Salaries for HR Associates

HR Associates are widely known as Human Resource Associates. Managing human resources and HR databases, aiding new employees during their onboarding process, and ensuring company policies are adhered to by employees throughout the organization are some of the vital responsibilities HR Associates handle. Interpersonal skills are one of the must-have skills for HR Associates in addition to other skills like being flexible and confident, the ability to work in a team, maintaining a healthy competitive environment in the company, etc. Now, you must be wondering how much they make; what is the salaries of an HR Associates?

The US $47,500 to $67,550 is the average annual salaries for HR Associates. Ordinarily, the salary is neither too low nor too high. An individual’s final pay is affected by a variety of factors, such as experience, education, and additional skills. However, we will discuss these factors in detail in the upcoming sections of the article.

Salaries for HR Associate

Responsibilities and Requirements of HR Associates

Before jumping to detailed discussions on the salary of HR Associates in different countries, let us tell you in brief about HR roles, responsibilities and requirements.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
  • As a whole, HR Associates are responsible for managing human resource records. Additionally, they help recruit trainees and employees for various divisions in the firm.
  • Providing support to new employees in their onboarding process and making them feel at ease in the company is another role HR Associates perform. 
  • Serves as a link between employees and their managers.
  • In addition, human resources professionals simplify employee benefit plans for new and current recruits.
  1. Requirements of HR Associates
  • Academically, an HR degree or qualification in other related areas would suffice for this job role in HR.
  • Almost every employee and higher authority of the organization interact with HR Associates, so they must be excellent communicators.
  • Conflicts between employees are unavoidable within any organization, so they must know how to handle those conflicts and come up with a solution appropriate for the situation.
  • Organizational skills, former experience in the field, handling conflicts, being confident and the ability to make the right decisions are some added requirements.

Salaries of HR Associates in Different Countries

As now you are familiar with what HR Associates do and the elementary requirements for the role, let’s come to the topic of how much they can earn. Below mentioned are the salaries of HR Associates in a few different countries:

  • In the US, an HR Associate’s average salary is $55,000. Moreover, it mostly ranges from $47,500 to $67,550. Salary differs due to many factors. A person with an experience of one year can earn up to $45k, whereas the employee with a higher experience in the field can make up to $60k.
  • It is common for HR Associates to earn up to Rs. 3,50,000 on average in India. Also, the salary lies between Rs. 2,50,000 and 5,75,000 approximately. Additionally, the experience demanded in India for this role is usually one to six years of experience.
  • In Canada, the salary of HR Associates is on average C$62,700 annually. As entry-level HR associates, they can earn around C$51.8K, but as a practiced employee, the salary reaches high up to C$70K per year.
  • In Australia, the average pay for HR Associates is AU$75k per year.
  • In Sri Lanka, the salary of HR Associates mostly depends on their experience level and education. The average income lies between LKR 24,000 to LKR 61,000 on monthly basis. It is possible to make monthly LKR 20k as a newly hired employee and up to LKR 30k monthly as an experienced employee with 2-5 years of experience. 

Factors that Affect the Salary of an HR Associate 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Salaries of HR Associates are influenced by a variety of factors around the world. Some of those aspects are explained below:

  1. Qualification –

Academic qualification undoubtedly affects the pay. Business administration bachelor’s degree holders have a higher chance of earning a high salary as HR Associates than those with bachelor’s degrees in other fields.

  1. Experience Level –

The level of experience affects the pay to a great extent. An employee with a higher experience in the human resource field tends to earn more as compared to an employee with a lower experience level. Experience can either be gained through internships or past work in a related field.

  1. Communication Skills –

Communicating is a substantial requirement for this job post. Hence, a candidate with outstanding interpersonal skills is capable to fall into a higher pay bracket. Moreover, with passing time, they are also more likely to get a raise if they perform well over time.


To conclude, the HR Associates position is a good position to start your career in human resources. The annual salary of human resource associates stands between the US $47.5k to $67.5k. Aside from this, the pay also fluctuates based on one’s experience level, educational background, communication skills, and other factors. Typically, entry-level Associates make up to $40k yearly, while it is possible to earn up to $70K per year for an experienced individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I earn a good income as an HR Associate?

Ans. Yes, HR associates can earn decent pay. If you hold a degree in the business field along with relevant experience, then you can make up to the US $70k to $75k per year.

Q2. What are the roles and responsibilities of HR Associates?

Ans. HR Associates are commonly accountable for hiring new talent, assisting new employees with an onboarding process, and managing the human resource database. Additionally, their job role also consists of simplifying employee benefit programs for current employees and prospective recruits.

Q3. What is the salary of HR Associates in Sri Lanka?

Ans. In Sri Lanka, the average monthly salary for HR Associates is LKR 24,000 to LKR 71,000. Someone with an experience of 0-2 years can make up to LKR 20k on monthly basis, while someone with an experience of 2-5 years can make around LKR 30k monthly and so on. Also, the salary varies depending on education or other factors.

Salaries for HR Associates

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