Salaries For Medical Malpractice Attorney


An attorney for medical malpractice assists clients with claims involving injuries they suffer as a result of errors done by doctors, nurses, dentists, therapists, technicians, and other healthcare practitioners. Surgical errors, birth trauma, injuries caused by improper treatment methods, misdiagnoses, needless therapy delays, and improper patient consent for treatment are just a few examples of mistakes that might occur. Let us know about the salaries for Medical Malpractice Attorney and the cities that pays high salaries to Medical Practice Attorney in this article.

Salaries For Medical Malpractice Attorney

Salaries of Medical Practice Attorney

Medical malpractice attorneys make an average pay of $129,441 in the US, with salaries ranging from $26,504 to $719,664. Medical malpractice attorneys earn an average salary of $129,445 to $326,020, with the top 86% earning $719,664. The average annual salary for a medical malpractice attorney in the United States as of August 14, 2022, is $124,151. This amounts to $2,387 every week or $10,345 per month.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice attorneys benefit from having a basic understanding of human anatomy, biology, and common medical terminology since they routinely work with medical experts and professionals and take their depositions. To recreate what occurred, they must also review the medical records of their patients. In addition, a medical malpractice lawyer needs skills that are typical of other legal roles, like verbal and writing communication, research, and negotiation. A lot of them focus on a particular type of medical negligence, such as birth injuries, maltreatment in nursing homes, or dental malpractice.

Medical Malpractice Attorney Pay Slopes

Most of Medical Malpractice Attorney salaries now varies between $106,500 (25th percentile) and $141,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $150,000 annually in the United States. Annual incomes can be between $165,500 and $83,000. The  range of medical malpractice attorneys’ average salaries—up to $35,000—indicates that there may be several prospects for growth and higher pay based on experience, location, and skill level.

According to recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, there aren’t many employers hiring right now, making the market for Medical Malpractice Attorney jobs the entire world. The average annual wage for a medical malpractice lawyer in your region is $124,151, which is equal to the $124,151 average yearly wage across the country. Ranked first in the global space among the 50 states for Medical Malpractice Attorney salary. 

Cities That Pays High Salaries To Medical Practice Attorney

Atkinson, NE surpasses the $124,151 average by an extra$36,028 (29.0%), while Barnstable Town, MA surpasses it by $26,737 (21.5%).. The average pay in these top 10 locations differs only 13% between Atkinson, Nebraska, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, underscoring the few possibilities for significant wage advancement. 

What Would Your Tax Obligations Be As A Medical Malpractice lawyer?

Medical Malpractice Lawyers should anticipate having a take-home income of $111,749/year, with each paycheck equaling roughly $4,656*, after deductions for federal taxes at a percentage of 24%. This leads to a significant deduction from their income.

Typical Medical Malpractice Fee Structure

A big number of medical malpractice attorneys will take a case on a contingency basis, which means that they will only be paid a percentage of the verdict or settlement. Therefore, the attorney is never compensated if the matter ends up in court and the patient loses or if there is no settlement offered to the client. The percentage of the settlement or award that goes to the attorney can vary, but the most typical contingent fee is 33 percent of the total sum. For certain situations, some arrangements might employ alternative numbers. For instance, if the matter settles before trial, the agreement can call for a 33 percent contingency fee and a 40% contingency fee.

Factors affecting Medical Malpractice Attorney Salary

There are some major factors that can affect the salary of a medical malpractice attorney which are; location, experience, education.


Some geographical areas pay more better than other areas. For example, Atkinson pays much better than other cities that pays less than average.


Your level of education can determine your salary level. If you have a sound and high education with a good degree from top league colleges toppled with professional certifications, it will help boost your salary upward.

Lawsuits Fees

Who bears the potentially high lawsuit costs is a separate concern. This expenditure consist of court filing fees, and the price of accessing hospital medical records. Many lawyers employ contracts that state they will cover the cost of the lawsuit, at least initially. 

Assume that the litigation costs were $10,000 and the case settles for $100,000. In this situation, the attorney would be compensated for the expenses of the case

Other conditions might also be negotiable in addition to the charge %. For instance, a lawyer can suggest a contract that demands a client to cover litigation expenses as they arise. In that case, the client would request that the attorney or firm pay for the costs of the action “up front,” with the understanding that the costs would be paid back to the attorney or company if the plaintiff was awarded a judgment or settlement.


It’s important to note that the salaries for positions related to Medical Practice Attorney start from $18,803 (15.1%) to $81,420 (65.6%) higher than the average Medical Malpractice Attorney pay of $124,151. If you meet the requirements, you will discover that working as a Medical Malpractice Attorney in one of these related positions pays better than the typical Medical Malpractice Attorney post. Nevertheless, Medical Practice Attorney still gets a good income especially if they have good clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much does a medical malpractice lawsuit cost?

Well, in the United States, a lawsuit should cost about $242,000. This also depends on the kind of client that is being defended.

2.What factors influence the salary of a medical malpractice attorney?

Mostly it’s the education and professional certificates. This shows how knowledgeable the attorney is. Also, the number of cases treated in the past can be counted as a factor as it increases the level of expertise of the attorney.

3.What is the lowest salary an attorney can be paid?

Well,  the lowest paid attorney will get an average salary of $122,960

Salaries For Medical Malpractice Attorney

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