Salaries For Museum Director

If you’re an enthusiastic art lover who also has an eye for business and financial management, then a career in a museum may be the perfect fit for you. Besides these several benefits, there are also some challenges and frustrations of working in a museum. The average salary of museum directors is about $74,096. This salary value doesn’t remain constant although its keep on vary from state to state depending on geographical location, level of the museum, and management institute under which the Museum Director works. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Museum Director’.

Salaries For Museum Director

Salary Made by Museum Director: Salaries For Museum Director

Salaries will vary depending on a director’s experience and geographical location, but they generally fall within a range of $70,000 to $114,000 per year. The lowest salaries are found in the US and the highest in Asia. The majority of directors earn in the $80,000 to $90,000 range. Let’s read Salaries For Museum Director.

Hourly Salary for Museum Directors

In this era where it’s become hard to live with limited expenses, the salary that is received by employees monthly or annually with bonuses couldn’t manage by them. So, they prefer to keep weekly records and received weekly payments from the company. At the time of salary negotiation, mostly museum directors present their salary demands hourly late. It’s better than monthly. The hourly salary range that is mostly offered in the US is about $35.36 per hour. This rate varies from state to state as the monthly salary varies.

Museum Director Salary by Region

There is significant variation in what a museum director can earn in various cities around the world. The lowest average salary was found in the United States at $81,000 per year. Moving to Europe, the average director’s salary rose to $113,000 per year, while in Asia and Australia it was $105,000. The highest average salaries were found in Asia at $117,000 and in the Middle East and Africa at $124,000.

Types of Museum Directors and Their Salaries

We can categorize types of museum directors based on their duties and work. There are three types of museum directors:

1) Directors

They handle the head of working of the museum. Their salary is higher than all. The annual salary of the directors of the museum is $293,988.

2) Deputy Director

The job of a Deputy Director is at the second level and they work under the supervision of head Directors. The average annual salary of the deputy director is about $173,572.

3) Chief Operating Officer

This is the third level of management which is the lowest level of museum management. Their salary level is comparatively lower than higher levels of directors. The approximate annual salary of a chief operating officer is $172,872.

State-wise Salary of Museum Directors

The salary range of each employee varies from state to state. Same with salaries of museum directors are different in each state of the US. Here are some states with their annual salary range:

  • Mississippi.     $43,747
  • New York.        $76,907
  • Alaska.             $103,635
  • Florida.             $36,243
  • San Francisco.  $119,664
  • Maryland.         $45,801
  • Columbia         $84,225

Regions where Museum Directors Are Highly Paid

The highest salary for Museum Directors in the US is in Atkinson, NE $63,202. After that high salary is in Dimondale, MI $58,574. While middle-level salary range in Lake Marcel-Stillwater, WA is $54,955. The salary for Museum Directors in Bellerose, NY is $54,209. The lowest salary range is about $52,916 which is allocated in Baltimore, MD.

Museum Director’s salaries depend on:

The average salary for workers in the museum is approximately $86,000. But this is not constant although may vary depending on the size of the institution. Museum directors earn different salaries based on their work experience and geographical location. For example, those working in large city museums will earn more than someone at a small town or rural site. Salaries will also vary depending on a director’s educational background. Masters’ degree holders make higher earnings than those with bachelor’s degrees only because of the time invested in earning a master’s degree these days.

Salary Negotiation 

Being an employee you should set a demanding salary amount for interviewers. When you go for a Museum Director job, the interviewer asks about your salary demand and then will try to convince you to less salary than your demand. But you should stick to your goal salary; you may negotiate or reduce a little from your demand. In this way, salary negotiation may be the key factor that can help museum directors to earn a handsome salary.

Skills Necessary For Museum Director

If you are interested in becoming a museum director, then you will want to focus on the core competencies that help make a great director. Think about what core skills are needed in your prospective career. 

These skills can vary depending on the type of museum you work at, but some basic competencies are common to pretty much all museums. 

  • People Skills – This can include communication skills and the ability to work with different types of stakeholders at the museum. 
  • Creative Skills – This can include problem-solving skills, and the ability to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing and fundraising. 
  • Financial Management – This includes knowledge of financial projections and the ability to calculate and manage museum budgets.

Ideal Salary of Museum Directors for Quality Life

The salary for museum directors should be enough so that they can live a standard life with no financial issues. To live a quality life with no worries, the salary for a museum director should be $62,346. As each state has its standard of living ( some with high standards, some are moderate, and some are not too expensive), so their ideal salary would vary. 

To live a quality life even after retirement, the museum director should keep a take-home pay of amount almost $5,532 from each month’s salary.

Bottom Line

Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Museum Director’, Museum directors need to be passionate about their work, good at communicating with stakeholders, creative in their marketing efforts, and have strong financial management and budget-planning skills. If you meet these requirements, then the field of museum management can be a rewarding one. In addition to the salary, there are also several benefits associated with working in a museum, including the opportunity to work with important and interesting artifacts, learn from experts on a variety of topics, and make a difference in the community.

  • Q: What is the Salary range for Museum Directors?

According to research, the average salary range for Museum Directors is between $15,359 to $408,585.

  • Q: What is the average salary of Museum Directors?

The median salary for museum directors is nearly about $74,096.

Salaries For Museum Director

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