Salaries For Junior UX Designer -Know More About It

User Experience [UX] Design means creating an experience for the people that is easy, efficient, and dynamic. It involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function. It essentially translates to the experience a customer has when they visit a store. The way store experience encourages a customer to visit again or buy from the brand – User Experience is a digital version of it. It helps and guides the user through a brand or product. iPhone famously has one of the best user experiences out there. Let us know about “Salaries For Junior UX Designer”

Salaries For Junior UX Designer

The average salary of a junior UX designer ranges from $55,000 to $80,000 annually. If one goes on to become the best in the field, he could earn up to $130,000. Jobs for UX Designers are in high demand – As a career, this is a booming field. It is a career of the future, and with technology advancing, newer jobs for UX designers keep getting created.

To Become A Senior UX Designer, An Established One – You Need

  • at least experience of five to ten years
  • discipline and time management
  • creative exploration.

Having the post of a junior UX designer is no small feat in itself, it requires dedication, technique, and imagination. The salary might depend on the undertaking of that particular junior UX designer – it’s still good money and a stable career. In the design field, that’s as good as it gets.

What Does A Junior UX Designer Do?

As a junior UX designer, you are responsible for creating better experiences for digital products or services. It could be anything in the field of electronics to programs. When you work as a UX designer – you need to understand the product you are working with and what the user would need to better understand and work with it. It is your job to make the whole product experience fun, easy, and efficient to use.

There is a lot of research involved in this job. A junior UX designer needs to analyze the market, its needs, what will sell, and how to sell it. They have to figure out how to make designs that help customers have meaningful experiences. In essence, a junior UX designer does these four things,

  • assesses what the product needs to be more efficient
  • creates creative solutions 
  • enhances the interface experience
  • designing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Salary Range For Junior UX Designers

The starting salary for UX designers is $45,000, almost $50,000. As you move up the ladder in UX designing you earn from $55,000 to $120,000. The salary changes according to state and country. Say in California it is $102,375 and in Pennsylvania is $80,000. The average pay per hour is $43.25 per hour. Roughly estimated it is $1,730 per week and $7,500 per month.

If you go on to become a Senior UX designer you could earn approximately $120,000 to $1,15,753 annually. As a junior UX designer, you get to start with less work and responsibilities and as you move forward you can figure out what role works for you. UX designers as a profession are paid more than UI designers, they also have higher earning potential.

Is UX Designing A Good Career?

In the current market, UX designers are more and more in demand. Every product or service out there requires a digital presence or interface. Junior UX designers get to work with different brands or companies, it helps them understand their forte and find who they want to work with.

It’s all about the consumer – what they want, where they want, and how they want it. User Experience is about enhancing the experience of a product or service for the consumer. Google’s search engine has one of the best interfaces out there – it’s clean, concise, and practical. Ease of use and, clean design features are why Google is the most popular in its field. Another example of a dynamic UX interface is the Duolingo app – teaching a language is hard, but the app design makes it easy. They also regularly feature emails and notifications designed to make you feel excited to learn.

Scope For A Junior UX Designer

A junior UX designer makes the same salary as a starting software engineer. If you follow the same path in this field as the others, at a certain point you will be an experienced, well-known UX designer. Irene Au, Steve Krug, Laura Klein, and Luke Wroblewski are all experts in the user experience [UX] field. They have worked with big-name companies like Apple, NPR, BBC, and Google.

This industry grows at an 8% rate, much faster than other industries. UX designers work at all levels of the product cycle – they understand user insight and test out what will work for the consumers. They are essential in the development of any product or service. While other industries face the threat of extinction, you can bet that this is one industry that will only grow more. 


As a Junior UX Designer, you can earn a good salary as well as enjoy the benefits of a stable career while getting to be creative. It is a challenging and ever-growing career. The further you move into the industry – the more you’re earning potential increases. You also get the chance to work with different brands and companies, all within their varied fields.


1. Which countries pay the best for Junior UX Designers?

  • The UK, US, Switzerland, and Canada.

2. Is it hard to be a UX Designer?

  • It’s as challenging as any career in the design field.

3. Where to learn UX Designing?

  • There are multiple platforms – online websites to colleges that offer programs and certifications in UX designing.

4. Is UX or UI designer better as a career?

  • UI applies to particular digital products. UX applies to any product or service. As the reach for UX designers is more, it is considered better than UI designing.
Salaries For Junior UX Designer -Know More About It

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