Salaries For Navy Nuclear Engineer

Navy Nuclear Engineers deal with the technical issues faced in the Watercraft i.e. ships and submarines. They have different types of responsibilities mostly looking over the work of electricians and similar roles. Their job includes identifying the problem and rectifying it. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Navy Nuclear Engineer’.

Salaries For Navy Nuclear Engineer

Salaries For Navy Nuclear Engineer

The average salary for any profession in the US is dependent on factors like education and experience. According to the stats viewed, it can be concluded that the average salary for Navy Nuclear engineers is $100K. The salary may range from $85K to $119K. Several cities may have different figures than those mentioned according to the demand.

Responsibilities of Navy Nuclear Engineer:

The navy nuclear engineers are responsible for several tasks. They are supposed to operate the machinery. In addition to this, they are also responsible for controlling the nuclear reactors. They also take care of the reactors that are involved in providing electricity to the ships. They are assigned various roles like aircraft nuclear engineer and submarine nuclear engineer.

Requirements to be a Navy Nuclear Engineer:

One cannot work as a naval nuclear engineer until one fulfills the following requirements.

  • A four-year degree is a must in some related engineering fields.
  • One should hold US citizenship and should fall in the age group of 19-29.
  • The engineers are supposed to go through officer training which lasts five weeks.
  • Then they have to go through another set of training.

Salaries of Navy Nuclear Engineers in different cities:

The top cities that pay navy nuclear engineers heavily include Alaska where the annual pay ranges to be around $112K. Other than this, the cities of California and Columbia also have quite handsome pay for naval nuclear engineers where salaries are $112K and 111K respectively. Two more cities that are included in the list are New Jersey and Massachusetts where the wages are $111K and $109K. It has been observed the difference in the salary paid in these cities is quite low.

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Salaries by different Companies:

The top companies recruiting navy nuclear engineers are discussed below.

  • Veterans Prime, Incorporation is a company that pays between $62K and $91K annually to navy nuclear engineers and related platforms.
  • NavyRec Harlem is another organization where the annual pay is estimated to be around $76K.
  • Mpr Associates is one of those companies which pays highly to its nuclear engineers. The annual pay is estimated to be $99K.
  • Veteran Prime as already discussed above offers decent salaries to the employees. In addition to prior information, the company pays a whooping amount of $179K to its Inspector Navy Nuclear Engineers.

Salaries of related Professions:

There are few other careers associated with navy nuclear engineers. They are discussed below.

  • Navy Mechanical Engineer: The annual income of this position is calculated to be around $85K.
  • Nuclear Engineer I: The annual income is reported to be $78K.
  • Nuclear Engineer II: It is followed by the above post and the yearly salary is more than $99K.
  • Nuclear Engineer III: This is again a continuation of the above-mentioned posts and the yearly incomes are around $112K.
  • Nuclear Engineer IV: Lastly there is the fourth rank where the payment offered is above $135K.
  • Nuclear Weapons Engineer: This profession earns a whopping amount of $121K on average.

Navy Reactor Engineer:

Navy reactor engineers also lie in the category of navy nuclear engineers. Their income statistics are also quite similar to those of navy nuclear engineers. Their annual average salary is above $84K. The top cities where this profession is highly paid are Green River, San Francisco, Atkinson, and Washington DC.

Factors corresponding to the salary of Navy Nuclear Engineers:

  • Experience: This is the key factor taken into consideration while determining the pay of any profession.
  • Education and training: Without complete education and training in the navy base one should never expect to get recruited with a good salary.
  • Performance: There is a high chance of getting promoted or demoted as per the performance of an employee.
  • Certifications: At any firm or in any field, some extra certifications and skills are always a win. They enhance your overall value.
  • Working Conditions: As a navy worker, there can be some crucial times as well when they’ll be supposed to work. The salaries of employees do differ according to the amount of hard work they are putting in.

Employee benefits for Navy Nuclear Engineer:

The navy nuclear engineers enjoy many benefits starting from social security. They also have insurances such as health and dental. They are also provided with various paid leaves under particular circumstances. They also may receive a pension after their retirement depending on their employee contracts.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Navy Nuclear Engineer’, The job of navy nuclear engineers requires extra attention and smart work which is why they are given quite a reasonable amount of payments. As already discussed that the salaries vary from city to city and company to company. The salaries are usually determined by experience but because the number of students opting for the field is limited that is why there is not much range of levels of navy nuclear engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Do navy nuclear engineers have a bright career?

There are several pieces of training to work as a navy nuclear engineer and if one can complete all these pieces of training then they can be hired at some respectable position.

  1. Which companies offer the highest and lowest salaries to navy nuclear engineers?

The company which is said to pay the highest to navy nuclear engineers is Dominion and the company which is recorded to have the lowest pay is Bechtel.

  1. What is the ratio of people earning as Navy nuclear engineers?

It has been published on a webpage saying that around 57% of the navy nuclear engineers earn more than the average salary and the rest lies in the category of those earning less.

  1. How hard is the navy training?

The training cannot be called hard but it is something that needs a lot of attention. The graduation rate of one of the navy schools in the US is around 80% which means maximum candidates can go through it but be recruited at better positions it is suggested to learn things off.

Salaries For Navy Nuclear Engineer

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