What is Costco dress code?

America is the parent country of many big-box store companies or retrial stores. Many such stores have opened up in the country and is running successfully ever since. Costco is one of those big box retail companies that has been running for quite some time in the American market. Costco is a wholesale corporation and its headquarters are all located in America itself.  Here we will see about What is Costco dress code?

American people working at such outlets or retail stores love wearing the dresses given by the particular company. Workers and the ones willing to work at any Costco store have asked does Costco have a particular dress code for workers. Unfortunately, Costco does not have a particular dress code for the workers but, the workers need to wear a proper casual dress every day to work. 

This wholesale corporation is not very strict in its dress code. But, the retail store expects its employees and all other workers to dress appropriately while they are at work. This is because the workers and employees working at the store represent the company to customers. Each worker must wear a proper dress while they are at work. 

What is Costco dress code?

Costco Dress Code

Candidates before applying for the interview at Costco ask what should they wear while interviewing. The candidates going for the interview must wear a proper casual dress not just to impress the interviewee but, to properly represent him or herself. In the same way, Costco particularly does not have a dress code maintained for men and women. Anyone can work at the store but with a proper casual dress code. 

A casual dress code does not mean wearing old baggy clothes or thongs at work. The individual must respect the working environment at the store. Additionally, during orientation, wormers don’t need to wear any formal clothes. They should know that they have already been hired by the company so there is no need to impress. 

The males working at the store need not wear holey pants and a collared shirt. They need to wear a proper ironed collar shirt along with good decent-colored pants. On the other hand, females need to wear a blouse and pants without any holes or a good classy length skirt would perfectly. 

Moreover, the dress code for orientation, interview, and working environment at Costco is casual and business casual. But, the dress code for a particular employee will highly depend on the employee’s position at the company. The corporate segment of the company will need to wear a formal dress code daily. 

Clothes that are not appreciated at Costco

Many such companies in the country do not appreciate dresses that are not proper per the working environment. The dress code in the working environment must be clean and tidy for all. The workers at Costco must wear proper dresses daily and not dirty. They should properly dress themselves up and try not to wear clothes that could hurt other workers in the working environment. 

Now, some of the clothes that are highly not appreciated by any Costco outlet in the country are the following:-

  • Clothing that has holes, rips, tears, and fringes.
  • Clothes that are not ironed and clean.
  • Tank-tops or sleeveless shirts for both men and women.
  • Workout clothes such as joggers, gym T-shirts, Gym pants, and many more.
  • Sandals or improper shoes.
  • Shorts, excessively short skirts. 

These are some of the types of clothes that are not appreciated by the management department of Costco. But, the stores are bound to differ in terms of how they interpret their basic dress code. But, the basic details must be followed as per the guidelines given by the company. 

Tattoo and Hair Color at Costco

As we have mentioned earlier that the terms will differ as per the store location of Costco. The policy on hair color and tattoos entirely depends on the store location of Costco. In an area where there is less population, the management department of that store will not have any problem with its employees having tattoos and hair color. 

Now, each Costco store outlet has a general manager who checks these things on the workers. Some Costco’s general managers might not be strict and some might be. So, having a tattoo or unique hair color will depend on the character of the particular General Manager. 

The hair color and tattoo policy highly make an impact on stores that are located in regional areas. So, before applying for any Costco store outlet make sure to know its General Manager and all the rules and regulation. 


Costco has been running in the American market since 1976 to date. Over the years, the wholesale corporation company is highly known for its quality of services and products. Interestingly, as of 2022, Costco was named one of the largest retailers in the world. All of this was possible with the hard work of employees and all workers working for the company.  

What is Costco dress code?

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