Salaries For Physician Vascular Surgeons


Vascular surgeons are among the medical professionals who specialize in the management of circulatory system problems, particularly vascular procedures. Our blood vessels, which are made up of the veins that bring oxygen-rich blood back to the heart and the arteries that deliver it, act as the circulatory system’s thoroughfares. Our bodies cannot operate if our blood is not flowing freely. Conditions like arterial hardening in your circulatory system can cause “traffic jams” that prevent blood from reaching any portion of the body. Let us know about the salaries for Physician Vascular Surgeons and factors affecting salaries of Physician vascular surgeons in this article.

Salaries For Physician Vascular Surgeons

Salaries for Physician Vascular Surgeons

Vascular surgeons employed in the United States typically report earning an annual income between $204,762 and $468,505, including bonuses, according to PayScale’s compensation data. According to PayScale’s data on pay, these professionals typically make a base income of between $167,256 and $444,435 each year, plus yearly bonuses that can total up to $45,000.

Duties of Physician vascular surgeons 

Stenting, thrombolysis, and artery repair or bypass are only a few of the reconstructive and restorative procedures that are carried out by cardiovascular surgeons. Plaque is removed during balloon angioplasty by placing an inflatable balloon into an artery.

Skills of physician vascular surgeons

They have excellent hand-eye coordination when performing vascular procedures and have steady hands. Working with arteries and veins is a sensitive process where a mistake might lead to serious injury. Patients are more at risk during surgeries that take longer, therefore surgeons need to be quick and able to work under pressure.

Average salary of Physician vascular surgeons 

According to the recruitment firm Profiles, vascular surgeons in the United States earn an average yearly salary of $405,000, $197,000, and $348,943 respectively. Indeed, also provides compensation information.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

according to, $303,906 per year according to the income statistics provided by Jobstat, and $307,447 per year according to PayScale’s salary information.

Starting salary of physician vascular surgeons 

According to data on salaries published by the recruitment company Profiles, the median beginning wage for vascular surgeons in their first year of employment is $259,400 annually.

Factors affecting salaries of Physician vascular surgeons

The salaries of vascular surgeons may be related to a variety of problems. All of these factors must be taken into account while looking for new employment opportunities or renegotiating a better salary contract.

  • Years of experience 

Regardless of their position, area of expertise, or line of work within the healthcare industry, their experience will always play a role in how much they are paid. They become increasingly capable of asking for higher compensation as they gain experience and hit more professional milestones.

However, the most important factor determining their income is where they work.

  • Geographic region 

A vascular surgeon does not anticipate that their compensation will increase by working in New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Despite the fact that these cities have higher living expenses than the majority of other parts of the nation, this does not have an impact on a doctor’s income. Supply and demand is given a lot greater importance.

Hospitals and healthcare organisations are willing to pay more where physician vascular surgeons are in demand.

  • Gender 

The gender salary disparity for physician vascular surgeons is 20%, which is bigger than it is for many other specialities, according to studies. It’s important to note that female students DO NOT pay 20% less for college and medical school tuition, placing them at a disadvantage right away.

Salaries for Physician vascular surgeons by states 

According to data from ZipRecruiter as of 2022, the states paying vascular surgeons the highest and the least are:

  • Washington: $408,634
  • Maryland: $401,847
  • Virginia: $390,156
  • $388,558 in New York.
  • Delaware: $382,826
  • United States: $258,347
  • $267,130 in Louisiana
  • $280,778 in Georgia
  • $283,073 in Missouri
  • $287,841 in Illinois

Hourly wages of physician vascular surgeons

The salary information supplied by Jobstat shows that the average hourly pay for vascular surgeons in the United States is $151.12 per year. For this occupation, $189.02 is the highest known hourly wage, while $114.28 is the lowest.

Benefits for physician surgeons 

In addition to their base salary and incentive pay, vascular surgeons may be qualified for a range of additional benefits. Occasional benefit packages that equal the annual salaries of certain professions are provided.

Vascular surgeons with 401(k) plans usually claim to earn between $214,255 and $493,163 annually; those with malpractice and liability insurance often earn between $240,827 and $496,647 annually; and those with life and disability insurance typically earn between $254,902 and $387,500 annually.

Professionals who receive mobile phones often make between $249,600 and $475,000 annually, while those who have paid sick leave frequently earn between $337,503 and $425,000. Vascular surgeons typically report receiving an annual salary between $267,252 and $442,813, which includes paid vacation and holidays.

Other income factors of physician vascular surgeons 

The number of years of experience a vascular surgeon has in the field is one of many factors that affect the annual incentives they receive.

For surgeons with 1 to 4 years of experience, the median yearly bonus is around $12,500; for surgeons with 5 to 9 years of experience, the typical annual incentive is $22,500. Professionals with ten to nineteen years of experience, as well as those with twenty years or more, make around $10,000 a year, according to PayScale’s compensation figures.

Bonuses also frequently vary from state to state. Vascular surgeons, for instance, make about $15,000 a year in Georgia, whereas those who work in Florida receive bonuses of $5,000 a year.

The average annual bonus for surgeons employed by companies with 1 to 9 employees is $22,500. The average annual bonus for professionals who hold an American Board of Surgery (ABS) certification is $82,500. In facilities with more than 500 hospital beds, surgeons make, on average, $10,174 annually. General hospitals pay its employees about $15,000 a year.


Finally, it should be noted that the average gross compensation for physician vascular surgeons in the US is $410,623, or $197 per hour. A $36,340 annual bonus is also given to them on average. based on data from anonymous wage surveys completed by American employers and employees. The typical annual salary for a vascular surgeon at the entry level is $269 021. (1-3 years of experience). An experienced senior level vascular surgeon makes an average salary of $559,766 per year.

Salaries For Physician Vascular Surgeons

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