Salaries For Production Supervisor

Production supervisors have direct control over production workers who run machinery in manufacturing facilities that make a variety of goods and materials. They prioritize productivity, security, and quality while resolving issues on the assembly line and establishing efficient production schedules. Here we will see about Salaries For Production Supervisor.  

 Salaries For Production Supervisor

Salaries Of Production Supervisors

A productions manager also known as manager starting pay is higher than that of other industrial worker roles because this position demands a lot of experience, and it increases over time. Your expected pay as a production supervisor will also depend on your choice of location and industry. Annual salaries for this position can reach as high as $82,500 and as low as $27,500, these are the extremes. 

Position Description

To make sure the factory reaches its production targets and employees adhere to safe working procedures, production supervisors watch over production workers. They plan production, assign tasks to workers, oversee quality control, and address production process inefficiencies. They also perform certain administrative duties including filling out time sheets for employees, hiring and training production workers, and attending meetings with production managers to discuss issues and come up with new plans. When the business requires more aid, production supervisors work directly with equipment and create items in addition to their managerial responsibilities. The job also involves physical requirements like lifting, bending, and prolonged standing.

Qualifications in Education

A high school diploma is the bare minimum need for employment as a production supervisor, as is previous management or manufacturing work experience. Employers look for knowledge of production procedures, workplace security, and equipment use. A degree in industrial technology or manufacturing technology is also preferred by some employers, as these programs give you skills that can be used to enhance production procedures. 

Production managers frequently operate in both small and large factories that make a variety of products, including plastics and metals, food, equipment, apparel, and automobile parts. Additionally, they may work for gas and oil distributors, electric utilities, and factories that produce chemicals. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Supervisors typically have full-time schedules and might work either day or nighttime shifts because plants can operate well into the night.

Earnings Of Production Supervisors

Accordingly, half of production managers make more money than the other half. The average yearly wage for the least 10% is less than $35,020, while the top 10% earn more than $97,380. The typical manufacturing supervisor wage varies by state and industry. Supervisors in the production of plastic products earn on average $57,780 compared to $64,990 for those working in the manufacturing of machinery. The greatest average wage is $79,890 in Wyoming, while the lowest average wage in Arkansas is $52,840.

According to Pay Scale data from August 2018, the average supervisor salary increases with experience: $49,000 from 0 to 5 years

Five to ten years: $53,000

Ten to twenty years: $57,000

20 years or more: $60,000

Employment Trend

The BLS does not anticipate any notable changes in the employment of production supervisors between 2016 and 2026. First-line production and operating worker supervisor employment was expected to be 621,400 in 2016, and it will decline by 1,800 positions by 2026. 

In the US, production supervisors make an average salary between $57,174 and $73,323, based on their experience, location, talents, and other criteria. A production supervisor’s annual income in the US is between $57,174 and $73,323, with an average of $64,263, according to many salary aggregation websites.

Factors That Influences Production Supervisor Salary?

A Production Supervisor’s pay is influenced by a variety of factors, including location, work duties, and education.


How much you might earn as a production manager may also depend on where you reside. Working in a major city typically results in higher salaries and higher living expenses.

How To Earn More As A Production Supervisor

  1. Develop your abilities. Among these abilities are: Lean Manufacturing: Recognize and apply lean manufacturing concepts to boost productivity
  2. Create and implement quality control methods to make sure completed goods satisfy standards.
  3. Scheduling: Establishing and controlling production plans to satisfy consumer requests
  4. Inventory control: Keep an eye on stock levels and replenish raw materials as necessary.
  5. Assume more obligations Increasing your workload at work is one strategy to raise your pay. This can involve be in charge of a bigger responsibility in your company, directing additional projects, or coaching new hires. You can also negotiate for a good salary if you can show that you are able to take on additional work. 

Cities That Pay The Highest Salary To Production Supervisors

Top of the list is Green River, Wyoming, followed closely by Atkinson, Nebraska and San Francisco, California in second and third, respectively. Both San Francisco, CA and Green River, WY surpass the $57,397 national average by an additional $8,145 (14.2%) and $13,187 (23.0%), respectively.

The average pay in these top ten cities ranges only 10% between Green River, Wyoming, and Frankston, Texas, supporting the restricted opportunity for significant wage development

Roles That Pays High Wages In The Production Supervisor’s Category. 

The ideal aspect to use when deciding where to work and how much to pay for a Production Supervisor position may be the likelihood of a cheaper cost of living.

The following roles are excellent examples: Supervisory and Production Control Managers, as well as Senior Production Managers

In Conclusion

According to recent job posting activity, there aren’t many employers recruiting right now, making the market for Production Supervisor jobs in the world. Your local average annual wage for a Production Supervisor is $57,420, which is $23 (0%) higher than the national average annual wage of $57,397. Through this article we have learned about Salaries For Production Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is the lowest salary a production supervisor can make?

An Entry Level production manager can get at least $28,000

Question 2

What skills do you need as a production supervisor?

You will need to have communication skills in order to make negotiations with suppliers and customers. It will also help to be able to work under stress.

Question 3

What is the highest salary a production supervisor can get?

The highest salary a production manager can get is $525,000

Salaries For Production Supervisor

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