List Of Jobs That Start With N

The fourteenth letter of the alphabetical order ‘N’ is written and pronounced differently in the other dialects. You would be amazed to know about the variety of jobs undertaken with this alphabet. The most prominent and determined jobs have their names with n. Isn’t it exciting to know about the jobs quite detailedly? Let us know about that the List Of Jobs That Start With N.

List Of Jobs That Start With N

Categories of jobs that start with ‘N’ are Navy, Doctors, Media Industry, Glamour industry, literacy, technology department, etc. So let us start with a detailed description of various jobs, starting with the letter ‘N.


The first category is the people of the ‘Navy’ who endanger themselves to protect us and our nation’s pride.

Naval Architect

Naval architecture includes designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining all structures made and used on the seas. This includes work at the coasts, ports, dockyards, oil platforms, and loading mechanisms. The naval architect designs and supervises the construction of such structures. The naval architect always tries to innovate and improve the working of the marine vessels.

A naval architect is a professional engineer who is responsible for the design, construction, and renovation of ships and marine vessels. He or she is also responsible for supervising the structures- both commercial as well as military including merchant ships, cargo ships, bulk carriers, passenger vehicles, and cruise ships.


Seal refers to Sea, Air and Land, specifically the U.S navy, they are the members of special forces that are trained to combat terrorist groups and enemy activities. Navy Seals is one of the toughest groups in the U.S Navy because of their tough physically challenging training.

The Navy personnel can apply for SEAL training between 17 to 25 years of age. Women can also apply for the SEAL training as this was announced back in the year 2015.

Naval Flight Officer (NFO)

Naval flight officers specialize in airborne weapons, flight planning, navigation, and aerodynamics. Naval flight officers are not pilots but hold a primary role in naval aviation. They are the leaders of the sailors in naval aviation.


The second category is of the lifesavers “doctors” and the following jobs come under it with the letter n:


They are the doctors who have specialization in treating the disorders related to the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. Neurosurgeons operate for treating the disorders like peripheral nerve problems, brain tumors, chronic low back pain, traumas, and blocked arteries. Neurosurgeons are trained to perform complex operations but commonly use a non-surgical method before any surgical treatment.


Neurologists are doctors specializing in diagnosing and treating diseases of the brain and nervous system. In addition, neurologists conduct various tests to identify neurological disorders. The main difference between a neurosurgeon and a neurologist is that a neurologist does not operate. Instead, neurologists manage various conditions are dementia, epilepsy, neurological traumas, stroke, and headaches.


A healthcare professional who examines the nutritional needs of the person and develops meal plans for the same. In other words, nutritionists counsel the current dietary needs of the patients and aim for improving their nutritional status.

Neonatal Nurse

A practitioner who provides critical care for critically ill infants. They monitor the infants very carefully because their health can deteriorate very fast. Neonatal nurses need to be in shape for long hours of responsibility.


Naturopathy indulges in treating disease without any surgeries or medicines but with the use of natural agents like air, water and herbs.

Media Industry

The third category is the information provider ‘media industry and the following jobs come under this with the letter n:

News Anchors

News anchors are the most prominent part of a news channel. They not only present news but they present the analysis of the news and discuss the background and future impact of the news. News anchors present news with or without the teleprompter. They interpret the news stories so that the viewers can understand the news properly. 


The newsreader reads the script of the news and works with a teleprompter only. News readers only present the news bulletin and work from the newsroom only.

News Reporter

A person who reports the news for the channel and collects information from various sources and sends it to his channel. The collection of news is directed by the assignment desk to the reporter. News reporter also works with foreign correspondents.

Glamour Industry

The fourth category is the “glamour industry” and the following jobs come under it with the letter n:

Nail Technician

A professional who is also referred to as a “manicurist” who styles and shapes a person’s nails by using different types of gems, colors, and glitters. A person needs to be graduated from a vocational course to become a nail technician. A nail technician fills and decorates the clients’ nails by using different types of fillers and extensions.

Nude Modeling

When anyone hears “nude model”, they often perceive it as posing for an erotic magazine but contrary nude models pose for the artists who paint their nude bodies for a better presentation of their art. They also pose for the aesthetic photographers by altering their facial expressions for a better presentation of the arts.

Literacy Department

The fifth category is the “literary department” and the following jobs come under it with the letter n:


A novelist or a novel writer is a person who writes fictional stories for a book that contains fictional plots and imaginary characters. The novelist creates the stories very interesting with their creativity. We often prefer reading novels because of the fascinating stories or ploys in them that binds us to the end, so it is all done by the person, the novelist who carves the raw stories into real ones.


The voice provider for a movie or documentary or an audiobook. On the other hand, the narrator gives a descriptive point of view on the particular stories.In the books or novels, the narrator is considered the first person that tells the readers about the backdrops, what’s happening in the future, etc. The narrator provides a soul to the stories which makes an interest in the minds of the viewers or readers. 

Technology Department

The sixth category is the “technology department” and the following jobs come under it with the letter n:


A person who examines atoms and molecules and alters their structure and inner module to create new material or product. A nanotechnologist conducts experiments on the manipulated atoms or molecules and writes about their conduction. To be a good nanotechnologist, a person must have problem-solving capabilities for greater manipulation and innovation of new products.

Naphthalene Operator

The person who handles the equipment that separates naphthalene from the chemical drain oil used to filter the tar distillate. He or she also dumps the naphthalene into the highest point of the steam tank to meltdown and further purify the crystals.

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers track down the benefits of nuclear energies and radiation through research. Nuclear engineers also supervise the working of the nuclear power plants to ensure whether they are meeting the safety standards or not. Their jobs are very lucrative but also very risky. Masters in the fields of nuclear physics.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

The professional undergoes organ imaging tests for any abnormality in the patient’s body. They tend to perform such complex operations and administration of drugs into the patient’s body under the guidance of a radiologist.



The babysitter who handles children and who has training in children’s education. Nanny makes sure to provide a safe environment for the babies to grow in various stages of their lives. They do the laundry, bathing, and dressing for the child.


The religious women who are from a religious order lives their life under vows of obedience.

Night Auditor

The person who works at a hotel as a receptionist at night. The responsibility of a night auditor includes reviewing every financial detail that has taken place in a day and reports for the next day.

Newspaper Carrier

A newspaper carrier or “paper man” is a person who distributes the newspaper regularly on a bicycle every morning.

Nurse Extern

A studying professional who is gaining experience and knowledge by practicing at hospitals to advance their education and training. You can also refer to it as an “internship”, they assist the medical professionals and indulge in the patient’s health care routines so that they could have more experience.

Nurse Consultant

The nurse consultant provides healthcare consultation and risk prevention methodologies to the attorneys.


As mentioned, the emphasis has been given to the letter ‘N’ and the various categories of jobs that come under it. Although there are still many more jobs that are with this letter, the prominent ones are mentioned above. The roles and responsibilities of the jobs are written with researching and brainstorming for attaining perfection and accuracy. I hope the reader would find it helpful. I would also like to say that, according to me ‘N’ is the most special letter because it has those jobs under its name that are very challenging and heart-wrenching, and requires a lot of effort.  

List Of Jobs That Start With N

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