Salaries For Aircraft Fueler

Fuelers for aircraft are the people who are in charge of ensuring that all of a company’s aircraft and other aviation vehicles are supplied with fuel. Because airports often see a high volume of airline traffic, they must have a large number of fuelers on staff. The aircraft fuelers undergo detailed training so that they can handle jet fuel and high-octane aviation gas with a wide range of aircraft. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Aircraft Fueler’.

Salaries For Aircraft Fueler

Salaries For Aircraft Fueler

In the United States of America, an Aircraft Fueler can expect to earn an average yearly salary of $30,507. Using a simple salary calculator, that’s $14.67 per hour. That’s the equivalent of $587 per week, or $2,542 every month. However, this figure might vary widely depending on your degree of skill and experience. Let’s read Salaries For Aircraft Fueler.

Skills Necessary for Fuelers of Aircraft

Many aviation fuelers need certain skills to be successful in the field. Employment requires you to have certain abilities. An ideal airplane fuller safely connects the equipment, fills the fuel for the wings, unhooks the machine, fills out the gasoline transaction forms precisely, and performs daily quality control checks on the equipment. Aviation fuelers are generally needed to have a high school diploma or associate’s degree in addition to a certification in fuel handling from the airport.

  • They should be able to drive their vehicle to the airport.
  • They should connect a hose to the gasoline port.
  • Fill the tank with the correct amount of fuel and start the engine.
  • Check to see that the port is operating without any problems.
  • Before getting started, they must clean up the workspace.

What Do Aircraft Fuelers Do?

They run fuelling trucks and connect the truck to the fuel panel using hoses that may extend up to fifty feet in length. Refueling the plane requires the crew to mount a ladder and hoist up to sixty pounds over their heads to attach the fuel nozzle to the aircraft. Aside from supplying gasoline to the vehicles, aviation fuelers are also responsible for comprehending the machinery involved in the process of fuelling planes, ensuring that everything is mechanically functional, and spotting any issues as early as possible in the process.

The Terms of Employment

The airplane fueler does their work outside in all types of weather with potentially toxic kerosene and aviation gasoline. A mandatory ability is being able to operate the refueling trucks and extend up to fifty feet of 3-4 inch hose from the truck to the fuel panel. Once they have arrived at their destination, to couple the nozzle to the aircraft, they are required to hoist up to sixty pounds over their heads while standing on either a ladder or a stool. When the process of refueling the aircraft is finished, the ladder or stool will need to be ascended once again, and the nozzle will need to be withdrawn from the aircraft. For commuter aircraft of a smaller size, fuelling may involve either the attachment of the hose in the manner mentioned earlier or the drawing of an inch and a half of hose, ascending a ladder, and holding around 20 pounds of hose and nozzle while the process is carried out.

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Understanding of The Work

They need to be able to take these devices apart and put them back together again, as well as perform maintenance, cleaning, and repair on them. They are expected to have a thorough awareness of safety regulations when working on the ground, as well as while utilizing ramps and trucks, and they may occasionally be asked to collaborate with other staff throughout the repair process. In addition, they may occasionally be required to work with other employees.

Fuelers for aircraft often work outside on airport runways, and their shifts are sometimes erratic, spanning from the very early morning to the late evening hours of the day. High school graduation or its equivalent is sometimes necessary for employment in this field due to the physical nature of the labor involved, which may include carrying heavy objects.

Qualification of an Aircraft Fueler

If you are serious about a career as an airplane fueler, one of the first things you should think about is the level of education required for the position. According to our research, just 16.9% of aviation fuelers hold a bachelor’s degree or more. Just 0.9% of aviation fuelers had earned master’s degrees, which is the highest level of education for this profession. Even though some aviation fuelers have college degrees, anybody with a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) can pursue a career in this field.

When doing a study on how to become an aviation fueler, selecting the appropriate academic concentration is always a vital step. After conducting research on the most prevalent fields of study for airplane fuelers, we discovered that the most common degrees earned by those in the field were either a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. Other degrees, such as associate degrees and diplomas, are usually added to the resumes of those seeking careers as airplane fuelers. Many jobs for aviation fuelers need prior experience in a relevant sector, such as working as a cashier. Meanwhile, most of the people who work as airplane fuelers have existing job experience in fields related to their present roles, such as ramp agents or security guards.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Aircraft Fueler’, Knowledge and awareness of flight security, aircraft systems, aircraft maintenance, and ground handling are some of the mandatory qualities that are required to work as an aviation fueler. If you want to adopt this career, you need to have the required skills. These are only a few of the numerous abilities that are necessary for you to have. If you work as an aircraft fueler in the United States, the minimum pay you may get is $28,841 per year, which is equivalent to $14 per hour. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Is it a challenging job to refuel airplanes?

The actual task is quite repetitive, and if you are familiar with the minute distinctions that exist between each aircraft, the process will become second nature to you.

  1. What is the minimum salary that one may expect to make working as an aircraft fueler in the United States?

In the United States of America, an Aircraft Fueler can expect to make a minimum annual income of $21,357.

  1. Is it good to work as an Airplane Fueler?

It is a fantastic location to work, the cash that you get each month is good, and you have a lot of time to yourself when you are not fueling planes.

Salaries For Aircraft Fueler

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