Salaries For Housekeeper- Find More About It

If you are looking for basic-level jobs or looking to add a job on the side for additional income, you have a variety of roles and job titles that you can look at in the housekeeping segment of the US market. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Housekeeper’.

Salaries For Housekeeper

Salaries For Housekeeper

On average, a housekeeping job pays $14.66 per hour. From part-time to full-time and according to your capabilities and willingness to work, you can land easy housekeeping jobs from house-sitting to cleaners. 

This article will highlight the types of job roles that you can look for under the housekeeping segment like cleaning, gardening, babysitting, etc. So let’s read about Salaries For Housekeeper.

Additionally, this article will highlight some good agencies through which you can get housekeeping jobs like HSS, New York Housekeeping, Luxury Cleaning, Made in the USA, and so on. Most importantly, this article will focus on how much each segment pays off individually. 

Types of Housekeeping Jobs

  1. Cleaners – This type of housekeeping service includes a wide variety of job titles like maids, plumbers, electricians, in-home house helps, launders, and so on. This segment pays, on average, $26,220 yearly. These salaries fall between the range of $22,230 as the minimum wage being offered to $31,320 as the maximum wage. 
  1. House-sitters – These are usually the spots that can be filled by anybody including college students looking to earn a little to support their expenses. Since there is also an element of trust involved with hiring strangers as housekeepers, there is a much higher chance of neighborhood college kids being offered the positions. House-sitting jobs can have a market in the USA that pays between $31,500 to $97,500, on average, in a year. However, depending on the capacity of the house-sitter or the agency they come through, housekeeping can pay as high as $236,000 annually. 
  1. Baby-sitters – This is also a job type that can be filled in by anyone from students to house workers looking for additional earnings. On average, this job pays $18.85 on an hourly basis. You can earn from $19,500 (if you’re new at this job) to $35,100 (if you’re an experienced nanny) annually. 
  1. House Managers – House management is like any other management practice. The House manager’s responsibilities involve looking into all the needs of the house owners. Their responsibilities also involve managing how the house is working including planners, event management, maintenance, etc.  
  1. Gardeners – If you are knowledgeable about plants and think your skills are good enough to make you some money, gardening is a great option for you. On average, a gardening job pays $17.52 on an hourly basis. The average yearly salary for gardeners in the USA can range from $31,200 to $50,678. 
  1. Valet Services – Providing personal driver services to houses can be a good income source. On average, a personal driver earns $19.68 on an hourly basis. This number sums up to an average of $40,926 as an annual income from providing personal driver services. 
  1. Groundskeeping – This job includes taking care of pieces of property for whatever purpose is provided by the owner (parks, making the land look aesthetic, event hosting, etc.). These jobs may be more preferred for corporate places (fountain parks for a company, personal gardens, etc.). The average salary for groundskeepers is $31,730, annually.  The range between which you can earn by taking up groundskeeping jobs is $27,060 to $38,930, every year. 

Agencies for Housekeeping Jobs

  1. HSS – Based in Arizona, HSS is the largest company providing housekeeping jobs. The jobs being offered by the HSS servicing agency range from cleaners, janitors, and groundskeeping. The company allows for both part-time and full-time requirements. HSS pays, on average, for cleaners $14.82/ hour; for launderers $16.76/ hour; for Housekeeping Managers $17.78/ hour; for janitors $14.19/ hour, and so on.
  1. New York Housekeeping – New York Housekeeping is rated as a solid 5-star company providing great housekeeping services. The company provides hospitality services for both homes and corporate settings. New York Housekeeping provides services for tedious tasks like oven cleaning, washing blinds, making beds, etc., as well. 
  1. Luxury Cleaning Services – Based in Manhattan, Luxury Cleaning provides extensive cleaning and care services for both homes and office settings. The company pays its house cleaning staff a salary of $11.50, on an hourly basis, for house cleaners; $23/ hour for housekeeping aid; $13.52/ hour for housekeepers. 
  1. Molly Maid – Originated in Canada, Molly Maid is loved by customers for its housekeeping services with a good 3-star rating. The company provides house cleaning under any circumstance, be it moving in or out, events cleaning services, etc. Additionally, Molly Maid provides customer servicing jobs, as well. On average, the company pays $15.73/ hour for house cleaning; $15.33 for housekeeping; $20.29/ hour for a more professional office manager post; and salaries ranging from $13/ hour – $16.9/ hour for customer service jobs. 
  1. Sittercity – Sittercity is one of the best agencies for hiring nannies along with providing various child care facilities. On average, the company pays $14.23/ hour for a care assistant; a range of salaries from $32.40/ hour to $46.62 for a caregiver; $20 for a home helper. 
  1. Hoffman Design – Hoffman is a small business providing groundskeeping and landscaping services to its customers. On average, Hoffman pays $77,218 annually for a plant technician; $85,417 annually for a customer servicing agent. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Housekeeper’, With all the information about the job positions and the knowledge of the US market for housekeeping services, you are not ready to keep an eye out for housekeeping jobs, full-time or on the side. Especially, housekeeping segments into jobs that are appropriate for students to pursue as an additional source of income, as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a good company to apply for full-time housekeeper jobs?

A. Some companies that you can look at for full-time housekeeping jobs involving responsibilities like cleaning, laundering, etc., are listed below:

  • Compass Group, Houston
  • Cathal Healthcare, Chicago
  • Best Maids, Chicago
  • Best Western Premier KC Speedway Inn Suites, Kansas
  • Sonesta, New York

Q. Why should I regularly indulge in housekeeping and maintenance?

A. Housekeeping is important for keeping your home or workplaces cleaner and more hygienic and less prone to accidents. Regular housekeeping can also help you identify faults or repairable areas in your living/ work spaces.

Salaries For Housekeeper- Find More About It

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