Salaries For Music Therapists

A therapist and psychologist are mistaken for the same purpose. Both the terms are used interchangeably. However, a major difference is between a therapist and a psychologist. A psychologist carries out the research and does not provide the therapy whereas, a therapist happens to give therapy after he has done the research and analyzed the problem in the patient. Music therapy is carried out to facilitate physical, mental, and emotional change. Techniques like imagination, relaxation, improvisation, music, and rhythm are used on the clients. It helped the military member recover in the army camps during the world war in the United States. let us know about that the salaries of music therapists.

Salaries For Music Therapists

salaries for music therapists in the United States

On becoming a therapist or planning to choose a particular field you must be wondering how much it will pay you back after having the degree in your hand. This paragraph is going to give you an insight into the salaries offered to music therapists in the United States.

According to the statistical analyses of the salaries of music therapists in the United States, it was computed that music therapists are paid around forty-eight thousand and nine hundred and seventy-three dollars ($48,973) whereas, it was also reported that they are paid the minimum of thirty-seven thousand dollars ($37000). Almost ninety-five percent of music therapists are offered bonuses. The bonus was recorded as zero percent of their salary. The salary range for them was observed from fifty-five thousand dollars ($55000) to forty-eight thousand U.S. Dollars ($48,000).

When researched and computed the therapists in California, were recorded to be paid the highest salary among the therapist in the other states. The highest average salary in California was observed at sixty-eight thousand, two hundred seventy-five U.S. dollars. 

The table shown below has the salaries provided to mental health therapists by the states

s.noStates Avg. salaryHourly salaryJob count
1North Dakota$57,319$27.56175
13Alaska         $65,444$31.466
14New Mexico$58,242$28.0020
15Utah      $54,943$26.41236
17New York           $56,397$27.111,389
19Virginia  $54,356$26.131,041
21District of Columbia$55,677$26.77102
26Iowa      $44,384$21.34492
27South Carolina$44,077$21.19608
28West Virginia$49,544$23.827
30North Carolina$44,989$21.631,182

Highest paying cities for music therapists

The particular cities in the United States, that pay the best mental health therapists from other areas cities will be highlighted in this part of the article. These metropolitan areas include Woodland, San Antonio, New York, Alexandria, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Evanston, Quincy, and Paterson. Among these Woodland California, was recorded to have the best salary package for the music therapist profession which was recorded at sixty-eight hundred dollars while Paterson New Jersey, was recorded to have the lowest salary among the highest paying cities an estimate of forty-three hundred dollars

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

The table below is the representation of the areas with the best pay.

s.nohighest paying citiesAvg. salary Hourly salary
1Woodland, CA$68,743$33.05
2San Antonio, TX$58,918$28.33
3New York, NY$56,794$27.30
4Salt Lake City, UT$54,780$26.34
5Alexandria, VA$53,934$25.93
6Bloomington, MN$52,635$25.31
7Hagerstown, MD$50,510$24.28
8Fort Wayne, IN$49,911$24.00
9Quincy, MA$47,376$22.78
10Colorado Springs, CO$46,492$22.35
11Lake Havasu City, AZ$46,191$22.21
12Columbus, OH$45,851$22.04
13Evanston, IL$45,231$21.75
14Gastonia, NC$44,056$21.18
15Paterson, NJ$43,958$21.13

Salaries for the type of therapist jobs

A therapist can be offered different and diversified jobs depending upon his expertise and skills. Therapy is an umbrella term under which many different types of terms fall. These are the top eleven types of jobs for therapists which are: behavioral disorder counselor, genetic counselor, mental health counselor, rehabilitation counselor, substance abuse counselor, marriage and family therapist, career counselor, etc. The genetic counselors were observed to get a high pay than all the other types of therapists, which was supposedly eight five thousand and seven hundred U.S. dollars.

The table below is the representation of the salaries as per the types of jobs for the therapist.

Behavioral Disorder Counselor       $47,660 per year      $22.91 per hour
Clinical Psychologist                                        $79,820                      $22.91 per hour
Genetic Counselors                          $85,700 per year      $41.20 per hour
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists      $96,270                      $46.28 per hour
Marriage & Family Therapists              $51,340 per year      $24.69 per hour
Mental Health Counselors                         $47,660 per year       $22.91 per hour
Psychologists                                               $82,180 per year     $39.51 per hour
Recreational Therapist                         $47,710 per year        $22.94 per hour
Rehabilitation Counselors                       $37,530 per year        $18.05 per hour
School and Career Counselors$58,120 per year$27.94 per hour
Social Worker$51,760 per year$24.88 per hour
Substance Abuse Counselor$47,660 per year$22.91 per hour

Music therapist

Music therapy is a meaningful career; it requires a degree of bachelor’s with good music skills. They prescribe music therapies to the patient which are positively effective for patients. Music therapy is performed to enhance the cognitive, emotional, and social needs of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, patients with drug abuse records, etc. 

future worth of music therapists

The future worth of music therapists is analyzed to be on the rise this is because of the mental health awareness among the youth, which has paved the way for counseling and therapy sessions at any time and stage of life irrespective of the profession, or age, class, and ethnicity. Music therapists would be in need just like physicians. An individual who is mentally, emotionally stable, and licensed gets the authority to conduct his therapy sessions which can earn him dollars and also, make up his living cost.


The taboo of mental health disorders has been there in society for so long. But now, with the growing awareness of mental health, the misconceptions and myths regarding therapy are removed. Music therapy is loved by almost everyone with anxiety and depression as it relaxes the mind and brings their soul to life as it simulates the unconscious and conscious body movements. 

Salaries For Music Therapists

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