Salaries For Microbiology Laboratory Technician

Microbiology is the field of biology that focuses on living things that are too small to see with the human eye, and thereby, you require a microscope to observe them. Generally, this refers to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microscopic parasites. However, bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology are often studied as distinct specialized fields within the overarching umbrella of microbiology. Therefore microbiology laboratory is a place or laboratory where microorganisms are studied, and infectious diseases are deduced. Microbiology laboratory technicians are individuals that help microbiologists identify microorganisms that are found in chemical or physical substances. This article will help you have an idea about their salary level and job role in the industry. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Microbiology Laboratory Technician’.

Salaries For Microbiology Laboratory Technician

Salaries For Microbiology Laboratory Technician

As of August 2022, Microbiology Laboratory Technician in the United States earns an average annual income that ranges between $32,569 and $50,725 per year in addition to bonuses stated according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This salary range is mostly traced back to San Francisco and California indicating the states that paid the highest salary for all Microbiology Laboratory Technicians. The lowest and highest level for their annual income ranges between $32,650 and $81,254 across the states. This shows that the average salary depends on some specific factors that vary since there is a chance for advancement and opportunities. Those factors may be additional experience, certificates, education, and some additional valuable skills for the industry.

Factors That Influence The Salary Of A Microbiology Laboratory Technician 

Employees are entitled to demand an increase especially when they know that the value they are dishing out In the company does not correspond to their income. They can also choose to think that opportunities await them in the outside world therefore, they are willing to locate to another company that is offering bigger pay. Nevertheless, some valuable factors will make you not shame yourself when confronting your employer, and they are listed below

Experience or level

If you have experience (10 years and above) in that field, then you should be confident enough that your salary should be higher than those at the entry-level. There is a saying that the more experience you have, the higher your annual income. If you are thinking of changing companies, make sure you check the year of experience required to not be underpaid, and too much experience may also result in rejection. So make sure to understand the requirements before pressing forward.

Performance review

A microbiology laboratory technician thinking of asking for a raise or changing company should be conscious of their performance review. A good or positive performance will put you in a suitable position in front of employers or recruiters. Therefore, it will not be hard to ask for a raise or promotion in your place of work.

Education and certification

An employee that knows and understands what he went to school to learn will not find it hard to prove his qualification to his employer or recruiter, and the quality of your education will affect your income. Other advantages can be a certificate or membership in one of their organizations or associations. By doing this, it will also prove your qualification hence, leading to connection and  higher pay 

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Microbiology Laboratory Technician? 

As already stated above, Microbiology Laboratory Technicians are individuals responsible for assisting microbiologists to carry out test samples on water, blood, food, and chemical and physical substances to identify organisms that are capable of causing infection or harm to the body system of human beings. Thus, what are their roles and responsibilities in industries or hospitals? Some of their roles are listed below 

  • Assist in the implementation of experiments by setting the laboratory, preparing and also maintaining the laboratory equipment
  • Perform experiments and document the procedure of the experimental reports in a database or data reports
  • Perform experiments that will enable physicians to diagnose and treat diseases, this is accomplished under the supervision of medical technologists or physicians 
  • Analyze chemical contents, monitor experiments, and their procedure, link blood together for blood transfusions, and test for drug levels, infections, and other important things in the blood.

Where Can A Microbiology Laboratory Technician Work?

Microbiology is a diversified program which means that it is a multidisciplinary course, and it has its roots embedded in different programs from different fields. This indicates that they have the leisure to choose from any industry. Wherever you find a microbiologist, you will find a Microbiology Lab Technician. Therefore, they can work in hospitals, clinics, private laboratories, public health organizations, and research and development departments for industries (e.g) food industry, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

How Can I Become A Microbiology Laboratory Technician?

The easiest way to become a Microbiology Lab Technician is by enrolling in a tertiary institution to obtain a degree in Microbiology or associate biology. It could also be from a similar field. During your period as an undergraduate, you will be expected to study advanced courses like a medical laboratory. You will also learn the rules and regulations of how to work in a laboratory setting.

They are expected to possess the following skills: the ability to conduct lab tests to identify microorganisms, problem-solving ability, attention to detail, good writing ability, and excellent communication skills.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Microbiology Laboratory Technician’, Microbiology Laboratory Technicians are often referred to as microbiologist assistants. Therefore, you will always find them wherever microbiology is present. All you need to know about their salary level with their roles and responsibilities have been discussed in this article 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • As Microbiology Laboratory technicians, what advice would you give one for a job interview in this field?

Laboratory managers looking to hire a technician or analyst tend to look for someone with a very flexible schedule as emergencies happen and they should be able to emphasize team play. Team players are an essential component of this kind of work. If you can be both, you are hired

  • What does a laboratory technician do?

A laboratory technician is a fancy word for laboratory assistant. Some of their duties are to Pour off specimens for sending out, prepare specimens for sending out, wash and clean used equipment, Handling biohazard waste for disposal, Stocking up supplies, Put away and store specimens, Locating specimens for add test, etc. The duties of a technician are exhaustive. They do a lot of work. Without them, life in the lab would be very difficult.

Salaries For Microbiology Laboratory Technician

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