Salaries For Product Photographer

Photography is a field that is growing day by day. Not only different kinds of events but also commercial industries need photographers of high quality. Large product companies hire special photographers that do photography of their products for marketing purposes. If photography is your passion, then you can also go for product photography in association with large companies that will pay you a good salary. Also, if you want to do this as a side hustle, you can generate a good income with this. Let us see about the salaries for Product Photographer.

Salaries for Product Photographer 

Salaries for Product Photographer 

As of February 2023, $41,103 is the average salaries of a product photographer for one year in the United States. For a simpler estimation, it will be equal to almost $19.76 per hour. If we calculate this amount on a weekly and monthly basis, it comes to be equal to $790 per week or $3,425 per month respectively. It will give us an idea of the average salary of a product photographer which is a mid-5-figure salary per year. 

Let’s get deeper to know more about product photographers’ salaries and their average salary range. 

Average Salary Range of Product Photographer 

Like all other job holders in the United States, product photographers also have a range of salaries in which the majority of them earn their income. Some of the product photographers working with large multinational brands earn the highest salary in this average range. At the same time, some that work with small companies earn the lowest amounts of salaries in this range. 

But in all the states and cities, 50% to 70% of the product photographers get their average wages in almost the middle of their average salary range. The current range of salary of product photographers in the United States a year is described below 

  • The salary range of product photographers is between $62,000 to $18,000. It means that the maximum salary a product photographer can earn is $62,000 and the least he can earn is $18,000. 
  • Most of the product photographers earn in between this range at the 25th to 75th ratio. The 25th ratio of the value becomes equal to $31,500 while the 75th ratio of the value is equal to almost $49,500. 
  • The 90th ratio of the value is earned by the top workers and it’s almost equal to $55,000 in the United States of America. 

This salary range in the field of product photography has a large scope of earning a high salary. It’s because it has a range of almost $18,000 which is a wide range. You can try increasing your salary by considering your skills, performance, experience, and most importantly your area of work and your bosses. 

Salary Difference in States and Cities 

There is always a great difference between the states and the cities of the United States of America in every aspect. Different states provide different kinds of facilities and salaries to their inhabitants. At a lower level, even different cities in a state provide different conditions to workers and different salaries. 

If we talk about product photographers, their salaries also vary from city to city and state to state. In a state, some cities give higher salaries while some give low salaries. But in the end, it’s always up to you which city you will choose for your work so that you can earn more than average. A list of the top 10 cities that pay higher salaries to product photographers is mentioned below. 

  • New York City……$47,849
  • San Mateo………..$46,431
  • Green River………$46,374
  • Daly City………….$45,588
  • Boston…………….$45,477
  • Bend………………$45,437
  • Berkeley………….$45,382
  • Renton……………$44,959
  • Santa Monica…….$44,809
  • Juneau……………$44,599

This list will provide you with a clear understanding of the fact that how much states and cities affect the salaries of workers. You can see that if you try to work in one of these cities, you will have a high salary than your national average salary. So switching your city for the sake of your job gives you opportunities for improvement and financial growth in your job as a product photographer. 

You’ll come to know from the list that New York City is at the top. Here you can earn a salary of about $47,849 which is almost $6,746 higher than the average salary of a product photographer. Then comes San Mateo, California where as a product photographer you can have a salary of $46,431 with a profit of almost $5,328. Next on the list comes Green River where the salary is just a little less the San Mateo which is $46,374. 

Lastly, it’s evident that in between these cities, salaries don’t vary much. So if you’re choosing a city to work from this list and you want to have more income, then you should consider the cost of living. You should select a city in which you can have more salary with a low cost of living so that you can save more money. 

Related Jobs

If you think that product photography is not giving you enough salary you can consider going for some related jobs in the field of photography by which you can have more salary than the average salary of a product photographer. 

  • Wedding Photographer………..$129,131
  • Travel Photographer…………….$85,738
  • Unit Photographer…………….$83,845
  • Lead Product Photographer…$82,768
  • Event Photographer…………..$82,382

There is a lot more scope in becoming a wedding photographer because it will provide you with a 6-figure annual salary. 


The average salary of product photographers in the United States is $41,103 annually. This article will provide you with all the information about the average wages of product photographers. It also tells you about the average salary range, the best cities for product photographers, and some related jobs in which you can have more salaries. Just keep this article carefully so you can have all this knowledge. 

  • Can you do product photography as a side hustle?

Yes, you can do product photography as your part-time job if you have good photography skills. 

  • Does photography have different types?

Yes, the photography field is very diverse. There are lots of photography careers you can choose like wedding, unit, travel, and commercial photography which pay differently. 

Salaries For Product Photographer

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