Salaries For Human Rights Lawyers


Human rights are the basis of someone’s life. Those rights are considered core to human beings’ requirements which is a reason why nobody has the right to violate them. With the refinement of the observing lens of society, human rights occupy a core position in the US, so to protect human rights, the role of a human rights lawyer is quite indispensable. Let us know ‘Salaries For Human Rights Lawyers’.

Salaries For Human Rights Lawyers

In the US, human rights lawyers occupy a central position as they are to protect core rights associated with humans. Rights include the primary living rights to the rights related to economy and politics as the past has witnessed the suppression of ordinary people by those having power.

Salaries For Human Rights Lawyers

The salary of a human rights lawyer varies due to various factors that include experience, working place affiliation, and type of cases taken. A lawyer, at the beginning stage, can earn around $ 23,000 to $ 41,500,  but with the increase in experience, the earning pace can rise from $132,000 to$117,500 annually, so, the average salary range is about $53,023 to $73,803. Salaries, which can also differ depending on affiliation with some high-ranked firms, could be $ 134,709 per year. 

A human rights lawyer is a lawyer who negotiates the issues deeming the primary rights of human beings indifferent to their race, religion,  societal background, and economic status, from the right to privacy to civil and political rights. Moreover, moving toward tendencies of salaries of human rights lawyers in the US to the investigation of the factors affecting salary packages.

Maximum Salaries for the human rights lawyer 

In the US, Human rights lawyers enjoy the best salary.  Their salaries are enough to meet their life goals.  Along with a good amount of salary packages, they are also awarded bonuses.  Bonus amounts to human rights lawyers showing the encouraging role played by the United States towards its people. The maximum earning rate of lawyers,  according to estimation, in Los Angeles is $ 134,709 per year which is a good amount. 

Minimum salaries for the human rights lawyer 

Human rights lawyers earn enough to fulfill their needs.  Even their minimum salary rate helps them to live a stress-free life.  For instance in the US, A lawyer, at the beginning stage, can earn around $ 23,000 to $ 41,500.

Average salaries for the human rights lawyer 

The average salary range for a human rights lawyer in the US is from $53,023 to $73,803. Salary rates change from one state to another. 

Types of human rights lawyers 

Two major types of human rights lawyers differ based on the roles played by them.  The types of human rights lawyers are given below

  1. Junior Human Rights Lawyer 
  2. Senior Human Rights Lawyer
Junior Human Right Lawyer 

As being at a junior level based on his experience he goes for the works related to documentation which includes doing research work as well as deep analysis with the help of his reading skills. Due to their status as beginners, they are led to gain experience, so that their level can be raised. By enrolling themselves in such roles, they work hard to gain experience with good credit that can help them in the future.

As a researcher, he plays his role by doing research for the sake of strong evidence that can help him in his case. It also involves legal documents for court proceedings. Moreover, these documents also include the research work of the human rights lawyer about any case under his study.

Senior Human Rights Lawyer 

A senior Human Right Lawyer is higher in his rank due to his experience than a junior human rights lawyer. His duties are a bit tougher as compared to his junior lawyers. He is involved in a task regarding the advocacy of the primary rights of his client, who is facing violence due to other parties. He deals with performance in court instead of clinging to only documentation. 

 Human rights lawyers are responsible for safeguarding the dignity of their clients, and for that, they have to make sure that there will be no harm to the primary human rights, the core right of every individual. A senior human rights lawyer plays the role of the best advisor for his client, making him aware of his basic rights so that he can take a stand against any violation of his rights. Moreover, as an advisor human rights lawyers can also guide their clients on how things could turn out in their favor.

Deviation in salaries 

Some deviations are due to the difference in the roles played by junior and senior human rights lawyers.

Junior human rights lawyers are only concerned with documentary works like research and reading, so their salaries are somewhat lower than senior lawyers. The average salary of junior lawyers in the US is $3,899 per month. 

The senior human rights lawyer indulged in practical work of defending his client in court against violating acts faced by his client, his performance regarding any case, and his salary rate is higher than the junior lawyers. His salary is $ 71,128 per year. 

Factors affecting salaries 

Many factors play a  crucial role in determining the salaries of human rights lawyers. A few of the main factors below result in a reason for the difference in different lawyers’ salaries.


Experience is the primary criterion to determine salary in any work-related area, so similar is the case with human rights lawyers. A clear difference can be figured out, between the salaries of a 5-year experienced lawyer and a  newly enrolled lawyer in his career.


At any workplace, the evaluation of a person is based on his determination and hard work. Those lawyers with more dedication and hard work will get an award in the form of a good salary that will be different from others.

Affiliated workplace 

The salary will also vary depending upon the affiliation of a lawyer with any workplace like an organization, government, or private practice. According to their affiliated workplaces, their salaries are decided as workplaces in some states pay higher than others.


There is a difference in salaries between junior human rights lawyers and senior human rights lawyers. The difference is due to their roles as junior lawyers dealing with paperwork only while the senior lawyers advocate on behalf of their clients in courts, so the salaries of senior lawyers are higher than junior lawyers.


This article covers all the main aspects regarding human rights lawyers’ salaries in the US, their beginning salaries packages to average, and covers all the factors that result in differences in the salary rate of lawyers from the same domain. The article also includes the need for human rights lawyers and the salaries treatment of lawyers in the US.

  • Is finding employment for the sake of practice considered part of degree fulfillment?

Yes, it is the last phase in law school, and increasing participants’ esteem in the area for their upcoming careers, assures them of their condition, that now they are ready. 

  • What are the primary skills that result in an efficient human rights lawyer?

Some basic skills will help a person to turn out to be an efficient human rights lawyer

  • Clear thought-delivering skills are to help clients by making their issues clear for case progression.
  • Efficient writing skills are necessary for the sake of paperwork. 
Salaries For Human Rights Lawyers

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