Salaries For Forensic Scientists

Forensic science is the use of scientific methods to investigate a crime or examine the evidence presented in a court of law. It is the application of methods of natural sciences in criminal and civil matters. This field of study has immense career scope and good earning potential. A person interested in this field has various career options to choose from which have good income stability.let us know about that the Salaries For Forensic Scientists.

Salaries For Forensic Scientists

The average salary of a Forensic Scientist is around $74,382 per year. Forensic Scientist has a responsibility to identify and test certain crime evidence to conclude their credibility or to help catch a criminal. Scientists should be aware of scientific methods and their applications in various situations. Forensic Scientists usually get a job in federal, state, or local city governments. Many scientists work in the crime laboratory. Factors like certifications, additional skills, and experience affect salary of a forensic scientist.

About Forensic Science:

Forensic Science is the application of all aspects of science and engineering to matters of law. This science is most commonly used in crime investigation. During a crime, all the biological pieces of evidence like fingerprints and blood samples are the key evidence to solve a crime. Interpretation of this evidence through scientific methods forms the basis of forensic science. Forensic Scientists are all the specialists in the field who help in solving a murder mystery. This science also helps in proving or disproving any evidence presented regarding the criminal in a court of law. 

Roles of a Forensic Scientist:

Forensic Scientists work in a laboratory or sometimes at the crime scenes. 

Here are the duties of a forensic scientist:

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  • Keep a record of collected evidence.
  • Perform chemical and biological processes to analyze and evaluate the evidence.
  • Explore the links between the suspects and the criminal activity through DNA analysis, DNA Fingerprinting, and other scientific methods.
  • Compile the collected data report.
  • Verify the credibility of the evidence.
  • Use scientific methods like chromatography, spectrometry, electron microscope, and DNA profiling efficiently with the least amount of error.

Forensic Scientist Salary:

The average salary of a Forensic Scientist is $60,103 per year. Given that Forensic Science is a popular and highly competitive field, the salary is expected to further increase in the upcoming years. The salary pay also depends on many factors like qualifications, experiences, additional skills, and certifications. 

Salary of Forensic Scientist in Different Cities of the United States:

The average salary of a forensic scientist in the U.S.  is $74,382 per year. The hourly pay is $36. They also get an average bonus of around $1000. An entry-level forensic scientist, who has started the work recently, earns $53,423 per year. With experience, the salary increases up to $91,712 per year. Here is the salary of a forensic scientist in different states of the U.S.


The average annual salary of forensic scientists in Atlanta is $73,484 per year. The initial salary is $52,778 per year while after 8-9 years of experience the salary becomes $90,606 per year.


The salary of a forensic scientist working in Boston is $86,184 per year. The salary range is between $61,900 and $106,265 per year. They also get a bonus of $1,810.


The gross salary of a forensic scientist in Chicago is $79,846 per year. The hourly pay is $38. The lowest salary a forensic scientist earns is $57,348 per year while the highest salary is $98,450 per year.


A forensic scientist working in Dallas on average earns around $76,806 per year. The salary range is between $55,164 and $94,701 per year.

San Diego:

The average salary of a forensic salary working in San Diego is $81,726 per year. The hourly pay is $39. An entry-level forensic scientist earns an average of $58,698 per year. An experienced forensic scientist earns $100,768 per year.

Best Paying States to Forensic Scientists:

The highest average salary for a forensic scientist is in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Alaska.

Top Companies for Forensic Scientists in the US:

Department of Forensic Sciences:

This company is based on pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Located in multiple locations like Washington DC, Virginia, and others, this company offers good employment opportunities to forensic scientists. A forensic scientist working there earns on average, $108,225 per year.


Perspecta is an American government service-providing company. It is located in Virginia. The average salary of a forensic scientist working there is $90,649 per year.

U.S. Army:

A Forensic Scientist working in U.S. Army earns around $88,171 which is higher than the average national pay.

Washington State Patrol:

The average salary of a forensic scientist working in Washington State Parol is $75,217 per year.

State of Idaho:

A forensic scientist working at the State of Idaho earns around $69,909 per year.

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Forensic Scientist


 If you are new to the position of a forensic scientist with no prior experience then, the pay would be less for you initially. With experience, the salary will increase.


 Additional skills apart from academic qualifications increase the chances of getting a higher salary compared to the others. Good communication skills to talk to colleagues effectively, analytical skills to solve any issue, and time management are some examples of skills that affect salary.


Certificates show your potential in academics. If you earned certifications in high school, during your graduation, or during any job then chances are you might receive a higher salary than the one without any certifications. 


Forensic science is a constantly emerging field with tremendous career potential. Aspiring forensic scientists should develop some good problem-solving skills and master their field to excel at their job. The job of a forensic scientist is as exciting as it could be with the challenging crimes and mysteries. If you are passionate about science, then this job is for you. This is a field of science with instant results. This is not seen in other fields of science where it takes days to reach to required conclusion. All those looking forward to pursuing this field should give their best and work hard in all challenging situations.

What is the highest paying job in Forensics? 

Forensic Medical Examiner is the highest paying job.

How hard is it to become a forensic scientist?

Becoming a forensic scientist can take four to six years depending on the level of education.

What GPA do you need to become a forensic scientist?

A GPA of 3.0 is required to get into a good forensic science college.

What is the highest salary for a forensic scientist?

The salary can reach up to $97,330 depending on the experience.

Salaries For Forensic Scientists

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