Salaries For Senior Operations Manager

Senior Operations Manager is a high-paying job in the US. However, the salary depends on the company, industry, state, city, and experience. To understand whether the Senior Operations Manager gets paid a fair amount, he/she must know what salaries get paid according to various criteria mentioned in this article.

salaries for Senior Operations Manager

Salaries for Senior Operations Manager

The average and base salaries of the Senior Operations Manager in the US is $121,233 per year. It lies in the range of $76k to $196k per year. The estimated base pay is $88,038, and the additional payment is $33,195.

Salaries According To The Location


The highest-paying city for Senior Operations Managers is Seattle, WA which pays $124,446 per year. Then, we have Boston, MA with $117,556, and Atlanta, GA with $110,685 per year. The least paying cities are Phoenix, AZ with $118,877, Chicago, IL with $120,942, and Baltimore, MD with $121,500 per year.

The top five cities in demand for this position are Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, Jersey City, and Boston. The hourly rates in these cities are $67.40, $70.38, $68.52, $71.94, and $67.47, respectively.


The highest-paying state for Senior Operations Managers is New Jersey which pays $149,005 as an average amount per year. The other top states are Washington with $141,502, Connecticut with $145,885, the District Of Columbia with $140,101, and California with $140,273. However, the highest number of job openings for this position is in California. It is 6,499.

Mississippi pays the least, only $79,709 per year. Other low-paying states are Arkansas with $88,419, Wyoming with $88,763, and Florida with $89,757 per year. The hourly rates in these states are $42.51, $42.67, and $43.15. The least number of job openings for this position is in Wyoming with only 126 vacancies.

Salaries According To The Companies


Airbnb helps choose, list, and book unique accommodations across the world. It is the highest-paying company for this job profile. The average salary is $165,056 per year and $79.35 per hour.

Levi Strauss & Co.

This worldwide corporation is known for designing, marketing, and selling jeans, skirts, jackets, and other apparel. The average annual salary for Senior Operations Managers in this company is $162,310 at an hourly rate of $78.03. This company has 32 job openings.


It is a multinational technology conglomerate that designs and manufactures PCs, peripherals, networking solutions, and more. It requires no further introduction. The annual average salary for this position at Apple is $161,066. The hourly salary is $77.44 with 482 job openings.


Accenture provides technology and consulting services to clients in more than 120 nations. The salary for this position in Accenture is $159,834 per year at an hourly rate of $76.84. The number of job openings for this position is 178.

Salaries According To The Industries

The professional services industry pays more with $134,107 per year making $64.47 per hour. Then, we have the telecommunications, manufacturing, and technological industries that pay $130,113, $126,314, and $123,882 per year. The hourly salaries are $62.55, $60.73, and $59.56 respectively.

The least-paying industries are transportation, hospitality, and retail which pay $110,858, $111,450, and $114,536 per year, respectively. Their hourly rates for this position are $53.30, $53.58, and $55.07 respectively. Finance lies in between with an average annual salary of $123,047 and an hourly salary of $59.16.

Salaries According To Experience

The Senior Operations Manager with 1-3 years of experience can expect $125k per year. The candidates with 4-6 years of experience will get $68k to $148k per year. It, however, depends on the company. Experience of 7-9 years provides an annual salary of $178k. 10-14 years of experience provides $210k to $305k per year. Finally, the personnel with more than 15 years of experience $140k to $220k per year.

The types of Senior Operations Managers with the highest payment are the General Manager of Operations, Group Manager, Area Manager, Performance Manager, and Operations Director.

Salaries Over The Years

The national average salary for Senior Operations Managers in the US has increased over the years. In 2014, it was only around $116k per year. It kept increasing for a few years. A sharp increase occurred in 2018 with an average salary of $120k per year. In 2021, it went up to $124k per year and decreased by 0.1% in 2022. In 2023, it is $121,233 per year.

Other Benefits

The most common benefits for Senior Operations Managers include disability, dental, vision, health, and life insurance, PTO, parental leave, 401(k) and matching, and tuition reimbursement.


The average annual salary for a Senior Operations Manager in the US is $121,233 per year. Based on 268 ratings on Glassdoor, 70% of Senior Operations Managers are satisfied with the pay scale. The highest-paying city is Seattle, and the highest-paying state is New Jersey. Similarly, the professional services industry pays the most. We can conclude that the salaries for this profession have increased over the years since 2018.

Salaries For Senior Operations Manager

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