Salaries For Senior Solutions Engineer


There is a daily outburst of career paths in the tech space. With our daily changing needs, solutions are needed rapidly, hence the need for more unconventional professional paths. Senior solutions engineering is one such unconventional career path that has gained popularity in recent times to fix key issues within the technology space. A solutions engineer is generally a person who provides software solutions. In this article, we take a close look at Senior Solutions engineers, the work they do, their role in the IT world and how much they earn. Let us know about the salaries for Senior Solutions Engineer and the factors that affects Salaries of senior solutions engineer in this article.

Salaries For Senior Solutions Engineer

Salaries of Senior Solutions Engineer

A software engineer makes an accumulative total of $108,857 as an average salary in the united states. This figure was arrived at by averaging the total pay recorded from top solutions engineers in different companies and averaging the total. According to Glassdoor, this value is estimated to increase to about $154,063 with a bonus of $37,415 per year.

Working of Senior Solutions Engineers do

As a senior solutions engineer, you work with clients to provide solutions to their IT needs. A solutions engineer represents the client in providing the exact solutions needed. A key performance activity is communicating complex ideas related to issues and demystifying their complexity. Provision of support and maintenance in augmenting the systems built by them is also a notable duty of a solution engineer.

A popular IT firm in the the United States lists the requirement for a solutions engineer as one who needs to research new technologies, assisting the client in keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of the technology world. A solutions engineer also provides installation support. These installations can range from software, hardware and everything in between for their clients. 

However, asides from interaction with software and hardware components, the Solutions Engineer also interacts with several key people in the industry, coordinating their functions and synergizing their workflow. One such coordination is between them, the solutions engineer and technical team members such as designers, programmers, UX architects and other engineers. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Another important duty of these specialists is the requirement to create documentation — technical documentation. They ensure that processes, procedures and steps taken to proffer solutions are adequately documented, including design specifications, installation procedures and other important information.

Salaries Breakdown of a Senior Solutions Engineer

The big question of how much a solutions engineer makes per year pops up on the internet space once in a while. And although an exact value is a myth, as figures range from company to company and different clients pay different amounts, the general average for a solutions engineer is pegged at an accumulative total of $108,857 on average in the united states. The value for the average salary of a solutions engineer arrived at by a comparative analysis of the different payment figures offered in different companies is the closest accurate.

The value for different cities in the United States shows a similar figure range with very little difference. San Francisco records the highest for location in terms of payment value,r offers a whooping $152,497 to Solutions Engineers, while Dallas, being the least in terms of locations compared, offers $121,196. Other high-paying locations in the United States include New York, Washington and Miami, with values of, $147,754, $138,497 and $118,857, respectively.

Generally, the breakdown for the solutions engineer also varies based on experience levels. The higher your experience level, the higher the payment options and this is true for all professions. However, entry-level roles and similar job titles for a solutions engineer earn a lump sum figure of $98,890 on average. 

The requirements in terms of years for the entry-level fall between 1-4 years. But as the years increase and morph into the mid-career level, which ranges between 5-9 years, the salary value is between $100,560 – $108,139. Experienced professionals in this field rake in the highest figures in payments with an experience requirement of up to about 20 years.

Also, worthy of note are the various technical skills that affect the salary range of the Senior Solutions Engineer. 

The more vast a solutions engineer’s skill portfolio, the higher in earning potential they have. Some important skills include cyber security, Enterprise solution, Automating scripting and Amazon Web Services.

Factors that affects Salaries of senior solutions engineer

Salaries are affected by different factors. It is common to note that professionals within the same work industry can end up earning different values in salary and this is usually due to different factors. Some of these can include things like; location and geography. In certain states, the pay for a senior solutions engineer ranges higher than the value in other locations. 

Another factor is demand. The demand for the services of a Senior Solutions Engineer can largely affect the amount firms are willing to pay in salary value. The higher the demand, the higher the value allocated in salary. 

Several other factors include years of experience, industry, size of project and company, and several others.    


There is a spike in the growth rate for Solutions within the IT industry. Glassdoor estimates the increase in the number of roles in the Solutions Engineering field, to rise by about 6% in the coming years, meaning an increase in the demand for these IT specialists. And with a rise in demand, the payment offer will also rise. Therefore, a career pivot in this direction is a great idea. Also, as more businesses begin to migrate to the cloud and more industries accept this new way technology, the need for solutions engineers skyrockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the factors influencing the payment of a senior solutions engineer?

The salary of a software solutions engineer can vary based on very different factors, some of which are; educational qualifications, work experience, certifications, and company size. There are other elements like; location, type and size of the project that is being worked on, season, and others that can affect salaries too. 

2. Where are the best locations with the highest pay for Senior Solutions engineers?

After comparing different locations across the United States, the locations ranking top in terms of payment value, include California, Virginia and Arizona. These states offer salaries ranging from $148,350 to $124,860.

Salaries For Senior Solutions Engineer

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