Salaries For Ncaa Football Referees

A nonprofit organization called the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)[a] oversees student athletics at over 1,100 American, Canadian, and Puerto Rican universities. Additionally, it supports nearly 500,000 college student-athletes who participate in collegiate sports each year by organizing the athletic departments of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The company’s main office is in Indianapolis, Indiana. let us know about that the Salaries For Ncaa Football Referees.

Salaries For Ncaa Football Referees

Salaries Of NCAA Referees

They must be paid quite well for all of that work, including maintaining their fitness levels to keep up with these elite athletes, don’t you think? Although the compensation range for any working official varies from $10,000 to over $200,000 each season, an NCAA basketball referee is fairly well compensated for their services.

Importance Of Referees

Sports are greatly influenced by referees. The ref’s main job is to keep the game under control, but they also want to do so without drawing too much attention to themselves. Football is one of the most popular sports in the NCAA and is particularly well-liked in the South and Southeastern regions of the country. This implies that SEC football referees are under a lot of pressure. Before deciding to pursue this line of work, you might want to find out more about the SEC football referee salaries, what the position requires, how to apply for it, and other factors.

Position Description

  1. Numerous referees for SEC contests work for the NCAA, not the SEC or even specific teams. 
  2. All officials go through a rigorous training program all year long in addition to officiating college football games. Many of them are experts in just one area of officiating or position. They could be a line judge, side judge, back judge, down judge, or field judge, for instance.
  3. They are knowledgeable about every rule there is. They examine how previous games’ calls and rules were applied. Some referees assist in creating guidelines or standards for next season. There are no rigid educational requirements for NCAA officials.
  4. Nothing irritates supporters more than bad calls that harm their team of choice. As a result, the success of the SEC football league will continue to depend on the officials’ involvement. Their pay reflects how important they are.
  5. For the games to go well and be fun to watch, referees must be dependable, impartial, and knowledgeable. Consequently, there will be a persistent need for SEC football officials.

Earnings Of NCAA Referee

According to Comparably, the average pay for a football referee in the NCAA, of which the SEC is a member, is about $57,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2021, the median pay for referees, umpires, and other sports officials was $35,860. Consequently, NCAA officials earn more money than many of their peers.

Refs who work in playoff contests, bowl games, championship contests, or other off-season contests may receive bonuses or extra pay. Despite some choosing to steer clear of professional sports, some college football officials go on to become NFL officials and referees. 

Six-figure wages are earned by some of the best referees in the National Football League. The typical NFL referee’s salary is in the neighborhood of $200,000. Some referees work in various sports throughout their careers, however, it is uncommon. They might work as an umpire in MLB, the NBA, or the NHL. Job Prospects

Dissecting Referee Schedules

The majority of referees work a full-time job in addition to their officiating duties, which is an intriguing side note about the referee lifestyle. It is important to keep in mind that these people (and women) typically have other jobs and make some of the most important decisions during a college basketball season in a society where sports are everything. As a result, referees are no longer employees of the NCAA but independent contractors. They receive no compensation at all if they are hurt or have to stop playing the sport. Without pensions

Referee Pay Distribution

For a regular-season game, top-tier referees can earn up to $2,000, but their peers in lower conferences aren’t as fortunate. Before taxes, the average pay for NCAA officials is only $33,000. In a minor conference, referees can still earn up to $50,000 while working a better side job than selling pizzas or washing cars. Additionally, the officials also experience a rush when assigned to a big game simply because they are not participating or coaching.

Big-name referees can’t complain about the remuneration because their occupations are more visible and attract more media attention and fan scrutiny.

A game in an NCAA Regional will cost you $1,400, while a match in the Final Four will cost you roughly $2,000 on average.

What Do Other Referees Get Paid?

College Football

You might be curious about the salaries of the NCAA basketball officials as it is the second most popular collegiate sport after football. It is no secret that college football generates millions of dollars annually, so even if their season is just a third as long as the NCAA basketball season, the officials still earn a good living.

Even though the workload for college football officials is substantially lower, the averages are very comparable. College football officials are paid anywhere from $11,000 to $300,000. In strong conferences, younger referees can earn about $800 per game. Typically, both their travel and expenses are paid for.


Being a referee has many disadvantages, the most obvious of which is the constant scrutiny and abuse you may experience, but you are also very well compensated for your problems.

Referees work primarily in the background by design. It obscures what they do, particularly in NCAA basketball. They appear to just materialize out of nowhere, oversee the game, and then vanish just as quickly as they appeared. NCAA football referees’ salaries in the US range from $11,745 to $312,976, with a median pay of $90,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

How much does a professional referee earn?

It depends on the company you work with and how many referees they have. At least, you should have a median pay of $90,000.

Question 2

How much does an NCAA referee make?

It depends on the division but some get paid $150,000 in a season.

Salaries For Ncaa Football Referees

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