Salaries for Occupational Therapist OT

The chiropractor helps people that have problems with bodily, mental health, or mental illness. They work with a huge number; of sufferers from a small child who just started to crawl to older people who suffer from mental deterioration. Occupational therapists utilize a variety of methods to help their patients reach their aim. The aim may involve physical activities, appliances, and other meditation which is generated to help the skills, integration, stability, power, and toleration. They also have to generate therapy schemes depending on the evaluation of the patient’s requirements and aims for the treatment. They also have to manage evaluation to control a patient’s bodily, and mental health, skills, and requirements of the individual patient.  Let us know about the salaries for occupational therapist OT.

Salaries for Occupational Therapist OT

The salary of an occupational therapist receives an income of $92K every year. Generally, the income of a therapist ranges from $80K and goes up to $90K with this the therapist may receive a bonus and profit earnings. The salary of an occupational therapist also changes from every place to place. Every place in America gives a different range of income to the therapist in California giving an income of $105K. In the state of New York, the salary given to the therapist is $97K. In other places in California, the income given to the occupational therapist is $102K; in some places, the salary is$78K they will receive an amount of $76K. They are also provided with a salary of $75K or $72K. 

 What are the steps to make the salary of the occupational therapist increase? 

The therapist can make the expertise they have build up more. 

The therapist should know how to work on the patient’s requirements and generate a plan for the patient. 

 They should give the patients physical activities and make more. 

The motor skill of the patients; should be handled by the therapist to make them finer. 

The therapist should utilize the methods to help the mental health of patients. 

The earnings of the occupational therapist: normally; the salary of the therapist is 121 thousand dollars. The income ranges from 57 thousand dollars to 191 thousand dollars every year the average income is 128 thousand dollars per year; half of the therapists make an income of 128 thousand dollars or more; while the other half get an income of 128 or less than this. 

The different salaries for occupational therapists: the expert level of the therapist who also has a registration. The salary of this kind of therapist they earn an income of 93 thousand dollars. The average top earners receive an income of 109 thousand dollars; they might get an income of 101 thousand dollars. The average salary earned by the therapist is 93 thousand dollars. The bottom line earners get an income of 85 thousand dollars. The earners below them make an amount of 78 thousand dollars; as the therapist receives an experience of expert level they receive an income of 123 thousand dollars every year. The senior therapist makes an income of 100 thousand dollars; the therapist who has middle-level experience; has an income of 85 thousand dollars. The second-level workers receive an income of 75 thousand dollars; then the beginners have an income is 60 thousand dollars. 

The hourly income made by the therapist: the basic per hour for an occupational therapist is 45 dollars; the salary spans from 41 dollars to 49 dollars. Per-hour income depends on the diploma, education, and degree earned by the therapist. 

What is the income made by the occupational therapist?

The income made by the occupational therapist is around 82 thousand dollars per hour is 42 dollars. The beginners make an amount of 68 thousand dollars experts earn an amount of 103 thousand dollars. The therapist earns an amount of 6 thousand dollars per month. The weekly payment is 1 thousand dollars for the therapist. On a day they make earnings 317 dollars while the hour income is around 42 dollars. It is reported that the basic income is 81 thousand dollars; the occupational therapist in California makes an income of 81 thousand dollars. The salary ranges from 53 thousand dollars to 116 thousand dollars; their average income is 80 thousand dollars. Few therapists receive an income of 73 thousand dollars and the top earners make an income of 116 thousand dollars. They get a paycheck of 67 thousand dollars. 

What are the different salaries the occupational therapist makes?    

The income the therapist earns is 87 thousand dollars in the United States. They make a bonus income of 1 thousand dollars. A beginner makes earnings of 62 thousand dollars on the expert level therapist; they earn an income of 108 thousand dollars. 

Conclusion: Occupational therapists are those who work with the mental health or physical body of the therapist and make earnings of 121 thousand dollars which ranges from 57 thousand dollars to 191 thousand dollars. In some places, they also make an income of 82 thousand dollars; they get an hour payment of 42 dollars. The occupational therapist should generate a few activities for the patients to make their physical ability run smoothly. Giving the patients advice on the details about their physical abilities like the position of their body and boosting their techniques. Proposing the patients a workout from home and other ideas to assist the patients to manage their progress. 


  • What is the average yearly salary of this occupational therapist? 

The income is 92 thousand dollars every year per hour is 44 dollars.

  • What do the top 10 percent earn? 

The income they get is 145 thousand dollars per hour 69 dollars. 

  • Which department in the occupational therapist gets an increased income? 

The child service in the occupational therapist gets an income of 108 thousand dollars. 

  • Are the job occupational therapists in demand?

Yes, the job occupational therapists are in demand. 

  • What is the lowest given salary to the therapist?

The lowest income is 57 thousand dollars.

Salaries for Occupational Therapist OT

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