Salaries For Patient Care Technician In Washington DC


A patient care technician is a healthcare assistant that works under the supervision of a doctor, nurse or related health experts to care for patients face to face and provide them relief. They work for the well-being of the patients on daily basis. If you are searching for the salaries for patient care technician in Washington DC, this article will give you the information about this.

Salaries For Patient Care Technician In Washington

Salaries for Patient Care Technician In Washington

 The salaries of the patient care technician in washington is different from another and depends on the location in the United States. However, in a rough estimate, the average base salary per hour in Washington DC is recorded as $22.36 for the patient care technician. Let’s take the analysis of patient care technician salary with their duties, the tax they pay and some other related information in detail.

The Duties of Patient care technician

The patient care technician’s (PCT) task is to measure and record vital signs. He/she notes down the apprehensions of patients and reports them to doctors or nurses for further action. He/she is also responsible to turn or move the patient from one place to other or relocate them if necessary. He deserves for handsome salary as he is responsible for intense patient care.

 Salaries for Patient Care Technician in Washington, DC

 As of Sep 3, 2022, the salary range can be divided into average, middle and top ranges in Washington DC. The average annual salary estimation in Washington DC starts from $15,420 to $39,767. The 57% PCT earn between $39,769 and $56,015, whereas, the top 86% are making almost $88,567. Nevertheless, the per-hour salary range of PCT is $22.69 which is equivalent to $907 per week or $3,933 per month. However, the salary range depends on the skills, years of experience and location and many other opportunities.

Therefore, many sites published PCT jobs with their estimated annual salary range in Washington DC and all around the United States. One of the best is ZipRecruiter, which shows the PCT job availability in Washington DC and the surrounding area. ZipRecruiter continuously shows millions of active jobs and you can find the high-paying job of PCT throughout America.

 Top Best Paying PCT roles that make more money in Washington DC

There are different categories of patient care technicians. Besides the average PCT positions, there are further categories in which the more demanding and highly qualified PCT can make more money from these positions. These are known as Dialysis Travel PCT, Urgent Care and PCT Emergency Room.

Significantly, these jobs are well paid between $34,052 (72.1%) and $101,912 (215.9%) more than the average PCT salary of $47,205. In Washington DC the PCT with these roles can earn more than an average PCT.

Tax deduction of Patient Care Technician’s salary in Washington, DC

 Furthermore, it is more important to know how much tax an average PCT pay from salary because after tax deduction the take-home pay is different from the original salary. According to the estimate of a federal tax for 2018, the tax deduction is 22% with an additional 6.5% of the District Columbia state tax. In this way, the average take-home PCT salary is estimated at $34,111 per year, with each payment equaling around $1,421.

 Quality of Life for Patient Care Technicians

 If you are interested to work as a PCT in Washington DC and want to know about their quality of life after tax deduction and apartment rent then this analysis would be a true guide. As it is mentioned earlier that an average take-home pay of PCT is $2,843 per month and in the same way an average 2BR apartment rent in Washington DC is estimated at $1,555 per month. Therefore, the patient care technician pays a big amount of their salary as house rent. While an individual’s average cost of living is $1,106 without rent. This shows that in total a PCT spend 93.62% of his total salary on the cost of living in Washington DC leaving $181 as flexible income. However, it can be concluded that the cost of living in Washington DC is much more expensive for an average patient care technician.

Pros and cons of working as a PCT

 Including the cost of living with house rent, working as a PCT is not cost-effective, but still, some reasons make this job a great one. These are as under:

1.  Rewarding job: This job is related to the care and support of the people who are in need. Thus, this job is rewarding in the sense that the PCT provides sympathy, support and care to the patient.  It gives you inner satisfaction and happiness that you care for other ill people.

2.  Short training period: Another best advantage of working as a PCT is taking short training from school. There are patient care technician institutes but they will not take you too much time and will provide you with a short training. When you will be out of it, you will straightforwardly enter the world of work.

3.  Skill development: One of the best advantages of PCT training is the development of skills that are beneficial in your daily life. You learn to develop caregiving skills with basic medical procedures. With these skills, you can become a kindhearted human being.

4.  Job opportunities: If you want to work as a PCT with your best skills, you will get lots of options in your surroundings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the employment of PCT is expected to grow by 9% from 2018 to 2028. This is a faster growth rate as compared to other occupations.

However, there are some cons to this field of work; the most prominent is that it is demanding work. You are responsible for the care of a patient, so a bit of negligence can be risky for the patient. Similarly, sometimes a patient dies in front of your eyes and that makes you emotionally hard.


 In conclusion, salaries of the PCT are different according to the skills, location and experience that you have. However, in Washington DC, the average salary estimate is recorded as $22.36 per hour which is equivalent to $907 per week or $3,933 per month.  Although the cost of living including tax is much more expensive than the salary of PCT, it has some benefits also. You can quickly get a job with a minimum training period and you will also be able to give care to others. But there are some disadvantages also. In the end, it will give you the satisfaction that you help people when they needed it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average PCT income in Washington DC in an hour?

The average PCT income in Washington DC is recorded as $22.36.

2.    How many patients can be looked after by PCT?

One PCT is appointed usually for 4-5 patients in a hospital.

Salaries For Patient Care Technician In Washington DC

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