Salaries For Harvard Professors


Harvard University was founded in 1636 by Massachusetts General Court. It is a research university located in Cambridge. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies. There were 2400 faculty members and more than 19,000 students enrolled in the batch of 2020. It is one of the most well-reputed institutions in the United States. Let us know about salaries for Harvard Professors and Comparison of salaries from different departments in this article.

Salaries For Harvard Professors

The salaries of Harvard University professors are comparably quite higher than the professors from other universities. The average salary recorded is around $131K. The salary of professors from different categories can be as low as $25K and can rise as high up to $600K. The salary may differ for professors from different departments and having different years of experience. There are even different levels of professors and their salaries are determined according to that.

Salaries according to levels

The average salary of a Professor at Harvard University is estimated to be more than 207K. Then there is an Associate Professor who can earn up to $123K. Below this level is Assistant Professor, and their annual income is around $114K. Then there is a lecturer who has an annual pay of $108K. Lastly, there is an instructor who has pay of $59K on average.

Salaries according to monthly contract

At Harvard University, those who are equated to the 9-month contract have an annual pay of $188K. The average salary of women professors in this group is $164K whereas for men it is $202K. Those on a 9-month contract have an average salary of $181K where the annual pay for men is $196K while for women it is $155K. Those on a 12-month contract have an annual pay of $285K in which the average salary for men is $299K and that for women is $260K.

Comparison of salaries from different departments

The average salaries for professors at different departments have been observed and they do differ quite a lot. A website shows results from different professors of Harvard University mentioning their salaries. The professor at the department of humanities had an annual salary of $100K. A professor from the department of Applied Sciences had an annual salary of around $116K. A professor from the department of Human Sciences claimed to earn $162K on average. The department of history was offering a sum of $169K.

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Gender-based comparison of salaries

Harvard is considered the only Ivy League school that pays almost equally to its men and women Professors. On average the amount paid to female Associate Professors is 95.4 cents on the dollar as compared to male Associate Professors. Similarly, for the position of Assistant Professors, females are paid 96.6 cents per dollar.

Salaries of Professors at Harvard Law School

The salaries of the Professors at Harvard Law School range from $94K to $114K annually. The salary usually rises with an increase in seniority.

Salaries of Professors at Harvard Business School

The average salary of a Professor at Harvard business school is around $166K or above annually. The average salary of an Assistant Professor is $87K annually. 

Other Similar Professions at Harvard University

  • Academic Counselor: It is another well-reputed position at Harvard University. The average salary recorded for this position is $76K per year.
  • Curriculum Coordinator: The average salary of a curriculum coordinator is above $66K annually.
  • Dean of Students: This is one of the highest positions at any university. Dean is considered to be one of the heads running the college. The annual salary of the Dean of students is around $186K.
  • Associate Dean: This position usually works under the dean but is one of the top positions. The average salary is around $100K.

Employee benefits at Harvard University

  • The financial benefit enjoyed by the professors at Harvard University is flexible account spending.
  • There are many insurances offered at the university for Professors such as health, dental and vision insurance.
  • Another plus point of working as a Professor at Harvard University is the planned retirement procedure for employees.
  • The university also offers paid leaves to the employees.

Where do Harvard Professors stand in the list of salaries paid to them?

According to the data record of tenure 2019-20, Harvard University stands in the fourth position in the list of top average salaries paid to university professors. According to these standings, the university pays a whopping amount of $253 to its full professors. Other universities on the list are Columbia University and Stanford University.

Ivy League Comparison

Ivy League Professors are considered to earn quite handsome pay compared to other known institutions. Among all the Ivy League Professors, Harvard University Professors earn the highest amount of salary on an annual basis. Out of the top 8 Ivy schools, Harvard stands at number one for paying effective amounts to the professors.


Harvard University is one of the top educational institutions around the world and is a dream place for many students and teachers. The university is recognized globally have highly qualified teachers and Professors from different parts of the World. The salaries offered to the Professors of different categories and levels are considered fair enough. Along with the salary Professors also get extra bonuses and employee benefits at Harvard University.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which Professor had been paid the highest in the history of Harvard University?

The top two faculty members of Harvard University having the highest pay are Michael L. Tushman and Carliss Y. They belong to the department of Baking foundation and business administration.

  1. What factors contribute to having fair pay at Harvard?

If we talk about any profession, the key factors contributing to a high salary are experience and education. Those having higher experience and advanced education can be hired at top positions.

  1. What is the mandatory degree to be employed as Professor or in related positions at Harvard?

The Professors and assistant professors all are required to have a doctorate to be working at Harvard. Other than this, one should have experience in research, teaching, and mentoring. The appointment of professors can be for three to five years initially.

  1. What is the method of teaching of Professors at Harvard?

There are two types of sessions i.e. lectures and seminars. In lectures, the Professor is the only one speaking whereas in seminars students and Professors both engage.

Salaries For Harvard Professors

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