Salaries For Journalists

In the current era, with the growth of the digital world. Mass communication and journalism have gained exposure. There was a time when a journalist was looked at as the least talented individual, and journalism was considered a useless profession. But they say time does not remain the same now, that journalism has gained enough exposure the industry’s worth has also increased. let us know about that the Salaries For Journalists.

Salaries For Journalists

The salary of a journalist:

If you end up with a journalism degree and hunt for a job in Journalism, you must make the mindset of getting less paid than the fresh graduates of the other fields. However, for a fact even: after getting a good post in the journalism industry and being paid a hefty salary, journalism, the industry won’t compete with the salaries of other fields as journalism does not involve technicality, unlike that in other fields. 

According to the resources, it is analyzed: that in 2021, the salary of the journalism industry was eighteen percent lower than that of other industries. An average journalist is paid around fifty thousand (50,000) approximately. Whereas more than ninety percent of journalist receives the bonus, their average bonus is four percent of their salary, which makes twenty-five dollars.

The Queen City of America Denver is the only city where the journalists are paid, more than seventy-five thousand dollars which, on average is thirty-six percent greater than that of the United States average salary count of journalists. However, in New York City, the national average salary of a journalist is thirteen percent lower than the average salary of the United States journalism industry. 

Salaries by the united stated:

The below-mentioned table is the salaries of journalists in the respective cities of the United States.

State NameAverage Salary
New York$81,930
New Jersey$52,560
Puerto Rico$42,250
New Hampshire$37,420
New Mexico$37,420
Rhode Island$35,800
North Dakota$35,750
South Carolina$35,220
North Carolina$33,990
West Virginia$32,030
South Dakota$29,950
District of Columbia$100,500

Who are journalists?

Journalism is a highly evolving field, it is a rewarding career and may seem like an easy career, but it does come with challenges and expertise just like any other field. However, it was argued that in journalism, there is a lot of legwork compared to the rest of the professions. 

Journalists are the people who research the given topic or the problems of society. The task performed by the journalist is that they get connected to the experts and higher sources to get authentic and a good amount of information which is then proofread by them, compiled by them, and then published in the newspaper or websites. They are the story, article, and script tellers and creative people who can write on everything, be it delicate or simple form; from political issues to economic conditions to the entertainment and sports happening worldwide depending on their designation. On top of that, they are supervised by the editor of the publishing team. 

They educate the public or the audience about the happening in the world this is the reason people can formulate their opinions regarding certain or mostly all the topics discussed or written by the journalist. 

Highest paid journalist jobs: 

Their job opportunities are much diversified and indiscriminate this is the reason the journalist degree is considered versatile the graduates get the opportunity to choose their niche according to the best fit to their interest. It is to be noted; that there are jobs in which the workload is less, but the salary is good they can choose writing, editing, and public relations.

If a journalist is at a supreme level, such as managing editor, senior reporter, or director then he is paid double that of what others are paid. Moreover, if you are a freelancer journalist, then chances are you may get paid double that of the senior staff is paid, but it is to keep in mind that be it freelancing or staff journalism either, way you have to be an expert with your writing and creative skills because it evolves storytelling and grabbing the attention of the audience. 

Employees catching up with the less traditional jobs happens to earn a good amount of salary. Those who specialized in technical writing, which involved tools such as SEO were reported to earn around seventy-five thousand dollars as their salary apart from that the managers and editors were reported to earn the highest salary packages among the rest of them. 

Kinds of a job for a journalist: 

Just like every other field, there are a lot of departments and areas for a journalist to pursue his career. It is mistaken that the journalism industry is narrow and has a dead end well that is not true at all, as mentioned above in the article that this is the most diversified field among the rest of them.

A journalists fresh graduate can apply for the vacancy of the content writer, copy-writer or freelance writer, which is profitable. On top of that, these jobs can be avail by undergraduates which means getting the job without a degree. Moreover, fresh graduates or experienced journalists can also apply for the following jobs Product Marketing Manager, Digital Strategist, Communications Specialist, Public Relations Specialist, News Editor, Communications Manager, Social Media Planner, News Producer, Staff Writer, Editor, and teacher.


The article was brief on journalism as a career path. Journalism is considered to be the dead industry. However, in the growing world it is evolving and is assumed to be more profitable and convenient than other jobs. The only thing the journalism industry demand is creativity and writing skills if you are good at playing with words, then it will be a blessing to your pockets.

Salaries For Journalists

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