Salaries For Maintenance Planner

Planning and organizing are the two facets that are truly important in running any kind of institution and its business activities. these two go hand in hand altogether. A person who is very diligent and excellent in performing these tasks is hired as a maintenance planner. Are you also a person having these two skill sets? Are you also wondering whether you can secure a job in this field? And if yes, then what will be the salary package for the same. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Maintenance Planner’.

Salaries For Maintenance Planner

Salaries For Maintenance Planner

Working as a Maintenance Planner, you will get about $62,311 per annum. The starting salary for this post will be around $54,510 and the maximum amount that you can receive as a maintenance planner will be about $85,000. On an average basis, you can get about $31.95 per hour. These facts and figures concerning the salary brackets keep on changing according to the market rates.

What is the role of a maintenance planner?

Every company and organization needs a person who does that value addition in their profit with their best planning and organizing skills. The job of the maintenance planner is to improvise the workforce of the firm with the help of dismantling the delays that are occurring in the working process. They have to create plans which run the organization and its daily functioning. 

These kinds of experts are needed in the first place when the number of employees is high. They have a variety of skills that helps them to plan the schedules and working atmosphere of any organization. The main work area of a maintenance planner includes ensuring the firm to meet all the deadlines on time, project deliveries, and ensuring that there is no delay in working.

Salaries for a maintenance planner

The salary for a maintenance planner fluctuates with various factors. There is no such exact amount that is fixed for the factors that will decide the salary bracket for a maintenance planner. The salary keeps on fluctuating according to market rates. The person who has more experience will gain more amount and the one who has less certification and experience will have less package. Some of the facts regarding the salary for a maintenance planner are:

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • The average salary for the post of maintenance planner for a year is about $62,311.
  • The fresher maintenance planners who are new in this field will get $54,510 in the initial days. 
  • You can get the highest salary of about $85,000 maximum per annum in this field.
  • Monthly you can get an average salary of $5,193. You will get the lowest amount of $4,543 and the highest amount of $7,083 in a month for this post.
  • Biweekly you can get an average salary of $2,596 for the post of a maintenance planner.
  • Weekly you can get an average salary of $1,198. You will get the lowest amount of $1,048 and the highest amount of $1,635 in a week for this post.
  • Daily you can get an average salary of $240. You will get the lowest amount of $210 and the highest amount of $335 in a day for this post.
  • Hourly you can get an average salary of $31.95. You will get the lowest amount of $27.95 and the highest amount of $43.59 in an hour for this post.

Salary according to different companies for a maintenance planner

Numerous companies are globally recognized and believe in the idea of hiring the best maintenance planners around the globe. The United States is a hub of various nationalities and cultures. These companies offer jobs to people across the globe without any bias. Some of these companies enlisted hereinunder:

  1. NES fir croft: The median amount of salary that you will receive in this company is $121,777.
  2. MAC incorporated: This company offers a fancy amount of $86,270 for the post of maintenance planner.
  3. Exelon: Exelon is the company that gives an amount of $107,119 to the maintenance planner in a year on an average basis.
  4. Port Townsend paper company: Joining the list, Port Townsend also provides an alighting amount of $87,800 to their employees working as maintenance planners.
  5. Thiess: Joining the league, Thiess also provides $93,00 per annum for the post of maintenance planner.

Salary of a maintenance planner in numerous cities

  1. Florida – $87,594
  2. Washington – $87,750
  3. Pittsburgh, PA – $87,613
  4. Omaha, NE – $85,620
  5. Owensboro, KY – $84,534
  6. Denver, CO – $78,062
  7. Memphis, TN – $70,271
  8. Houston, TX – $67,082 
  9. Atlanta, GA – $61,077
  10. Charlotte, NC – $59,249
  11. Columbus, OH – $57,857
  12. Arizona – $57,525
  13. Iowa – $56,550
  14. Maryland – $55,554
  15. Georgia – $50,994
  16. Oklahoma – $32,663
  17. Utah – $59,000
  18. Texas – $60,500
  19. Pennsylvania – $63,500
  20. Newyork – $61,600


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Maintenance Planner’, The job of a maintenance planner is the most diligent. This job profile requires a person to act by the skill set required. A person who lacks planning and organizing will lead to losses in the institution. You can now easily find this job on various platforms. You can earn a fancy amount in this field. You can choose the company, as well as the city in which you wish to work. We have the utmost faith that this article will sail you well in this journey of becoming a maintenance planner.

  1. What are the main skills required for being a maintenance planner?

The main skill set that is required for becoming a diligent maintenance planner is planning, organizing, strong communication skills, a clear-cut approach, a handful of mathematics, etc. 

  1. Where can you find the job maintenance planner?

Numerous platforms can provide jobs for the post of maintenance planner. You can find these jobs on Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Quick apply, etc. just make a resume accordingly and post it on the site. You will easily find jobs.

  1. What are some companies which offer maintenance planner jobs?

Some companies that offer the job of a maintenance planner are Market personnel, Allegis, Aerotek ULC, Reliance recruiting, LLC, etc.

Salaries For Maintenance Planner

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