Salaries For Proposal Manager-Know More

When a person or an association wants to build a proposal, they go for a specialist in that field. This specialist is the Proposal Manager hired by the companies or the person. So, a proposal manager carries out the proposals and agreements, gives tasks to employees to fulfill, and ensures the proposal is precise and related to the work. A ton of the time, this position expects one to work on long days and nights, yet a few bosses offer their workers the chance of online working, according to the industry. They get paid for this work properly. The average salaries of the proposal managers are approximately near $95,965 per year in the United States according to a 2022 survey. If we calculate this wage on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis, it comes out to be $46.14 per hour, $1,845 per week, or $7,997 per month respectively. This means that a proposal manager earns a good high 5-figure income per year for his easy living. Even it becomes a high 4-figure earning per month.let us know more about that the Salaries For Proposal Manager-Know More.

Salaries For Proposal Manager-Know More

Salary Limits for Proposal Manager 

A proposal manager does things creatively. In the United States, almost all high-class companies and industries have a proposal manager to propose and manage different proposals and projects. By their proposals or projects, they get their salary. If the authorities like their proposals, they can even have more salaries. So, the average pay of a proposal manager can be 

  • as high as $155,500 and as low as $40,000. 
  • Most of the Proposal manager’s income falls between $75,000 (25th percentile) to $110,500 (75th percentile) 
  • The high-rank proposal managers(90th percentile) make approximately $134,000 in the United States in a year. 

So if a high-ranking manager can make $134,000 per year, it will give you a better chance to improve yourself and groom your abilities as a proposal manager. 

Salary influencing Aspects 

Working as a proposal manager, you can consider many aspects to increase your average pay. In this way, you can have more income for your activities. Some of these aspects are as follows 


Firstly, to be a better proposal manager, you should have a better educational degree in this field. If you have a high degree, you will be appointed at a higher rank as a result of which you will have an increased income. Good education gives you good knowledge and grooms your abilities, skills, and thinking. You can have a high rank concerning your education. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Expertise and Skills

After education, the next thing by which you can increase your salary is your expertise or skills. If you are a proposal manager, you must have strong creative thinking to build your proposals and ideas on an advanced level. If you succeed in impressing your bosses, you will have a higher rank and a good salary in your company. 

High-paying Cities 

The next thing that can increase your salary is the city or the company in which you work. There are many cities in which companies pay a higher amount than the average annual pay to their employees. So you should choose that city or state or company to work for that will pay you more than the average of your skills and expertise. 

Work Experience 

Having work experience can also help you increase your income. You can apply for a job in high-paying companies if you have good work experience in a related field. Based on your experience, you can have a high-ranking job with more salary and facilities. 

Financial Conditions 

The financial conditions of a company also affect your income. As if you work in a small company with fewer facilities, you will earn less. But if you are working in a high multinational company in the same position, you will have high pay. 

So, these are some of the factors and aspects that can influence your monthly or yearly income very much. 

Methods to Increase Salary 

As a proposal manager, if you want to increase your salary, you should follow the given tips.

  • You should want to increase your salary, the first thing you should do is to strengthen and improve your in-demand skills like project management, graphic designing, writing, editing, etc.
  • You should have to know your value as a proposal manager. The more knowledge you have, the more value you have. 
  • If you have knowledge and experience, you have the power to choose your salary at a high rate according to your value. 
  • Another method to increase your salary is to perform more work on your own. If you are giving a proposal you can also take steps to manage the project. 
  • Also to increase your salary, choose the company and bosses wisely. 

So, if you try to follow the above-mentioned tips, you will have an increase in your salary. 

Related Jobs

Examining a few comparable positions connected with the Proposal Manager work, we found that Senior Proposal Manager occupations have normal pay rates more prominent than Proposal Manager occupations. These jobs are 

  • Senior Proposal Manager…. $118,737
  • Senior Proposal Engineer….. $91,304
  • Proposal Consultant………… $89,088
  • Senior Proposal Writer……… $88,408
  • Remote Proposal Manager….. $87,936

So, if you have one of these jobs, you can earn more in a year than an average proposal manager job. 

Responsibilities of Proposal Manager 

  • They are responsible for identifying the client’s priorities and have to win them by giving perfect themes for their projects. 
  • They should have to discuss the bidding of the deal with the customers.
  • All the research work should be done by the proposal manager. 
  • They are responsible for the proper satisfaction of the clients about the proposals you are giving. 
  • They are also responsible for making and giving presentations to the clients and also giving answers to the management teams. 

These are the basic duties a proposal manager has to do during his job. 


When you have a high-paying job, you also have higher responsibilities. But these responsibilities vary from one company to another and can change according to the nature and size of the business, industry, or job. Anyhow, proposal managers always have many responsibilities for getting new projects for their companies. They face many challenges but due to their creative skills, they can go through these challenges and take their companies to a way of success 


Can proposal managers work online? 

Yes, some of the companies give the facility of online working to their proposal managers. 

Is proposal management good? 

Yes, being a proposal manager is very good and rewarding because he earns a good income.

Salaries For Proposal Manager-Know More

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