Salaries For Sr. Customer Success Manager


A Sr. customer success manager is one of the top team player positions in a business or corporate managerial position. Such individuals with the kind of responsibility help a company’s growth and endeavours. So, the salaries for Sr. customer success managers are among the highest paid positions in any company in the United States. If you are searching for the salaries for Sr. Customer Success Manager, then this article will help you to know the information about this.

Salaries For Sr Customer Success Manager

Salaries for Sr. Customer Success Manager

Do you have the experience of being a Sr. customer success manager? What salary range have you ever received, and in which location? The salaries for Sr. customer success managers mainly depend on the skills one has. Although, most people in the US get an average yearly salary of $124,430 for the position. The skills are entry-level, mid-level and professional level, depending on the number of years. The lowest individual receives an annual salary of $98K, while the professional gets over $200K yearly. 

salaries for the Sr. customer success manager depending on the job location

In this brief, we will compare salaries for the Sr. customer success manager in the US depending on the job location and level of skills. 

United States

In the US, a Sr. customer success manager position is very competitive. Individuals who get a job in a company get salaries ranging from $40K to around $215K depending on the work experience and region of work. So, the following are some of the different states with the number of salaries one would expect while working there. 

New York

In New York, most people who work as a Sr customer success managers in New York State get an estimated salary of $132,172 yearly. However, the average pay for this area’s position is $98,402 annually.  

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After working for 1 to 5 years under Sr customer success manager position, one gets entry-level skills. For such a skill level, individuals around New York receive salaries ranging from $83K to $103K yearly. 

For more experience, let’s say a mid-level experience would allow one to get up to $171K yearly. However, for the professionals, the position receives more pay, more than $215K for a year, depending on skill years.  

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the states in the US where a Sr. customer success manager would get better pay. In this area, most people working in such a position get a salary of $140,419 yearly. The average salary for the job here is $103,154 per year.  

Every position holder’s salary also depends on their years of experience. For instance, with around three years of work, corresponding to entry-level, one would get about $91K per year which may rise to $112K as work moves from one industry to another. 

In this region, a highly experienced person for the Senior customer success manager position gets higher salary amounts of up to $222K annually. So, working in Los Angeles with such work expertise helps one earn a lot.  


Washington is where Sr. customer success managers earn excellent salaries for Sr customer success manager positions. For instance, with only the entry-level skills, such a position holder gets as much as $82K per year which may rise to $102K for the working skills of 1 to 4 years. 

However, the average Sr customer success manager worker around Washington State gets a yearly salary of $130,952. The higher the working skills, the more the salary value. Hence, if you have more than 15 year’s skills, expect something like $213K or more every year. 


Working in Boston, US, with such expertise for Sr customer success manager, is a beautiful consideration. Boston has an excellent salary for such personnel experience. Mostly, the median people’s salary here is $131,765 a year. The good thing is that others with better employers and expertise would also end up with such massive pay as $157K for a year with only six years of skills.

So, if you are looking forward to working for the same position, it would be an excellent decision to consider working in Boston. Furthermore, if you reach the skills corresponding to the professional level, employers around Boston provide huge pay, around $210K annually. 


Taking the position of a Sr customer success manager in Denver would mean you get an average salary of $122,011, which is what most people get. However, the lowest paid person gets between $77 to $96K yearly for skills related to 1 to 5 years. At other times changing the employer in Denver help you get more salary payment. 

With a good employer, a mid-level person for the Sr customer success manager would get up to $158K which is similar to the average national salary for the same working badge. Otherwise, if one has worked in such a position for more than 15 years, which is the professional level, they get $198K annually while in Denver. 


Salaries for Sr. customer success manager depend on such factors as the location of the job one may be working, the type of employer, or the industry of work. For instance, working in some states like Boston and Los Angeles, among other areas, will help you pay better than in other regions, such as Denver, where the salary ranges are a little bit lower. However, the average US worker under the Sr customer success manager gets a yearly salary of around $158K. Only by increasing working skills in years will you help yourself reach over $200K. 


1.What salary does the most experienced Sr. customer success manager get in the US?

In the United States, individuals who work as Sr. customer success managers get a perfect ransom. The most highly paid individual receives a salary of around $168K annually. 

2.What job level is a Sr. customer success manager, and how much do they get?

A Sr. customer success manager position is a mid-level kind of responsibility. Such personnel get salaries ranging from $112K to around $160K annually. The amount would also depend on the experience one has. 

3.How can I get more salary than the US national average for the senior customer success manager?

While working under Sr customer success manager in the US, the available record shows the individuals get higher salaries than most other job positions. Changing the employer and the state where a person works is the best approach to help them see a salary increase. Otherwise, the average amount you can get in the US is $158K annually. 

Salaries For Sr. Customer Success Manager

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