Should I Use Calibri Or Arial? – Know More!


Calibri font belongs to a modern sans serif family with fine curves on edges and corners. It includes genuine italics and small covers. Its extents permit high effect in firmly set lines of all shapes and sizes alike. Let us know what should you use Calibri or Arial and uses and criticism on Calibri & Arial in this article.

Should I Use Calibri Or Arial?

While Arial font is a font having sans-serif typeface. This typeface is based on the Neo-grotesque style and is a little bit more artistic than Calibri. It has numerous different styles, including Medium, Regular, Narrow Italic, Bold Italic, Extra Bold, Narrow Bold Italic, etc.

Both the fonts have different uses in different fields. In some fields, Calibri is good to use while in some places, the Arial font looks beautiful. 

Both Arial and Calibri look good, graceful, attractive, and simple. Arial is somehow more creative than Calibri. So assuming that your occupation needs creativity, you should preferably use Arial over Calibri. Calibri is now considered an older font but it has been in use as a default font by Microsoft for 15 years. It should be preferred over Arial for the fonts of websites and most browsers if the comparison is taking place only between Calibri and Arial. 

Which font should be used in different works

Let us discuss which font should be used in different works

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Calibri Font

Calibri is a famous font family, as it is used as a default font by Microsoft for almost 15 years. It was introduced to the public in 2007 and became popular and easily recognizable because Microsoft chose it as its default font due to its curves and roundings. 

Format of Calibri 

Calibri has a compact format that permits its adaptability with various text sizes without losing a goal. It contains two-story As and Gs, like other humanist sans-serif text styles. One more special trait of Calibri is the limited and short tail on the letter Y. Its format has an appealing look to attract people of all ages. 

The font style isn’t as wide or broad as people thought. The font style has nicely adjusted stems, edges, and corners, which are most apparent in bigger sizes, and incorporates characters from Greek and Cyrillic contents. You’ll track down little covers, addendums, superscripts, and additional ligatures inside this textual style. Similar to most of the present-day typefaces, it additionally contains italic sort capacities.

Uses of Calibri 

Calibri font has soft characteristics and is considered a flexible font family. It is in use on almost 21,688 websites. People can use it anywhere. Some of the usages of Calibri font are as follows 

  • If you want a contemporary look to your document or paper, Calibri is a perfect font for this. 
  • With Chap, Acta Display, and Raleway, Calibri goes very well. 
  • As a default text font, it is usually used in paragraphs. 
  • Rounded corners of Calibri give it a more amicable feel than a sharper feeling. 

Criticism on Calibri 

Calibri is now under criticism. As many designers think that this font is now older and outdated. According to them

  • Calibri is a universal textual style, so it can put on a show of being platitude on the off chance if it is not dealt with care. 
  •  Calibri is considered unprofessional now because it delivers any record it creates unprofessionally for example official explanations, resumes, introductory letters, reports, etc 
  • Some designers considered it an ugly font as they more often encounter this font in Microsoft. 
  • People now like more unique and new looks of fonts instead of old outdated fonts. 

Due to these reasons, Microsoft also replaced Calibri with its default font. 

Arial font

Arial Font has a typeface that was made by Monotype Imaging. It was created by two profoundly acclaimed creators, Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. This font is created to replace the harsh looks of past fonts. 

Format of Arial 

In the format of Arial, the letters are straightforward and clean and come in italic and strong styles. Arial font has a simple-to-peruse yet the new design that is appropriate for all text types. It gives your documents a new modern look and is easy to read for people all over the world. 

Uses of Arial

This font is well-recognized and extensively used. Due to its stylish looks, it has many different uses. 

  • As it is a wide and light typeface, it is used in writing books having little caps. 
  • As it has a user-friendly typeface, it is considered best for official documentation.
  • Writers also write articles, blogs, and stories in Arial font because it is easy to read on screen. 
  • Designers also use this font for creating logos, cards, pamphlets, presentations, etc. 

Due to its versatile nature, this font can be used in almost all types of works

Criticism on Arial

Critics also criticized the Arial font due to some of its features. 

According to some font users,

  •  Arial fonts are less attractive and less aesthetic to people.
  • As the typeface of the Arial font has a low quality, certain individuals find it challenging to tell which letters are on the screen since they appear to be unique from one another

So according to our guide, both Arial and Calibri are useful in their respective fields. Both have some particular specialties. If you want a creative and modern impression, you should use Arial while if you want a contemporary look, you should use Calibri. Read out our article to find the uses and formats of both fonts. 


Which font looks larger in Calibri and Arial? 

Arial looks larger than Calibri at 18pt. Calibri looks smaller in size. 

Which font is suitable for writing a resume? 

Calibri is considered suitable for making a resume because it looks smaller and compact. 

Should I Use Calibri Or Arial? – Know More!

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