Salaries For High School Principals

A school principal is a person who oversees all activities carried out in a school. It is a crucial role that requires a diligent and up-to-task personality. The principal is paid a reasonably satisfactory amount of money based on the services he/she renders and her experience level. The salary for high school principals vary based on the country and the sector the person is working with. This sector could be private/public.let us know about that the Salaries For High School Principals.

Salaries For High School Principals

In the United States, the average salary of a high school principal annually ranges between $60,028 and $112,139, with an average salary of $88,227. The difference in the amount earned by various school principals is dependent on some factors which include, education, experience, and job location.

Who Is A High School Principal? 

A High School Principal is a person in charge of organizing and managing the affairs of a High School. In other words, the principal is in charge of the school’s overall performance. The person is usually a professional in administrative duties with excellent leadership and communication skills which helps him/her have a smooth flow of work because communication is the first step to getting a job done.

How Valuable Is The Post of A High School Principal?

The post of a High School Principal is valuable because they are the ones that manage the school and ensures that the performance of students is satisfactory as they monitor teaching activities and help teachers improve their teaching styles.

What Does A High School Principal Do? 

High School Principals are to ensure that there is improvement in teaching and learning and they do that in some of the ways listed below:

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  • The Principal involves the entire school staff in making decisions on the best approaches that will increase students’ performance because it is believed that they will be committed when they are engaged.
  • They relay school policies to parents.
  • They work with parents when disciplinary issues arise and in the case of poor academic performance.
  • They work with the parent/ teacher association 
  • They ensure the school is safe
  • They supervise school personnel

Why Are High School Principals Needed? 

The need for a principal in a school cannot be overemphasized because they can increase the performance and position of the school when they perform their duty efficiently.

They are goldmines in the school system because they check and note activities and teaching styles that are not going on well and they devise means on how these wrongs can be addressed.

Principals are essential because they serve as watchmen. Their duty makes it easier for improvement to be recorded when there is a form of watchman that observes, analyzes, and provides possible solutions.  

Will The Absence Of High School Principal Be Felt? 

If a school is without a principal, it will be felt. It will also be evident to nonmembers of the school because the flaws of the school teachers teaching styles that should have been corrected by the principal will tell on the student’s performance. This is not good enough because it can lead to the withdrawal of students from the school and at the same paint a bad image for the school which is not good for the school business if it wants to thrive.

What Are The Skills Needed To Be A High School Principal? 

Just like every other job position, there are skills sets needed to perform efficiently as a high school principal and some of them include:

  • The ability to communicate effectively
  • The ability to listen attentively
  • The ability to think critically on matters relating to the school and student performance.
  • The ability to solve identified problems tactfully. 
  • The ability to decide excellently. That is, he/she must be excellent at making decisions.
  • The ability to lead and manage people accordingly.
  • The ability to be innovative and creative.
  • Technological skill is important as well. He/ She must be tech-savvy.
  • He/ She must be practically minded.
  • He/ She must be able to manage risks.

Benefits Of Being A High School Principal 

The benefits of being a high school principal go beyond the considerate salary you earn because there are other benefits attached to it. Some of the benefits attached to working as a high school principal include the following:

  • You have control in deciding the quality of the school because you will be aware of activities that would take place.
  • You are exposed to new situations daily. The event that took place in the past won’t keep repeating themselves. You will get to see and deal with a variety of issues. 
  • You will get acknowledged for every success attained by members of your school.
  • There is room for you to make a positive impact on teachers, support personnel, and students.
  • You will be able to network and relate with more people.

How To Become A High School Principal?

To become a high school principal, there is a need to further your education at least up to the Master’s Degree level and major in educational administration or educational leadership. The following are bullet steps that can guide you on your journey to becoming a high school principal:

  • You are to earn a Bachelor in Education or a Degree in Chemistry, French, or any subject you want to teach because you will first start as a teacher.
  • You are to earn a license for teachers. This license is also known as a teaching certificate.
  • Endeavour to gather professional experience in an educational setting.
  • Endeavour to go for your Master’s Degree in Education to have in-depth knowledge on what being a school principal entails.
  • Have a lifelong desire for relentless learning.


High School Principals play a significant role in the administrative and instructional dealings of the school so it is crucial for them to get a reasonable and considerate amount of money because they are the ones making a larger impact on the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Question: Is being a school principal boring?

Answer: No, being a school principal is not boring because their activities do not involve routine work.

  1. Question: Is being a school principal a good career path?

Answer: Yes, being a school principal is a good career path because you will be able to manage people and add positive value to the student’s life.

  1. Question: Is formal education required to become a school principal?

Answer: Yes, formal education is essential to kick-start your journey to becoming a school principal.

Salaries For High School Principals

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