Salaries For Marketing Director

A marketing director is a director who is in charge of managing the events and the production of an organization. ask in the professional environment. Their responsibility is to analyze the market and figure out the marketing strategy that would be best for the product maximizing profit and having a successful campaign. They ensure that things go smoothly and successfully at the end of the campaign. They maintain the budget, time duration, and resources to ensure the short-time and long-term goals. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Marketing Director’.

Salaries For Marketing Director

Salaries For Marketing Director In The United States:

In the united states, the average salary for the marketing director was reported to be seventeen thousand hundred dollars ($174,158). Whereas, the salary range for the marketing director was recorded as the lowest of dollar fifteen thousand ($155,062) to the highest salary recorded as nineteen thousand dollars ($196,871). Just like every other occupation, a marketing director’s salary is dependent on the education, skills, experience, and designation, the more you are an expert, the greater the salary is offered.

The average bonus for them was recorded as seventeen percent of their salary which is approximately twenty-eight hundred dollars. It was also reported that almost all of the marketing directors get the bonus. The median salaries of marketing directors in the United States were recorded to be sixteen thousand dollars ($167,999). 

In San Francisco, the marketing directors are paid the highest with the same range of percentages as in other cities in the United States. The salaries range from $134,399 to $201,599.

The following table represents the cities and their annual average, and hourly salaries for marketing directors with their job count:

StatesAverage SalaryHourly salaryJob counts
North Carolina$101,531$48.811,071
New Jersey$97,071$46.671,237
New York$95,169$45.751,713
South Carolina$85,591$41.15945
Rhode Island$80,191$38.55252
North Dakota$83,249$40.02106

Highest Paying Cities In The United States For Marketing Director: 

Certain cities in the states happen to offer high salaries to the marketing director this is because of the great workload and evolution of the market adding to the competition. The location also affects how much the marketing director makes. The following table represents the highest paying cities and their average as well as hourly salaries:

1Seattle, WA$160,615$77.22
2Beaverton, OR$157,464$75.70
3San Francisco, CA$145,950$70.17
4Columbus, IN$104,078$50.04
5Chicago, IL$102,718$49.38
6Charlotte, NC$100,661$48.39
7Columbus, OH$99,341$47.76
8Washington, DC$98,286$47.25
9New York, NY$96,500$46.39
10Pittsburgh, PA$96,037$46.17
11Jersey City, NJ$95,965$46.14
12Phoenix, AZ$94,803$45.58
13Denver, CO$94,100$45.24
14Minneapolis, MN$92,320$44.38
15Las Vegas, NV$92,172$44.31

Services Marketing Director Offer: 

There is an overlap in the terms marketing manager and marketing director, these terms are used interchangeably and the duties assigned to them are somewhat similar. In this paragraph, we will highlight the duties performed by the marketing directors only. 

The marketing director looks after all the aspects of marketing for the organization. They use the data of previous marketing campaigns and learn about the strategies that didn’t work efficiently, they then develop a marketing strategy that helps them reach their customers. Marketing directors also figure out the products of their company that needs to be improved and the potential markets they must be launched. 

 Most importantly, these employees are expected to work with other department managers and employees to address the problems and hurdles that the organization is facing in achieving the goal. Marketing directors set the budget and marketing plan with the other directors to ensure the smooth and successful performance of the organization. Moreover, they are responsible to generate marketing reports and launching all new products and services in the markets. Lastly, they collaborate with agencies such as public relations agencies in order to reach more audiences. 

Marketing Skills In Demand: 

With the passage of time, every field is evolving and moving towards advanced methods and techniques. It was through a brief analysis on LinkedIn that the top marketing skills were highlighted these skills were in-demand skills, and marketing graduates who had the following skills were reported to be kept prior to other graduates. Following are the skills that every marketing graduate must have to get a good-paying job:

  1. Social media marketing skills
  2. Digital marketing skills
  3. Merchandising skills
  4. And event marketing skills. 

Of all the four skills mentioned above, social media marketing skills are more in demand because the world is moving towards digitalism. In the upcoming time, expertise in social media will be given priority over other skills. 


The world is moving towards digitalism which reflects that skills will matter more than scores or percentages. To all the undergraduates and graduates it is advised and highly recommended to practice the high tech skills, be it in any type of field. 

Whereas, when talking about the marketing director jobs it is predicted that there will be a rise in the jobs, and this is due to the increase in the number of startups and expansion of organizations. Therefore, the degree worth of marketing will be a return on your investment in the degree.

Salaries For Marketing Director

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