Salaries For Electrical And Computer Engineer

Given that there are so many smart home devices now the Internet of Things is changing, and the ecosystem is growing more and more. Electrical and computer engineers will be needed for years to come. One perk of electrical and computer engineers even more so than other engineering fields reports high job satisfaction according to the pay scale meaning survey 72% of surveyed electrical and computer engineers reported extreme gratification and contentment with their jobs. let us know about that the Salaries For Electrical And Computer Engineer.

Salaries For Electrical And Computer Engineer

As electrical and computer engineering is reported to be sibling career fields. According to sources the salary for electrical engineers on average in 2021 – 2022 is reported to be on an average scale of $120,000. The basic pay excludes the benefits like health insurance or other cash benefits. Moreover, the experience counts in as well, the higher the experience the more you will be paid depending on your knowledge and expertise in the field of work.  

Career Exploration

Electrical and computer engineers are key players in every industry they help save lives by designing advanced medical devices. 

By creating environmentally friendly energy sources and electric vehicles that are contributing to environmental preservation.

Contribute to advances in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Design and build a quantum computing device and much more. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Energy and communications are the two main topics of electrical engineering. Many of the things that individuals rely on in our daily lives like microwaves, cell phones, and computers have an electrical component. Electrical engineers come up with creative ways to improve people’s lives by harnessing power, technology, and electrodynamics.

Computer both software and hardware are studied in greater detail in computer engineering. It involves researching, designing, developing, and testing computer systems and components. Computer developers can make machines compact and efficient while also enhancing their capacity to perceive and reason similar to the neural network.

Academic Course Work

Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) coursework will ensure you are ready for success after graduation. ECE students require physics, statistics, chemistry, digital electronics, linear circuits, and an introduction to computer programming. During the second year of academics at the university, the students are introduced to the fundamentals of all areas of ECE. Then in the senior and junior years, the students get to pick the electives to match their interests to complete their bachelor’s degree. ECE offers plenty of chances for hands-on learning for students that are keen to learn and dig deeper into their studies.

Salaries of Electrical and Computer Engineers in Famous Cities

Electrical and computer engineers are in demand as they are responsible for the incredible change in the technological world. Here are some of the renowned cities in the United States where there are a lot of job opportunities. 

Sacramento Metro Area, California

  • This wonderful part of California has a little over 1300 jobs. 
  • The average base salary is about $98,000 almost %7 above the national average.
  • Having 6-9 years of experience can help you grant about $110,000 annually. 

Seattle Metro Area, Washington

  • Electrical and computer engineers here have over 4000 jobs that pay $117,580 on average which is almost 12% over the national average and the cost of living is a little high.
  • If employees have an experience of up to 10 years, then the pay for them is $117,600.
  • Other non-cash benefits like health insurance, work from home, and disability insurance is given.

 Washington DC Metro Area

  • There are over 5000 jobs for Electrical and computer-based engineers.
  • On average the engineers are paid $123,810 annually which is over 16% of the national average. Whereas the cost of living is high.
  • They are non-cash benefits as well as other cash benefits that lead the employees to make more money annually.

San Jose Metro, California

  • The best-paying metro area for electrical engineers is the San Jose metro area in California. 
  • There are over 5000 jobs that pay on average $148,750 per year which comes out to over 31,000 over the national average one condo is it is not a cheap place to live.
  • Total compensation of $193,531 is given after adding in the benefits.
  • The employed number of engineers this year is 4,740. 

Electrical and Computer Engineers in Future

The radical change in technology whether it be from smartphones to smart speakers, drones to jumbo jets, microwaves to medical imaging, video games to solar energy, virtually everything humans touch daily is influenced by electrical and computer engineering. Electrical and computer engineering lives in everyone’s everyday life. Without electrical and computer engineering, modern society would not be everything it is right now in the world. Becoming an electrical and computer engineer enables you to be a bold thinker by using the power of curiosity and creativity with the impact of ingenuity and scientific knowledge to engineer the promise of tomorrow. 


Electrical and computer engineers are experts at designing and maintaining electrical and computer equipment. They stand out since they can perform in numerous various sectors of the economy. Electrical engineers can work on electric vehicles while computer engineers can program that vehicle into running without having a driver. Similarly electrical and computer engineers can work side by side on satellites, commercial and fighter planes, as well as the most advanced cell phones and even power plants. Though one may appreciate the contribution they put into the modern technological world that made life easy.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a necessity for electrical and computer engineering?

One of the areas of work with the quickest growth in the United States is engineering, particularly electrical and computer engineering. The beginning earnings for entrance-level engineering employment for holders of a bachelor’s degree are normally close to $74,000 annually. Depending on where individuals are located in the United States, your compensation may vary.

Is a master’s program in ECE program rewarding?

Especially for computer and electrical engineers, in which there is a large market in the business for skilled workers with awareness as well as expertise of both classic and developing themes in the area, a graduate engineering degree is extremely valuable.

Salaries For Electrical And Computer Engineer

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