Salaries For Sheriff- Read More About It

A sheriff is one of the government officials with various tasks aiming at providing security in specific regions. Would you like to be a sheriff? Becoming a sheriff comes with handsome duties and meanwhile, good pay comes in also. There are various places where sheriffs are considered while in other countries the title does not exist. So, if in your country there is such a title, it would be a consideration to take a chance to be a sheriff. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Sheriff’.

Salaries For Sheriff

Salaries For Sheriff

The salaries of a sheriff span through different payments and levels. For instance, sheriffs in the United States of America would receive an average of $64610 every year. Although the salary may start from around $40190 as the start amount, it may also rise to around $102530 every year.

For this article, the salaries for sheriffs will be the main peak of the discussion covering the average salary for a year, the lowest ten percent salary earn, and the highest ten percent earn yearly, for some states in the US. Thus, if you would like to get a position as a sheriff, expect the following salary range annually. Read to the end to get full information.

Best States for One to Be a Sheriff

The following states are among the best for anyone willing to be a sheriff would consider. The states have a handsome compensation for those who work as government official sheriffs. 


California is exceptionally the best state that you would consider joining the security team as a sheriff. California holds the title of the best state to become a sheriff even though it does not offer the highest salary. The average salary annually is around $66,851. For the lowest ten percent, the salary is $44,000 while the highest ten percent paid sheriffs would receive $101,000. There are other states which have higher payments per year than California, but the environmental please for the state makes it best than others. 


Being in Wisconsin is a better position for those willing to have a place in the security department as sheriffs. The area is also among the best places in the US to be a sheriff. The sheriff jobs for Wisconsin are around 11, meaning there is an acceptance probability for sheriffs. Also, the location quotient for the area is a bit large with up to 2.37. 

The salary for Wisconsin is around $51,648 on the average earnings. The lowest ten percent of sheriffs would earn a ransom of $33,000 and the highest ten percent of sheriffs would get to have $78,000. All the payments are for an annual earn. 


Maryland in the US is an area where the sheriff job position is a good gig. Having a job as a sheriff in the area gives one the chance to earn a good ransom too. In Maryland, an average sheriff would get a payment of up to $55,726 for the year. Also, the annual earnings for the lowest and the highest ten percent salaries are up to $32,000 and $96,000 respectively. 

Therefore, getting a chance to have a position as a sheriff in Maryland allows one to have good earnings for the year as a government official. 


The sheriff position in Delaware is a great opportunity for those who would like to get a chance to earn as a government security official. The area is one of the best places to be a sheriff and in turn, get a good payment as the salary. Are you in Delaware and would like to be a sheriff? Taking such a position will allow you to get a better payment as a government official. The salary compensation as a sheriff in Delaware is a bit large amount as compared to other areas in the US.

Annually, the average earnings for a sheriff are $57,851. The lowest ten percent earning for the position is around $33,000 making it a bit of good payment. For the highest ten percent earnings, the sheriffs at the point will receive up to $100,000 for a year. 

West Virginia

Salaries for sheriffs in West Virginia are among the highest for those having such a position in the governmental security department. Sheriff jobs in the area get an average sum of up to $60,144 annually. So, having any sheriff position in West Virginia would allow one to have better payment earnings. 

As the lowest ten percent salaries for the position, in West Virginia, one would receive around $35,000 for the annual payment. As the highest ten percent salary for the position, one would receive an amount of up to $101,000. Hence, the amounts would be the highest payments for the salaries as a sheriff in the US while one gets the position in West Virginia. 

District Of Colombia

Do you live in Colombia, or can get a chance to apply for work in Colombia? The district of Colombia is among the state that offers the best chance for sheriff officials. If one can get a chance to have a sheriff job in the district of Colombia, then they should not lose the chance at all.

The district of Colombia will give a better ransom almost higher than most other states. Annually, the average payment for a normal salary is up to $69,012 while the lowest and the highest ten percent earnings for the sheriff position are $40,000 and $118,000 respectively. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Sheriff’, In summary, getting to have an opportunity in the US as a sheriff would give one a better position to receive a good payment as a government official. Getting the position with the above states and regions has the best earnings as a sheriff. Therefore, if one would like to have such a sheriff position in the states, one would consider the states above. 


  • What is the salary for a local sheriff?

In the US, a local sheriff would get a monthly average payment of around $4,168. Although, the highest amount such a sheriff would get is up to $7,583 while the lowest payment is only $2,083. So, depending on the duty, the amounts are the range of monthly payments a local sheriff in the US would expect. 

  • What is the yearly payment for the Mississippi deputy sheriffs?

In a year, a deputy sheriff in Mississippi has the opportunity to get a sum of $36,691. The amount would narrate to up to $3,058 every month. 

  • How much is the salary value for the county sheriffs in Georgia?

In Georgia, a county sheriff would get a salary of summing $24,760 yearly. Although the amount is a 25the percentile payment, the outliers who are the 75th percentile sheriffs would get $48,360 every year.

Salaries For Sheriff- Read More About It

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