Salaries For Sustainability Manager


A sustainability manager is a person who is in charge of a business, institution, or organization’s well-being and future. The main responsibility is to ensure the sustainability of the company and evaluates the environmental effects on the entire organization. A sustainability manager is often known as a director of sustainability or chief sustainability officer. Let us know more about Salaries For Sustainability Manager in this article!

Salaries For Sustainability Manager

Salaries For Sustainability Manager

A sustainability manager has an extraordinary career as he or she needs to understand the environmental and health effects on the company. As a sustainability manager, you are responsible for the future existence of the company which requires considerable knowledge about the environmental situations surrounding them. The salaries of a Sustainability Manager in the US is $146,566 on average annually. They receive a 2% bonus which is $2,429 on their salary. The base salary is $144, 170 while 43% of the sustainability manager get bonuses every year. The range of salaries starts from $47, 500 to $187,200. According to reports, several Sustainability Managers have been receiving salaries in different areas, as follows:

  • $157,000 per year- Unknown source
  • $100, 000 per year- a Caucasian male reported from New York at an Architecture and Planning Industry
  • $47,500 per year- a Caucasian male reported from Knoxville, Tennessee at a Facilities Service Industry
  • $80, 000 per year- a Caucasian female reported in a Furniture Industry
  • $113, 000 per year- a Caucasian female reported from Apparel and Fashion Industry

Area Wise Salaries Of Sustainable Managers

Different areas in the US have varying salary structures for Sustainability Managers. This distribution is shown below:

  • Sacramento, California- $147,047, base salary- $142,359, 50% bonus
  • Cleveland, Ohio- $134, 904, base salary $130, 369, 56% bonus
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada- $154, 369, base salary $151,811, 43% bonus
  • Garland, Texas- $161, 845, base salary $159, 164, 43%
  • Durham, North Carolina- $153, 489, base salary $150, 946, 43% bonus
  • Memphis, Tennessee- $135, 164, base salary $132,925, 43% bonus
  • El Paso, Texas- $159, 793, base salary $157, 146, 43% bonus
  • Portland, Oregon- $163, 604, base salary $160, 894, 43% bonus
  • Lincoln, Nebraska- $153, 196, base salary $150, 658, 43% bonus

Likewise, there are many differences in salary ranging over the year and the respective bonuses differ from one place to another. With this salary structure, there are benefits and also payment of taxes involved. 

Payment Of Tax By A Sustainability Manager

Sustainability Managers get a median salary of $175, 110. 50% of these managers get $100,000 to $113, 000 and 75% get the top highest of $187, 200. According to the 2018 federal tax rates, 24% tax is payable by a sustainability manager. This means on average, they will get $117, 126 per year after deduction. 

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Other Costs Of A Sustainability Manager 

Besides paying taxes, Sustainability managers need to pay rent. To rent a two-bedroom apartment, an amount of $2,506 per month needs to be paid which makes about 25% of their salary. 

What Are The Prospects Of Sustainability Managers?

There is a high prospect for this job, although it has recently been making an important place on the job lists of the US. The posts of Sustainability officers or managers are of many kinds such as Sustainability Coordinators, Senior Sustainability Advisors, Sustainability Data Analysts, Sustainability Directors, or Sustainability Designers. It is projected that several jobs will be open by 2028. This number amounts to 119, 600 jobs and an average growth rate of 4 to 6%. As there are many options to choose from and the salary levels are substantially good there is a very good prospect for new job seekers in this field.

This is the outlook of job prospects for Sustainability Managers at a glance:

  • Median Annual Wage- $70, 530
  • Jobs in 2018- 1,135, 700
  • Growth rate by 2028- 6%
  • Number of jobs in 2028(projected)- 71300
  • Education requirements- Bachelor’s degree

If you want to establish yourself as a good Sustainability Manager you will have to work your way through the educational qualifications, the required discipline, and experience in Sustainability sciences. There are many disciplines to choose from and you must make sure you have completed all the requisite courses. If your background is strong you will achieve a great career in this field with high prospects.

Salaries Of Sustainability Manager According To Discipline Of Education

Sustainability Managers are required to begin their careers with at least a bachelor’s degree in their related requisite disciplines. The salary levels are given here according to the schools and courses they concentrated in:

Natural And Life Sciences: –

Discipline                                Annual Salary Average

Chemist $69, 760

Conservation Scientist   $59, 530

Atmospheric and Space Scientist $89, 790

Environmental Scientist $62, 230

Natural Sciences Manager $114, 770

Soil and Plant Scientist                           $58, 940

Biochemist/Biophysicist                         $79, 230

Materials Scientist $84, 600

Engineering: –

Chemical Engineers                                 $92, 930

Environmental Engineers                        $79, 050

Health and Safety Engineers                  $75,470

Civil Engineer                                             $77, 990

Industrial Engineer                                   $77, 240

To create a strong base, future sustainability managers must choose subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and ecology. After high school, they must choose topics from natural and life sciences or sustainability science. It takes a total of 8 to 16 years to become a qualified sustainability manager. 


A Sustainability Manager needs the requisite knowledge of environmental studies or sciences which is based upon pure sciences. Along with environmental studies, they should have experience in sustainability sciences too, to achieve a successful career as a Sustainability Manager. Once you reach your goal and covered the requirements you can flourish in this career

With no doubt.


  • Can all science graduates work as Sustainability Managers?

Yes, most science graduates can seek work in this line provided they have some common related subjects required to qualify. Pure sciences and environmental sciences are important.

  • What major is required for a bachelor’s degree to start a career as a Sustainability Manager?

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental studies or a related topic is a requirement for you to start a career as a Sustainability Manager.

  • What is the least paid job in Sustainability Management?

Sustainability Associates are paid the least among all the different posts available in this career.

Salaries For Sustainability Manager

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