contribution pay will not work for the low acceptance rate.


This policy of Grubhub is an opportunity for the drivers to earn a maximum bonus in a day. This policy depends on the driver’s hard work. It showcases that the company truly cares for the drivers. It will pay the driver when they are unable to get the bare minimum hourly rate. And the policy also offers hardworking drivers to earn the most bonuses for them by increasing their acceptance rate.

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  1. What is the period of earning the bonus amount?

The drivers can earn this bonus starting from sharp 5 pm to 11 pm a day. They can increase the acceptance rate during this period and can earn more and more credits.

  1. Is GrubHub contribution pay work in all areas?

No, the Grubhub contribution pay only works in limited areas. As it is a new policy, it needs time to flourish.

  1. Can Grubhub driver card be used at a gas station for payment?

No, a driver’s card strictly can’t be used at any gas station for the payments of the gas.

What is Grubhub Contribution Pay?

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