Salaries For A Process Server In US


Process servers are the individual that delivers the legal documents of the court to people. Those documents include writs, warrants, or witness summons. They are professional and trustworthy third parties. Process servers need to get themselves registered in by the local laws. Different states in the United States have different procedures in this regard. Every individual in a lawsuit needs to be entertained by a process server. Let us know about the salaries for a Process Server in US and responsibility and job description of process server in this article.

Salaries For A Process Server In US

Salaries for process server

An individual who serves as a process server in the US earn 15-25 dollar per hour or 11,000 to 26,000 dollar per year. After paying 22% of tax, they are expected to get take home salary of around 2000-3500 dollars. 63% of their salary is utilized in paying rent. When a process server is in the beginner level having 1-3 years of experience, he earns around 30,000 dollars per year, as he gains seniority in his field, his yearly earnings increases to 48,000 dollars after serving 8 to 10 years in the field. Experienced senior process server earns up to 70,000 per year

Salaries for a process server in Washington

The Latest reports state that the average salary of a process server in Washington is 17-30 dollars per hour or 21,000-56,000 dollars per year. Marysville Waterville and Seattle the have highest salary scale among all the other cities in this state. In Kent, the average salary is around 23$. The Salary of different shifts varies, night shift process servers are highly paid as compared to day and swing shift workers.  Paper pushers Process Services and sting ray legal services are among the highest paid agencies that hire process servers

Salaries for a process server in California

The average process server earns 58000$ per year in loss angles, while in Chicago process server makes 42000$ per year. Rezac-Meyer Attorney Service is one of the highest salaries paying legal agencies for process servers in loss angles. In San Francisco, the process server earns 35 $ hourly. It is estimated that by the end of 2025, they would be able to make around 60$ per hour. In the baker’s field salary is 16$ per hour, which is relatively low as compared to other cities in California state   

Salaries for a process server in Texas

On average, the salary of a process server ranges from 28-40$ per hour in Texas. In Houston pay rate is 31.9$/hour, Austin has a salary rate 34$/hour, and Dallas has a salary rate of 28.6$/hour. In 2021, the salary was around 26$/hour. By 2025, it is expected that the minimum salary will be raised to 35$/hour.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Highest salary of a process server in the US

Process servers are highly paid in New York earning around 45,000$ per year. California, Idaho, and New Hampshire are also highly paid ranging from 37,000-39,000 $ per year.  In 2020, a process server earns around 42,000 in Chicago

Lowest salary of a process server in the US

North Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia don’t have many opportunities for a process server, their salary rate ranges from 12-13.5$ per hour, making it difficult for the process servers to manage with such economic inflation.

Responsibility and job description of process server

  • Locating the defendants 
  • Deliver legal documents (by hand, via mail) to people who are directly involved in a case
  • If the person is unavailable, the process server can hand over the documents to a responsible person on his behalf.
  • Process servers work irregular hours depending on the case they are handling

Companies hiring process servers in the US

  • Firefly legal, inc in Lancaster is the agency that hires process servers and aims to train them as well if they are not experienced. It offers the individuals 23-30$ per hour.
  •  Wisconsin’s Choice Legal Services, Inc. in Milwaukee offers a salary of 1,500-$3,500 per month for 4 hours shifts daily.
  • ABC Legal Services in Alexandria offering 2500$ salary per month
  • 24 Hour Legal is an agency hiring process servers in Johnstown, they are offering a salary of 20$ per hour. 
  • Kings County hires process servers and it is located in Hanford, CA. it hires experienced personnel and offers a handsome salary package starting from 45$ per hour or 35,000-42,000$ per year
  • Gemini Legal Support Inc in California has an estimated salary of 37,000-46,000$ per year

Process servers are very important individuals in the US performing a vital role, they possess a huge responsibility on their shoulders when it comes to legal matters involving criminals. They have to locate them and provide the necessary legal documents that cannot be given by any other person-Because the documents are confidential. They must be biased and trustworthy, trained to work in all circumstances.  If a person aims to pursue his career in this field, he must decide in the early academic years to gain the required experience and education. New York is the highest paying city in the US while North Carolina has the lowest salary scales  

Frequently asked questions

1. what is the role of the process server?

Process server handovers the important legal documents to the people involves in a case 

2. what is the minimum qualification required to be a process server?

A person must have an education equal to 12th grade, have a driving license, must be 18 years old

3.what is the minimum salary of a process server in the US?

A person earns a minimum 12-45$ per hour, salary varies in different states of us

Salaries For A Process Server In US

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