Salaries For Senior Accounts Payable Specialist


In ancient eras and before the advancement of present-day commerce, once you purchase something you pay for it there and then in cash which creates a lot of sagacity. However, with the cumulative intricacy of today’s communal organizations, it turns out to be almost unmanageable for a corporation to be competent enough to pay in cash there and then. Let us know the salaries for Senior Accounts Payable Specialist and how to define a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist in this article.

Salaries For Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

Salaries for senior accounts payable specialist

The average Sr. Accounts Payable Specialists earn “$77,000 per year” in the United States. Sr. Accounts Payable Specialists earn the most in San Francisco, CA, at “$77,000 per year,” which is 0% more than the national average. Senior’s Salary ranges for Accounts Payable Specialists in the United States range from $60,930 to $92,500, with an average of $77,000. Sixty-seven per cent of Senior Accounts Payable Specialists earn an average of $77,000, with the top 67% earning $92,500.

In 2020, a person filing at this marginal rate should pay approximately 23% in federal income tax. After deducting a 23% gove: tax rate, Sr. Accounts Payable Specialists can expect to earn $65,180 per year, with each payment equating to around $3,899*.

With a monthly take-home pay of around $5,278 and a mean average 2BR serviced apartment premium of $2,506**, a Sr. Accounts Payable Specialists will pay the rent with 47.48% of their monthly turn remuneration.

How to define a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist?

So, before we discuss the salaries for Senior Accounts Payable Specialists, one had better apprehend the definition of it. Conferring to the definition, 

“A Senior Accounts Payable Specialist, or a Senior Accounts Payable Clerk, guarantees the precision of financial records or payable information, sustains correct standby official papers, and promises that altogether voluntary demands are administered for an association. They also meticulously screen corporation expenditures and finances.”

Let’s now get back to the topic and find out statistically how much a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist gets salary per year. Statistically, Senior accounts payable specialists make around USD 55,036.00 to USD 85,733.00 on regular basis in the US. It all depends on know-how, locality, services, and other aspects of the particular job. The websites collecting salary statistics tell that a senior accounts payable specialist’s salary in the US sorts between USD 55,036.00 and USD 85,733.00, with a usual salary of USD 62,175.00. In July 2022, the salaries for senior accounts payable specialists according to the below-mentioned websites are as follows:

SerialWebsite Salary
1.Payscale.comUSD 57,500.00
2.ZipRecruiter.comUSD 55,036.00
3.Indeed.comUSD 55,493.00
4.Glassdoor.comUSD 85,733.00

How payments are made? 

Before proceeding towards the stats, it’s vital to know how the payments are made to the Senior Accounts Payable Specialist. When it comes to paying, it’s actually dramatically changed in the past 10 to 20 years. To describe the change we can simply analyze that in the past our ancestors use to pay by using a cheque or a wire sent directly from a bank web address. In 2021, no cheque is required to either cut or need you to send a wire by the bank web address. Now, it’s the invoices that pay from the same site

Influential factors of the salary

There are factors that can influence a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist’s salary. It includes:

  • Learning/Education
  • Familiarity/Years of experience
  • Work locality/Location

The question arises here, how do these factors impact salary? The answer is crystal clear and the above-mentioned factors will allow us to elaborate further.

  • Learning

The increase in salary or the increments rely totally upon experience and knowledge. Generally, it all depends on the years you spend as a senior accounts payable specialist. The website shows statistical data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey. The data is appended below:

SerialLevel of ExpertiseSalary
1.Entry levelUSD 42,489.00 
2.Early CareerUSD 51,553.00
3.Mid-CareerUSD 62,901.00
4.ExperiencedUSD 73,919.00
5.Late CareerUSD 90,090.00
  • Work locality

The locality you belong to is also an impactful factor. Normally, being salaried in an urban area compares to a great amount of salary. The cities that are listed below show an average salary of a senior accounts payable specialist. The statistics depend upon the survey of The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1.San FranciscoUSD 78,035.00
2.BostonUSD 73,609.00
3.Washington DCUSD 72,749.00
4.New York CityUSD 71,846.00

Comparison of the salaries related to similar jobs

An experienced senior accounts payable specialist is now being compared to similar jobs and the below-mentioned table shows that:

SerialSimilar JobSalary
1.Accounts Payable SpecialistUSD 41,149.00
2.Accounts Receivable SpecialistUSD 40,416.00
3.Billing SpecialistUSD 38915.00
4.Collection Specialist USD 36,694.00
5.Payroll SpecialistUSD 45,729.00

Tax, a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist pay

It’s obvious that like everyone a Senior Accounts Specialist pays the tax. Now the question is how much tax is paid by the filer or at least we can discuss how much percentage is going to be deducted from the individual filer. According to the Federal Tax, the individual will have to pay a 22% of the filer’s salary. So, the annual take-home amount is estimated to be USD 63,341.00.

Californian Senior Accounts Payable Specialist analysis and statistics

A Californian Senior Accounts Payable Specialist earns a total salary of USD 46,500.00 a year. The stats are collected from 361 TurboTax users. According to their report, the position of Accounts Payable Specialist includes taxable incomes, tips, pluses, and extra other facilities. The salaries of a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist diverge from USD 20,500.00 to USD 74,500.00. The dependent factors are the same in California too:

  • Training
  • Expertise
  • Practice
  • Establishment
  • Locality

San Francisco Senior Accounts Payable Specialist analysis and Statistics

As compared to Californian AP, here in San Francisco the estimated salary a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist gets is USD 9,092,880.00.

How this clerical work works?

The processing of the invoices tells us about two major things that are listed below:

1. You’ll be looking for an endorsement from the corporate side. It means that you’ll be assured that somebody certainly involved in purchasing these merchandise or facilities. 

2. You’ll code the invoice hooked on the accounts and when we talk about coding into the accounts it means that you’ll choose the account subdivision body site.

To conclude with a word of advice

Senior Accounts Payable Specialist is considered the mind of an organization, he must be well respected and given the requisite salary to meet his standard life demands.

Salaries For Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

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