Salaries For Osteopathic Physicians


According to the English Dictionary, osteopathy is a method of treating people who are sick or in pain by pushing and moving bones and muscles. With that being said, an osteopathic physician deals with the treatment of the entire body. In summary, these physicians treat the whole body and they don’t only focus on one body part or one disease. The main aim is to improve the overall wellness of their patients. Let us know about the salaries for osteopathic physicians and the ways to become an Osteopathic Physician in this article.

Salaries For Osteopathic Physicians

In the United States, the amount being paid to osteopathic physicians in the form of salary ranges from $36,740 to $784,529 with a median salary of $178,013. Their base salary, however, ranges from $156,361 to $257,292 with the average base salary of $198,884. The pay attributed to people practising this profession is quite juicy and it should be so because they help a lot in relieving their patients and making life bearable for them.

What does Osteopathy Physicians Do?

Although the salaries being paid to osteopathic physicians are inviting, one must know and be efficient in the profession before earning a living from it. Treating and ensuring that a human being feels relief in all parts of his body could be a daunting task for someone who is not experienced but that is not the case with osteopathic physicians. They combine the arts of body massage and yoga to get the job done. 

Statistics have it that more than 25 per cent of the students studying medicine graduate each year as an osteopathic physician. The reason for this could be that they believe that the treatment methods are simple but that has proven to not be the case. 

The treatments method used by these physicians includes; osteopathic manipulative medicine which involves massaging the body and being careful to put light pressure on the bone when needed. The profession is so critical because, in some instances, high pressure may need to be placed on some bones to help them relieve the patient. And if one doesn’t know this, it could lead to complications.

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Another method of treatment is by moving the musculoskeletal system. This is also a form of osteopathic manipulative treatment. During this process, extra care is considered a very important factor due to the fact that the muscles can be severely injured if it is done recklessly. 

But the osteopathy physicians don’t only use massages and stretching to treat their patients. In more than 50 states, they have been licensed to use medications, surgery and even scans to diagnose and treat their patients.

How to become an Osteopathic Physician?

To be able to attain the height of earning about $178, 013 as an osteopathic physician, the aspirant will need to understand the process it takes to become one. 

Osteopathic Physicians or Osteopathic Doctors commonly known as ODs are physicians who have practised medicine. Having had that knowledge, to become an OD, one must, first of all, earn a bachelor’s degree. After that, the aspirant will have to complete four years in medical school. Keep in mind that the number of years may differ according to the country the aspiring osteopathic physician is based in. After having completed the traditional training, the aspiring osteopathic physician must embark on and complete a training in manipulative medicine.

After the studious medical school years and the manipulative medicine years, the aspiring osteopathic physician will then take a national licensure exam. This is the same exams that is given to doctors of medicine. After completion of this exams, the license will be given by the state medical examination board.  

When the license has been received by the aspiring osteopathic physician, he or she will have to complete a 1 or 7 years residency. Again, the time frame depends on the area the person wishes to practice and major in. It doesn’t end here, the stage that could be considered as being the final stage is when the aspiring osteopathic physician will complete a 200-hour course work in the body’s musculoskeletal framework. This course will help enlighten and educate the person on what he or she will likely see in the future.

Salaries of Osteopathic Physicians

In a year, an osteopathic physician will earn an average sum of $312,310. This can be roughly translated to $150.15 per hour. So, throughout an osteopathic physician’s career, he or she can expect to have an average compensation of $188,500 and $576,350. This compensation, however, is based on different factors that will arise throughout one’s career in this field. Some of these factors include; additional bonuses, compensation, benefits, profit sharing, and more. These factors may very well affect one’s earnings throughout the career.

Nevertheless, in the professional world the more information and knowledge you have in a particular field, the higher your importance in society and the more you will be valued. So if one wants to increase the average compensation one earns throughout the osteopathic physician career, the increase will be dependent on training, education, skills, and experience one gets during the course of practising osteopathy medicine. 

An osteopathic physician can work in both the medical field and the therapy field. This is because they can offer medical treatments and run tests and they can also indulge their patients in osteopathic manipulative medicine which normally involves massaging and stretching. However, in any field that one decides to work in, health benefits will still be attributed to the career. But for physicians working in the healthcare industry, they can expect Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Time Off, and more. 

The salaries of osteopathic physicians may differ due to the location. Like in Green River, an osteopathic physician makes an average of $194,196 while in Jersey City, they make an average of $174,70.

Best Paying Jobs in Osteopathy Medicine

Ironically, it is not every area of osteopathy that is so lucrative. Below is a list of some of the very lucrative ones. 

Job AreaAnnual pay
Family Medicine Physician $215,270$215,270
Doctor Osteopathy$154,794
Doctor Osteopathic Medicine$150,237
Osteopathic Doctor$141,915
Osteopathic Nurse$123,970

An osteopathic physician is licensed by the state medical examination board to use both conventional and unconventional ways to treat injuries and relieve pains in their patients. Their salary is quite captivating and the bonuses they enjoy are worth mentioning. However, some people believe that the is no such thing as ‘effective osteopathy’, still other consider it as a safe and the best way to treat their condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopathic physician?

A chiropractor is not a licensed physician but an osteopathic physician is.

 2.Do osteopathic physicians have specialized areas?

Yes they do. They can choose to specialize in any area of medicine.

3.Can an osteopathic physician run blood tests?

Yes they can. They can also run urine tests, diagnostic tests and biopsies. 

Salaries For Osteopathic Physicians

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