Salaries For Sewer Cleaner

You can ensure that your septic tanks, drains, and pipelines remain in good operating order by conducting essential maintenance and cleaning. Leaks in underground pipes can be repaired by switching out portions of piping or drain tile. Holes in tank walls and dividers can be mended using various methods. In addition to the term “sewer cleaner,” people who work in the sewer and drain industry are sometimes referred to as “sewage screen operators,” “electric sewer cleaning machine operators,” “septic pump truck drivers,” “septic tank cleaners,” and “electric sewer pipe cleaners.” Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Sewer Cleaner’.

Salaries For Sewer Cleaner

It takes an average of $52,891 annually to make a living as a Sewer Cleaner in the United States. One hundred percent of individuals we interviewed said they got an annual bonus, and the size of that bonus, on average, was equal to three percent of their base pay. The median annual salary for sewer cleaners in the U. S. is between $31,000 and $51,000 (the 25th and 75th percentile rank), with the highest-earning 10 percent making $80,000. The annual salary can range from $112,000 to $18,500, with the average salary falling in the middle.

Salaries for Sewer Cleaner:

In the USA, how much Money can one expect to make working as a drain cleaner?

In the United States, a drain cleaner can expect to make a typical yearly salary of $53,417, or $27.39 per hour. Starting earnings for entry-level positions are around $45,000, with experienced professionals earning up to $85,000 annually.

The Place of Employment: Salaries for Sewer Cleaner:

Because of the potential dangers provided by the machinery that is utilized and the occasionally filthy conditions in which the work is carried out, the atmosphere in the workplace may, at times, be tense.

Proficiency and Learning

  • A degree to work in most locations as a sewer cleaner is unnecessary. Although 58% of individuals who work in the sewage cleaning sector have at least a high school graduation, only 8% of those who work in the field have received a master’s degree.
  • It is not unheard of for potential employers of candidates for these occupations to request evidence that the candidate has either a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Most people who clean sewage pipes and maintain septic tanks acquire their trade on the job rather than attending school full time.

The standard degree of education held by workers in the sewage maintenance industry:

Degree in Sewer CleaningPercentage
Masters and Bachelors8.3%
Certification of Completion of Secondary Study58.3%

Work Responsibilities of a Worker who Clears out Sewers

  1. As there are a variety of drains and pipes, a drain cleaner must unclog every one of them, from urinals and toilets to shower drains and bathtub pipes, as well as any other form of drain or pipe that may be present.
  2. When a sewer is cleaned, undesired elements such as oil and sludge buildups, waste that does not biodegrade, and other materials of a similar kind are removed from the line.
  3. They have various responsibilities, two of which are defrosting steam and thawing frozen pipes.
  4. Most sewer cleanings are performed as part of a preventative maintenance plan; nevertheless, sewer cleaners frequently respond to emergency calls when issues such as backups or damaged pipes require immediate care.

State by State, how much Money does a Sewer Cleaner Make on Average?


  • $50,607 yearly
  • $4,217 monthly
  • $973 weekly
  • $24.33 hourly 


  • $43,568 yearly
  • $3,630 monthly
  • $837 weekly
  • $20.95 hourly


  • $49,255 yearly
  • $4,104 monthly
  • $947 weekly 
  • $23.68 hourly 


  • $51,546 yearly 
  • $4,295 monthly
  • $991 weekly
  • $24.78 hourly

Providence, Rhode Island

  • $49,998 yearly 
  • $4,166 monthly
  • $961 weekly
  • $24.04 hourly


  • $50,958 yearly
  • $4,246 monthly
  • $979 weekly
  • $24.50 hourly


  • $47,626 yearly
  • $3,968 monthly
  • $915 weekly 
  • $22.90 hourly 

Can you Name the Five Highest-Paying Sewer Cleaning Jobs in the US?

1. Managing the Water and Sewer Systems

  • Paycheck Each Year: $65,729
  • Payment Schedule: $5,477
  • Weekly Compensation: $1,264
  • Hourly Wage Rate: $31.60

2. Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Paycheck Each Year: $59,579
  • Payment Schedule: $4,964
  • Weekly Compensation: $1,145
  • Hourly Wage Rate: $28.64

3. District of Municipal Drainage and Sewers

  • Paycheck Each Year: $58,152
  • Payment Schedule: $4,846
  • Weekly Compensation: $1,118
  • Hourly Wage Rate: $27.96

4. Video Surveillance Freelancer Work at Home in the Sewers

  • Paycheck Each Year: $58,097
  • Payment Schedule: $4,841
  • Weekly Compensation: $1,117
  • Hourly Wage Rate: $27.93

5. Garment Stitcher Who Works From Home

  • Paycheck Each Year: $57,558
  • Payment Schedule: $4,796
  • Weekly Compensation: $1,106
  • Hourly Wage Rate: $27.67


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Sewer Cleaner’, General information shows that the average salary for a sewer cleaning job in the United States is $47,980 annually. Maintaining the functionality of the stormwater and sewage drains is critical, so the sewer must clean regularly. Local utility companies in the United States are responsible for maintaining most of the country’s sewers. In contrast, homeowners are responsible for the lateral connections on their properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q1: What do you believe the going rate for a pipe cleaner is?

A: The annual pay of a Pipe Cleaner in the United States can range from $17,400 to $34,750, with the typical wage coming in at $21,310. The highest 20% of Pipe Cleaners earn $34,750 per year, compared to the average annual Compensation of $21,310 for this occupation.

  • Q2: How much do sewage cleaners get paid in the United Kingdom?

A: In London, England, United Kingdom, a Sewer Pipe Cleaner may anticipate earning approximately £30,722 per year, which works out to £15 per hour. It is anticipated that a Sewer Pipe Cleaner’s annual income will fall somewhere between £23,257 and £35,853 on average.

  • Q3: How much Money can one anticipate working as a drain cleaner in the United States of America?

A: A drain cleaner in the United States may anticipate making an average annual pay of $53,417, equivalent to an hourly wage of $27.39. The average yearly salary for entry-level employment is approximately $45,000, but more experienced experts can earn up to $85,000 annually.

  • Q4: To what extent may one expect financial success by working as a pipe cleaner?

A: Pipe Cleaners can make anywhere from $17,400 to $34,750 a year in income in the United States, with the median wage at $21,310. The lowest 20% of pipe cleaners make $13,870 a year, while the highest 20% make $34,750.

Salaries For Sewer Cleaner

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